Rolls Royce Partners With Iris van Herpen For One Of A Kind Phantom Syntopia

Rolls Royce is often the trend setter when it comes to glitz, glamour and style. However while the bespoke British luxury car maker has certainly been busy rewriting the rules of luxury with the all-electric Specter EV, it has been awhile since we saw Rolls Royce in the world of fashion. That’s changing with the company confirming that it has teamed up with fashion designer Iris van Herpen for a special Phantom, the Rolls Royce Phantom Syntopia    Phantom Syntopia Embraces Haute Couture Themes Rolls Royce has made plenty of bespoke Phantom custom models over the years but company reps …

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Hyundai Unveils 2024 Kona, Will Be Global Offering With Radical Redesign

It’s no secret that Hyundai has been hard at work on the next generation Kona thanks to various prototypes that we have spotted running around select parts of Metro Detroit. However, the Korean car giant has chosen (surprisingly) to not only unveil the 2024 Kona lineup, but also share some new information about some of the features that will be coming to the model for 2024.   Radical Redesign Adds Sci-Fi Style To Kona The current generation Kona had styling that was already unique to say the least, but the 2024 model doubles down on things and embarks in an …

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Fiat Teases New EV, Could Possibly Be 500e Variant For U.S. Market

It has been a long time since we heard anything from Fiat. The brand has had a rough go of it in the U.S., and when it last tried to sell an all-electric 500 in the U.S., it was only in specific regions of the country, but a few examples slipped through the cracks at auctions (we saw one at a Michigan vehicle auction several years ago) and then CEO Sergio Marchionne flat out admitted that the company was losing money on every one sold. Times have changed, though, and with the U.S. embracing EVs, Fiat appears ready to try …

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Genesis X Convertible Soaks Up The Sun In L.A. Sharpens Brand’s Focus On Electrification

Genesis promised something special for the third concept in its “X” series of show cars, and the upstart luxury brand has managed to deliver the goods in spades with the L.A. reveal of the Genesis X Convertible concept.   X Convertible Is The Droptop Version Of The Speedium We Never Knew We Wanted At first glance, the X convertible looks like the Speedium concept, but unlike the coupe, chopping off the roof allowed designers to go further with the design. The front fascia still features a grille less panel with the lighting elements wrapping from fender to fender while also …

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Dodge Claims Inline-Six Can Fit In EV Charger, Could It Hint At Hybrid Model?

When we last saw the next-generation Dodge Charger, it was during the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise that the brand used it to headline its celebration of horsepower and the end of the road for the current generation Charger and Challenger models. Dodge reps claim that the Charger (and we assume the Challenger) will be all-electric for now, but a new comment from brand boss Tim Kuniskis appears to perhaps leave open the possibility of a gasoline-powered version of the model in the near future.   Inline-Six Can Fit In Sleek Muscle Car The comment came during an interview that Kuniskis …

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Jeep Eyes The EV Wars With 2023 Recon, Small EV Promises Wrangler Capability In Tidy Compact Package

Jeep’s 4xe day has begun, and the brand not only used the occasion to elaborate on its EV plans but also show the spearhead of this offensive with three all-new Jeep EVs that aim to shake the very foundation of Jeep to its core. While the Jeep Avenger will be a Europe-only offering, the off-road brand showed us one of two U.S.-bound models, the 2023 Jeep Recon.   Recon Provides Glimpse Into Trail Slaying Strategy The 2023 Recon was the surprise unveiling of 4xe day, and while it may look like an all-electric Wrangler replacement, Jeep assures us that it …

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Lincoln Adds Clarity To EV Plans With Lincoln Model L100 Concept, Proves Size Doesn’t Matter

Lincoln may be looking towards a future where electrification and technology will define automobiles, but that doesn’t mean that it has decided to completely ignore its past. On that front, the brand has formally unveiled its newest concept, the Model L100   Model L100 Lives Large The Model L100 is a 2+2 Coupe but don’t let Lincoln’s press photography fool you; this concept is a large expression of design, with Lincoln designers being allowed to throw everything they could at it to make it special. With the concept being longer than a Navigator, they had plenty of canvas to work …

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Cadillac Announces First Road Test For Celestiq EV, Debuts Spacey Camo Wrap

The 2023 Cadillac Celestiq made waves several months ago when the luxury brand unveiled the Celestiq near-production concept. It looked like it leaped off the pages of a designer magazine and had luxury trappings that firmly put it in the crosshairs of Rolls Royce and Bentley. The one key problem, though, was that the Celestiq was a concept at the time, and it didn’t offer a good look at what a full production version would look like. Cadillac revealed that it has now begun the road testing phase for the elegant four-door.    Intergalactic Camouflage Hides Key Celestiq Details Cadillac …

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Acura Precision EV Is Stylish Preview Of Brand’s SUV Future, Shines At Monterey

Monterey Car Week is kicking into full gear and per usual multiple automakers are preparing wild concept vehicles to display on these hallowed grounds. One of these firms is Acura which used the occasion to formally reveal the Precision EV concept in what could be the eventual shape of things to come for the luxury brand.   Precision EV Provides Slightly Hazy Preview Of SUV Styling Acura was quick to point out that the Precision EV is not meant to be a formal preview of an upcoming model, but is instead a styling exercise that shows what Acura designers are …

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Bentley Mulliner Teases Batur Grand Tourer, Previews Bentley’s EV Future

Bentley has talked a big game about how it plans to revamp its future with a fleet of all electric BEV offerings. However, we have not seen too much about what kind of offerings they will be and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Bentley has finally delivered the goods with the first images of the Batur.   Batur, A Crystal Ball Into The Future The two teaser images don’t reveal too much detail about the Batur, but it’s clear that this successor to the Bacalar will go in a unique direction. The front chrome …

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Hyundai Teases Ioniq 6 Once Again, Could Production Be Already Underway?

It has been a very busy day for Hyundai, in addition to breaking ground on the state of the art STIL facility that will be built in Michigan, the company also released more teasers of the upcoming Ioniq 6 a bigger EV that aims to form a potent combination when it eventually joins the Ioniq 5 in dealer showrooms.   Ioniq 6, A Constant Stream Of Teasers Unlike some of their rivals, Hyundai has made keeping track of the Ioniq 6’s progress easy thanks to a devoted website that promises new teaser images daily though it stops far short of …

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Cadillac Celestiq Interior Images Tease Vibrant Elegance, Bentley Like Luxury

Cadillac’s mysterious Celestiq hyper flagship sedan has not only spawned its own rumor mill but also raised questions about what Cadillac is up to in regards to the mysterious flagship offering. The car has also eluded the lenses of cameras and has so far not been documented out in the wild. In the meantime, Cadillac has been releasing teaser images of the car via GM’s Design Instagram page, and several new ones today give us glimpses of the interior.   Red Celestiq Interior Reminds Us Of A Ruby, Teases Evolution Of Luxury The images in question show an interior that’s …

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VW I.D. Aero Sedan Reveals Shape In New Design Sketches

Volkswagen’s line of I.D. badged offerings has long focused on blocky designs that are catered towards utility offerings as well as vans in the case of the I.D. Buzz. However, things are about to get much sleeker, with the German car giant confirming that it will be adding an I.D. Aero sedan to the roster with the help of a new set of design sketches that confirmed the basic shape of the four-door.   I.D. Aero Sedan To Have Common DNA With CUVs While the sedan shape will be a noticeable departure from other I.D. models, the Aero will share …

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Buick Wildcat EV Exudes Style, Previews Future Of Brand’s EV Efforts

The evolution of Buick has seen the brand go through many twists and turns over the past few decades. GM’s Ultium fueled revolution aims to guide Buick through its latest transformation into an all-electric brand for the future. Buick reps offered a glimpse into this new reality with the all-new Buick Wildcat EV Concept that not only looks sleek in its own right but also previews some new technologies too.   A Showstopper That’s Not Heading To Production The Wildcat concept first started out as a mere design sketch that happened to catch the attention of higher-ups within the company. …

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Lincoln’s Star Concept Is Wild Preview Of Lincolns Future, Promises To Shock The World

Luxury is usually an early sign of where technology, comfort, and even culture is heading with many luxury brands usually being the first to embrace new technology and trends. That said, Lincoln’s all gasoline lineup might seem like a jarring counter blow especially since Cadillac is preparing to launch the first wave of Lyriq EVs into the marketplace. Lincoln is looking to change all that though and has unveiled a sneak preview into these plans, the Lincoln Star Concept Lincoln Star Has Showcar Flair The exterior styling of the Star is a pure show car, and while the Aviator resemblance …

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Chicago Auto Show 2022 – Nissan Reveals Trio Of Custom Frontier Pickups

When we browsed all the festivities that the Chicago Auto Show had to offer during our brief visit, a highlight for us was the trio of custom Nissan Frontier pickups that the Japanese auto giant brought to the dance. Each truck brings a distinct theme to the 2022 Frontier and that means appealing to three different customer bases.   Project Hardbody and 72X Embrace Retro Side Of Life  The first two trucks on display are a homage to the Datsun 720 and Nissan Hardbody which are often considered to be icons in their respective eras. That’s reflected in the themes …

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Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Previews Luxury Filled Autonomus Future

It wasn’t too long ago that roadways in the U.S. were once home to the personal luxury coupe. Having their heyday in the 70s and 80s these models packed loads of luxury into a typically sleek (there were a few design misses in those days) package that happened to have two doors and sporty driving manners. These original status symbols faded away in the 1990s, but the all-new Cadillac InnerSpace concept not only revives the idea in a spiritual way but also brings autonomous driving into the mix too.   InnerSpace Concept Is Sleek and Elegant Styling Statement A key …

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Stellantis Officially Unveils Airflow Concept, Promises New Future For Chrysler

It has been a long time since we heard anything new from the Chrysler brand. The comatose brand teased the Airflow concept when Stellantis launched its massive EV day event. But we haven’t seen much of it since, and Chrysler’s moribund sales continue to torment the company like a ball and chain. Stellantis hopes to shake off the cobwebs with the Airflow concept, which made its official debut at CES.   Airflow Points To New Future For Chrysler  The appearance of the Airflow concept points to a green future for Chrysler and is Stellantis’s latest example of its renewed commitment …

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Lexus Officially Teases Electric Hypercar, Claims To Have LFA Legacy In Its DNA

There was a wave of EVs that Toyota unleashed on the world today, but if you took a moment to glance over Lexus and their army of future EV offerings, chances are that you might have noticed this sleek-looking hypercar lurking among the more mundane utility-based EVs. While it may look like a pure concept fever dream, Lexus has confirmed that this model will indeed be going into production.   Don’t Let Lame Moniker Fool You, This Coupe’s Got Moves Like the rest of the EV fleet that Toyota rolled out at its overseas press conference, the Lexus Electrified Sport …

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Toyota Previews 17 Upcoming EV Models, Promises More Are On The Way

Toyota has never been a company known for underdelivering on its promises. The Japanese auto giant was one of the pioneers of modern green vehicle technology when it launched the Toyota Prius several decades ago. But with the market rapidly evolving and electrification becoming a dominant motivator for sales, the company had to go big to solidify its green vehicle status. Toyota execs did just that in a big way, with the company previewing 16 different electric vehicle concepts while also promising more are on the way.   Diverse Field Of EV Concepts Previews Wide Segment Reach We could spend …

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Nissan Ariya Single Seat Roadster Is EV Halo Of The Future, Signals Other Ambition 2030 PLans

When we first saw Nissan’s Ambition 2030 Plan, it represented the most ambitious EV-focused plan that Nissan ever undertook. However, the one item that was missing was an attention-grabbing halo vehicle that could gravitate eyeballs to the plan and show the full imagination of Nissan’s designers. The Japanese car giant has addressed that void and has revealed the all-new Ariya single-seat roadster concept.   The Performance Car Of The Future This Ariya (not to be confused with the CUV of the same name) is designed to be a performance star and while it only exists as digital sketches for now, …

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Chevrolet Beast SEMA Concept Is Part Silverado, All Trail Slaying Monster

Chevrolet certainly raised our expectations when they revealed that they were unleashing a beast at the 2021 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Thankfully, the Beast concept lives up to the hype, and it served as a very extreme example of some of the technology that Chevrolet will be bringing to future truck models as the bow-tie brigade seeks to maximize profits in the off-road segment.   Chevrolet Beast Is A Radical Departure From The Silverado Chevrolet reps revealed that this wild concept started life as a Silverado, but we’ll understand if you can’t quite see the source material. In this …

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GMC Shows Off 2022 Hummer EV Accessories Ahead Of SEMA Debut

The off-road segment is a booming business for many automakers and a key element that helps make them a sales success is the vast pool of accessories that customers can put onto their rigs before they hit the trail. GMC is no exception and knows that its Hummer EV will be popular with lifestyle buyers looking for trail-ready capability. Many of these buyers will also want to adorn their Hummer with accessories, and GMC will use the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas to preview some of them before they make their way to dealerships.   GMC Will Offer Over …

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Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept Goes Extra Mile For Trail Ready Capability

The recently unveiled 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline aimed to bring extra off-road capability to the large family hauler while also jumpstarting the Timberline sub-brand. But with a high-ranking Jeep rep going on record to throw shade at the Timberline’s trail credentials, it appears that Ford wanted to set the record straight and has unveiled the Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid concept.    Beefier Styling Adds Butch Vibes To Expedition Off-Grid Concept In addition to perhaps silencing Jeep’s online trolling, the Expedition Off-Grid is also designed to cater to the growing trend of more off-road buyers embracing the overland lifestyle. The concept …

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Hyundai Teases “Hydrogen Wave” Sports Car, Promises Seven More Entries

With the bulk of the automotive world focused on traditional electrification, it can be easy to forget that some firms are still studying the feasibility of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai is perhaps one of the biggest supporters of Hydrogen, and the Korean car giant has revealed that it has taken the next step by teasing the all-new Hydrogen Wave sports car and some future plans too.   Hydrogen Wave To Define Clean Performance The sports car in question is tentatively called the “Hydrogen Wave,” While we doubt that this name will stick around for production, the vehicle itself …

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2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Concept Lawn Overdose 300 photos

The concept lawn. What a concept. It’s the nucleus around which the entire Monterey Car Week orbits. It anchors the past, present and future of automobiles in the chosen few cars set on this practice putting green. All of these cars are or have touch-points that reach back for inspiration, and build upon beautiful and sometimes radical visions of the future. One such radical future-think was the Audi Skysphere. It was conceived to extend or contract a foot in length. Project Sandbox is the perfect example of all worlds colliding. Part 911/959, part rally car. The key to doing the …

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Ford Bronco Riptide Concept Hits The Sand, Is All About Summertime Fun

When the Ford Bronco was revived, the Dearborn auto giant made it pretty clear that it aimed to take on the Jeep Wrangler in every possible sector of the off-road market. But while the launch has been hobbled by recent issues with the Bronco’s hardtop roof, the company is still eying a strong profit in offering custom accessories (long dominated by the fore-mentioned Wrangler.) Over 200 accessories have already been confirmed, but Ford has unveiled the all-new Bronco Riptide concept to help bring some of these options to life.   Stylish One-Off Has The Beach In Its Sights The Bronco …

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Audi Skysphere Concept at Pebble Beach 2021

The Skysphere Concept is an unusual and highly experimental design ethos from Audi.  In being so very unlike their current range it seems to make a bold statement about the elegance of cab-backward, front-engine GTs.  Or at least those are the proportions, but that long hood is surely filled with batteries and motors in this case. None of Audi’s current quattro-intensive range approaches this level of dash-to-axle ratio and this ultralong hood is a striking addition.  The glasshouses for the front and rear lighting elements are interesting and the tactility of the 3D badge up front is quite something. It …

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Pebble Beach 2021 – Genesis X Concept Gallery

This sexy design from Genesis embellishes the look of the upcoming G70 production car — a fave around here — with a mean widebody stance and some BMW Batmobile 635CSi vibes.   This two-door’s tail is a thing of beauty in itself and the entire design’s proportions and details are dramatic and sexy.   The roofline looks a bit practical versus the hypercars this Genesis X sits among at the Pebble Concept Lawn but this EV is still a stunner nonetheless. Photos by James Crabtree 2021 Genesis X Concept – Pebble Beach Gallery

Lamborghini Revives Legendary Countach Nameplate, Confirms That New Iteration Is Coming Soon

We have seen our fair share of surprises over the years from automakers; Ford successfully pulled the wool over the globe’s eyes earlier in the 2010s when they unveiled the Ford GT supercar and a handful of other surprises that were greeted with as much enthusiasm as finding presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But Santa will definitely need to upgrade his sleigh for this one, with Lamborghini revealing that it’s bringing back the Countach (this is not a joke, folks) and even slipped a lone teaser video in too.   An Icon Reimagined Lamborghini quite literally surprised …

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Kia Catches A Wave With Soul EV Boardmasters Edition, One-Off To Headline British Surfing Event

Remember back when dune buggies and other beach-focused rides dominated the coastlines and beaches of the world? While the 1960s may be long gone, Kia wanted to try and channel some of these vibes into a vehicle that could not only be at home on the beach but also have the ability to plug in and charge. I thas done so with the Soul Boardmasters Edition, which will help organizers of the 2021 Boardmasters surfing competition in Cornwall, England. Suspension Lift Enhances Soul Concept’s Off-Road Capability An immediate change that buyers will notice when they look at the concept is …

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GMC Unveils Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept, Previews Future GMC Cues

GMC’s AT4 brand has rapidly become a potent sales force for the brand over the past few years. GMC reps claim that AT4 badged models have allowed them to win over new customers, and their blend of capability and comfort has allowed them to fight toe to toe with rivals. GMC is focused on the future of AT4 as well and has unveiled a glimpse of this upcoming reality with the all-new GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept.   An Overlander Capable Of The Toughest Trail Busting The concept uses the existing Canyon AT4 as its source material, but it takes …

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Mysterious Chrysler Concept Shows That Brand IS Far From Dead, Could Hint At New Direction

Stellantis’s EV Day has been a literal treasure trove of information concerning Stellantis’s EV moves moving forward. There are plenty of teasers, and we are still processing it all, but an early surprise for us is that there could indeed be a future for the Chrysler brand, with the company rolling out an all-electric Chrysler badged concept during a portion of its presentation.   Chrysler Concept Signals New Life For Troubled Brand Before the appearance of this latest concept, Chrysler was in proverbial and perhaps literal limbo. Once a strong cog in the broader sales machine long before Stellantis was …

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Toyota Shows Off bZ4x Concept, Will Spawn New Model Family When It Goes On Sale

With all the buzz that Toyota generated from their marathon unveiling today, we saved the best for last. The company provided U.S. customers their first glimpse of the bZ4x concept while also confirming that the model will head to dealer showrooms in 2022.   bZ4x Signals Expansion Of Toyota EV Strategy Ok, we’ll admit, the bZ4x moniker is a mouthful of a word to pronounce, but we do like what we see when it comes to the concept itself. The exterior styling is futuristic but without going too overboard in its attempts to draw attention. The front fascia lacks a …

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Jeep Wrangler Magneto Headlines Easter Jeep Safari, First Wrangler BEV Establishes Off-Road Chops

When Jeep first teased the Magneto, we had no idea what exactly Jeep had up its sleeve. FCA/Stellantis was always behind the eight ball when it came to developing battery technology, and we weren’t too sure if the Magneto would be a pure electric offering or if it would be some sort of hybrid offering. But as it turns out, Jeep engineers did have a green surprise and revealed that the Magneto will be the first BEV Wrangler ever made.   Electrifying The Trails For the moment, the Magneto exists as a one-off concept creation, but as the name implies, …

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Stellantis Files Trademark For Magneto Moniker, Could It Be Name For Wrangler BEV?

We’ll admit Jeep and Stellantis did a good job catching our attention when they revealed that a Wrangler EV concept would be making its debut soon. But we were left with more questions than answers since Jeep chose only to release two shadowy images and a brief teaser video of the Wrangler EV buried in the brand’s “The Road Ahead” website. But a newly discovered patent filing suggests that we could at least get a hint into what the concept will be called with the Magneto name making its appearance.   Magneto Makes Us Run For Our X-Men Comics When …

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Steinmetz 1

Cadillac Steinmetz Catera Concept Was A Glimpse Into Modern Cadillac Performance Models

Cadillac is on the cusp of debuting the most potent track ready models it has ever offered the 2022 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings. While the duo represent just how far the brand has come in the world of luxury performance sedans, it also makes one look back at the V-Series range and in particular some of the early ancestors that helped play a role in the creation of this special performance focused sub-brand and what they brought to the table. One of these concepts was the Steinmetz Catera concept which previewed what would happen if a healthy dose of …

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Oldsmobile Aerotech 34

An Eighties Veyron? How The Oldsmobile Aerotech Paved The Way For The Modern Hyper Car

It might seem hard to believe, but it wasn’t too long ago that the very idea of a hyper car was considered a pure fantasy. While the supercar segment would morph into one of the most iconic parts of the 1980s and 90s, hyper cars were pure science fiction, and were relegated to being curious science experiments for automakers. However, the Oldsmobile Aerotech concept would help give the world a glimpse into a future where the hyper car would synthesize its way into modern culture especially in terms of design.   Subtle similarities help paint broader picture Unlike the Aerotech …

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Toyota pays homage to the past with all new Supra Sport Top Concept, will debut at SEMA

The Toyota Supra elicits a wide range of reactions when its viewed by enthusiasts. The Supra is always a welcome visitor to the Car-Revs-Daily offices and we have had the chance to sample both the 3.0 liter and the base 2.0 liter model. But could the Targa top be making its return to the Supra lineup. Toyota appears to be giving the world a subtle glimpse of what one could look like with the unveiling of the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top Concept. Paying homage to the past with a retro feature The most immediate change that observers will notice …

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A performance focused minivan? We take a look at the 1999 Dodge Caravan R/T Concept

Ever wonder what would happen if the humble minivan was given a serious infusion of performance to go along with its mall crawling functionality? Many automakers have teased the idea of a performance model, but very few have actually produced it (Dodge did produce a R/T version in 2016.) But did you know that the idea actually had its roots much earlier? In this installment we take a look at the 1999 Dodge Caravan R/T concept to see if  it successfully planted the seeds for a performance focused family mobile? Race ready styling First unveiled to the world in 1999 …

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Remember when Audi found its step? What happened to the 2000 Steppenwolf Concept?

It’s not too often that automaker manages to find its figurative step when it comes to designing a concept car for the masses. But Audi managed to take things in an interesting direction when the new millennium arrived on the scene. The company that was typically known for making well buttoned luxury cars was keenly aware that not only were SUVs important, but that the very definition of what an SUV should be was also rapidly changing. Perhaps sensing that the wheels of change were grinding into motion, Audi commissioned the Steppenwolf concept car which aimed to answer what would …

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A trip back in time, we take a retrospective at the 1974 Jaguar XJ12 PF Concept

With our focus on concept cars and their links to current products, it’s also important to look back on concept cars that helped play a key role in either their history, or their continued existence (in the case of Porsche and its 1993 Boxster concept.) This theme carries through with the latest entry to this particular sub-theme, the 1974 Jaguar XJ12 PF. This obscure design exercise not only highlighted the international connections between auto companies, but could also be considered a key stepping stone for Jaguar models of the period. Britain and Italy create an interesting XJ fueled collaboration Jaguar …

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2022 Honda Civic promises to be a welcome evolution of iconic marque, 5 things to pay attention to

The venerable Honda Civic has certainly been a trailblazer for the Japanese automaker since it first appeared on the scene several decades ago. The Civic has gone through its fair share of changes and revisions during that time, and the end result is perhaps one of the best compact offerings on the market today. But it’s hard to ignore that the current generation Honda Civic is starting to get long in the tooth, and that change is indeed needed. Honda is planning to do that with the 2022 model, and here’s 5 things that you should know about it. Sleeker …

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Can a concept car save a company and build a bright future? What happened to the 1993 Porsche Boxster Concept?

When one looks at Porsche today, the company is a vividly different representation of what it once was. From the 918 hypercar, to the latest iteration of the Cayenne SUV, the Stuttgart based automaker seems to offer something for everyone. However, this was not the case, and for a brief period of time, the company was teetering on the edge of extinction. Fortunately for Porsche, a lone concept car emerged, and single handedly righted the ship for the firm. This show piece was the 1993 Boxster, what happened to it, and how did it help bring newfound prosperity to Porsche? …

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Intercepting the past, whatever happened to the 2007 Ford Interceptor concept?

Intercepting trends are a big challenge for automakers, especially in an age where the market is rapidly evolving and changing. As mentioned in our prior Facebook post, we wanted to take a look at the Blue Oval (after a brief detour to make up for our absence last week) and we wanted to find out whatever happened to the Ford Interceptor concept? Did it have a chance of making production, does it still have a strong influence in current Ford products, and what happened to it?   Purposeful styling and substance added charm to Interceptor When the Ford Interceptor appeared, …

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Ambition and luxury, what happened to the 2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept?

Another week, and another Chrysler concept enters the spotlight in our ongoing concept and show car focused series. For those that missed us last week, you can forgive us for catching Teofino Lopez’s shocking upset victory over Vasyli Lomachenko on ESPN (we’re big fight fans at the Metro Detroit office) but with the dust having fully settled from that epic clash, it’s back to our weekend task of dissecting concept vehicles from years past to find out what happened to them after their time on the show circuit, and whether they had a lasting impact in current vehicle offerings? This …

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A relic of a lost world? what happened to the original T-Rex concept?

While the world is intensely focused on the 700 plus horsepower Ram TRX that will be making its way to showrooms next year, we were curious to find out what happened to the concept? No, not the hellcat powered concept truck that preceded the current Jurassic inspired titan that we have come to know and love, but rather the original T-Rex concept that preceded both of them. Buckle up for this inaugural look into concepts of the past, how they played a part (if any) in some of the hottest offerings in the market today, and what ultimately became of …

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Beefier and more capable than ever, souped up Infiniti QXploration prepares to test its rally chops

Nissan has always had a strong presence in the annual Rebelle Rally, with the company having the distinction of being the only manufacturer to provide vehicles at the all women event. That of course, includes luxury division Infiniti who will be shipping its QXploration concept to the event to see how a model better known for being at home in mall parking lots will fare in rally racing (or perhaps going to that house in the middle of nowhere featured in Courage The Cowardly Dog. The custom SUV already has a few accomplishments under its belt prior to this trip, …

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Infiniti QX60 Monograph concept emerges as thinly veiled preview of next gen QX60 model

It has been awhile since we heard from the folks at Infiniti. The Japanese luxury brand first emerged on the scene several decades ago, and for awhile, it was a very compelling alternative to not only established U.S. luxury automakers, but also Japanese rivals like Lexus and Acura. However, this momentum gradually deflated, and the brand has been in a figurative holding pattern in recent years while rivals leapfrog it in technology and sales numbers. But Infiniti is ready to fight back, and has unveiled a glimpse of its future, the QX60 Monograph concept. Just don’t call it a formal …

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One-Off Ford Via Concept For Sale At BaT, Has Connections To Automotive Icons

We have certainly seen our fair share of crazy things cross the block at Bring a (BaT) but its not too often that we seen an actual concept car cross the block. But for those that dream about owning a very unique piece of automotive history, this particular concept (and its iconic connections) might just fit the bill. In this instance, it is the Ford Via concept which was built in 1989, and displayed the following year at the 1990 Chicago Auto Show. The Via was designed by the Ghia styling house, and it had input at various points …

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Honda CB-F Concept Blends Classic Style With Modern Technology

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting formal car shows, it should come as no shock that the disruptions have filtered down to the world of motorcycles, with both the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle shows also being affected by global events. That has not stopped Honda from showing its wares, and in addition to the recently unveiled Hunter Cub CT125, the Japanese corporate giant has also unveiled the CB-F concept bike which pays tribute to a vaunted marque while also showcasing the latest advances in technology. According to Honda representatives, the concept pays tribute to both the CB750F and the CB900F of …

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Bollinger Motors Unveils B1 & B2 Prototypes, Finalizes Production For Both [Video]

When we last heard from Bollinger Motors, it was back in 2017 when they unveiled an early stage prototype of the B1 SUV. Back then, the company was based in New York, and the crude prototype served as a glimpse into the rugged EV that CEO Robert Bollinger and his fledgling company wanted to unleash to the masses. Several years of work later, the company has moved to a bigger building in Ferndale, Michigan and has unveiled the next step of its march to production, with the unveiling of the production spec B1 SUV and the all new B2 EV …

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Acura Previews TLX Type S With Monterey-Bound “Type S” Concept

Acura is looking for a true must-buy hit for its customers. While the MDX and RDX crossovers are doing their part to help support the brand as a whole, the Japanese luxury car maker aims to regain some of the enthusiast credibility that it once had with models such as the Integra Type R, TSX, and even the Acura TL. One step in this grand plan is reviving the Type S badge, with the “Type S” concept providing a compelling glimpse into what the return of this storied badge can bring to customers. The exterior styling of the Type S …

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Scale Models: The Unsung Hero of Car Design – A Student’s Perspective 

To use a sports analogy, the physical property development of a project is like rounding third base and heading for home plate.  Except its not a regular season game and you didn’t just knock it out of the park. Far from it.  You’ve got the outfielder with an amazing arm launching the ball towards the catcher as you sprint with all you’ve got to slide into home. It’s stressful, but exhilarating. At the Art Center, there is tried and true methodology to getting the absolute best and most out of a transportation design student as we go from sketch to …

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Design Talent Showcase – 2025 McLaren Monaco – Front-Engine GT By Nathan Malinick

On the eve of McLaren’s latest road car reveal at Villa d’Este tomorrow — here is a masters-thesis design project from a rising star of the car business. Its premise? A front-engine GT car from McLaren.  Named the Monaco, nearby where Macca will unveil their cushiest road car yet. But this concept is no strategic counterpoint. This design was finalized last year so it is just a delightful convergence of ideas in the motor universe.  From the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, to Woking, and back. “I finished this project before the release of the McLaren Speedtail last fall …

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Insider: What You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

If you own a regular bike, it may be time for you to upgrade to an electric bike. An e-bike has a powered drive system. The battery-powered drive system makes all the difference. You will not get late to work because you will ride faster. You will not get sweaty because the energy you use up while riding it is little if any. Better yet, you will climb hilly terrains and unleveled roads with ease. So, in case you were asking what the best bike to buy is to get yourself an e-bike.   Picking the best electric bike that …

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2019 Ferrari P80C 11

2019 Ferrari P80/C Is Heavenly One-Off Based on 488 GT3 Car

Ferrari has done an amazing job over the last five years at creating one-off machines for its most special customers.  From the Sergio to the FXX series and many more, Ferrari has found a way to make bespoke designs feasible for extremely limited production.  The 488 and its mid-engined platform has proven the perfect donor for many of these customs.  Perhaps Ferrari got the idea from the reborn Stratos that also reskinned the entry-level Ferrari? This latest example is a favorite so far. The design is extreme and pushes boundaries that production Ferrari models avoid. The hyper-rounded glasshouse and bubble …

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Dodge Unveils Widebody Charger Concept, Could Tease Production Model

The fantasy of a Dodge Charger widebody variant has always resonated strongly in the minds of some enthusiasts, especially those that already enjoy the charms and unique curb appeal that defines the Challenger widebody. Dodge officials have listened to these ambitious dreams, and has unveiled a special Charger widebody concept. Unveiled at Spring Fest (an annual gathering for LX platform enthusiasts) Dodge claims that the concept is a near production prototype, which could mean that it could feasibly make its production debut after the 2020 model year. Visually, the concept retains alot of its Charger DNA, with the key change …

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2017 BMW Z4 Concept By James Crabtree 32

Negotiation 101: Your Guide to Buying Below Asking Price

Negotiations can seem intimidating—especially for first-timers. You want to act confident but not overly brass, principled but not too stubborn… it’s a fine line to walk. But whether you’re buying a new car or a used car, the fact remains the same: there is plenty of room for negotiation left on the table. The seller will always try to get their top dollar, usually by setting the initial asking price well above market value under the assumption that the buyer will later negotiate a lower price tag. If you don’t at least try to get them to come down in …

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1965 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 1 Concept - Amelia Concours 2019 11

1965 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 1 Concept – Amelia Concours 2019

It was delightful to have the classic VW class this year at the Amelia Island Concours. Among the notable Vee-Dubs was this rarely-seen 1965 concept for the second-generation Karmann Ghia. Ghia styling studio assigned the project to an up-and-comer named Giorgetto Giugiaro — and the resulting design was decades ahead of its time. From the curvi-linear surfaces to the flush-mounted lighting, this Karmann Ghia must have looked positively bizarre versus the teacup shape of the original. But there was genius in this design, albeit perhaps too futuristic to be viable. Favorite elements include the sleek roofline, targa top and very …

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2019 Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept Is Next-Gen WTCR Racer

Here is a Chinese import that takes Euro localisation seriously!  A C-segment sedan thoroughly upgraded to full race spec. A machine that embraces Euro dimensions and design while also appreciating the massive interest in all forms of racing. Making RenaultSport’s latest machines fast on track becomes a religion in itself for many. So here is a Lynk 03 sedan tuned to the max, and ready to attack! Like the bumper-bashing old Volvo 850R wagons battling Alfa 164’s of the BTCC! This machine is bonkers powerful at 528HP from a 2.0-liter four — all to the front wheels. To say its …

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Concept Flashback – 2011 Unimog 60th Anniversary Design Concept

While we’re in the Unimog mood, here is a fun look back to the recent past for the 60 Years design concept. This sought to strip the Unimog to its core, function-required elements. Enhancing the insane wheel travel and semi-flexible chassis with showy red springs visible easily through the giant front fender/hood combination. Deconstruction and modernization are the clearest themes visible in this design. The bodywork is pared to the bare minimum, while the roll cage for the passenger cell becomes the only structural element of the open-air cabin. Similarly flowing new frame rails swoop upward around the rear suspension …

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Aston Martin Teases Project 003 Hypercar, Expected To Blend Usability and Performance

Following the giant splash that Aston Martin made with the launch of the Valkyrie hypercar, the bespoke British sports car manufacturer has confirmed that it is working internally on an all new hypercar project, which is expected to be revealed in full at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed “Project 003” Aston Martin claims that the new model channels a lot of the lessons that were learned on the Valkyrie project, but it manages to still maintain its own distinctive DNA. Aston also revealed that Project 003 was engineered to deliver what the company calls “class-leading dynamics on both road …

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Toyota Teases GR Supra Performance Line Concept Ahead of February 9th

Amid all the Toyota vehicles that will be making there debuts at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show next week, the Japanese auto giant has released a teaser sketch of a concept that will not make its in augural appearance in the Windy City. Dubbed the GR Supra Performance Line concept, it promises to be a compelling showcase of just how far the envelope for Supra performance can be pushed. Admittedly, the teaser sketch is very limited in details, with only the basic outline being apparent. However, some details do manage to poke through to help catch the eye of enthusiasts. …

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2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – EV SUV Debut Gallery

This new QX Inspiration from Infiniti takes a few minutes to really sink in.  At first glance the design is just impossibly puffy and rounded. Marshmallows come to mind. But spend a few more taps in the slideshow.  You discover really cool proportions, surface detailing and LED executions.  And this is all just the outside! THe cabin is perhaps more special.  Very sumptuous and inviting even in photos.  This is a luxury car cabin that beckons — and that is not always the case with Infiniti’s sterile German rivals. 2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – EV SUV Debut Gallery

Lexus Raises Ante On LC Luxury With All New LC Convertible Concept

It’s no secret that Lexus has been wanting a large convertible since the demise of the SC convertible. The last production car to boast a standard tape cassette player brought open top luxury in a comfortable and roomy package that has been missed by some Lexus owners since it was axed. The LC coupe made a splash three years ago when it debuted at the North American International Auto Show, but its sleek and futuristic design seemed incomplete without a drop top conversion. Lexus has answered this calling by formally unveiling the LC convertible Concept ahead of its debut next …

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Acura Reveals 345 Horsepower RDX GRP Concept To Kick Off SEMA 2018

Acura is celebrating the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas by rolling out an army of Acura products from the past and the present. While the NSX will certainly draw stares with its gorgeous physique and the unearthly levels of performance that is generated from its hybrid infused powertrain, one particular recruit could foreshadow an all new performance oriented trim for the venerable RDX SUV if it eventually makes its way into formal production. Dubbed the RDX GRP, Acura partnered with Graham Rahal Performance to craft this special SUV. Starting life as a stock A-Spec model, GRP made a number …

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2018 SALAFF C2 Supercar Concept 12

2018 SALAFF C2 Supercar Concept – Best of Pebble Beach – 30-Photo Gallery

Very rare double best-of winner for the Concept Lawn of 2018 Pebble Beach Concours! The Salaff C2 wins most arresting face by a mile, and also scores wildest concept tail! Very fantastic design ideas virtually pouring from all the C2’s aggressive cutlines. Carlos Salaff is already a favorite designer for many car buffs.  He is the man behind the ill-fated Mazda Furai concept, which was a 450HP rotary LMP2 racecar as well as 2040 design preview. This latest exercise is a grass-roots, hand-crafted effort from the artist’s base in Italy.  Humble-ish underpinnings from a Gallardo do nothing to tamp my …

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2018 INFINTI P10 Concept - Photos by James Crabtree1

Introducing the INFINITI Prototype 10

Electric cars are quickly becoming the wave of the future, and most car manufacturers are joining in this revolution. The latest car manufacturer to explore introducing an electric car to their ranks is Infiniti.  Let’s take a closer look at the InfinitiPrototype 10 and what it hopes to bring to the table. Introducing the Prototype 10 These sleek little electric cars are designed to mimic single-seat formula one racecars, with a solid frame design and an open-air cockpit. Instead of a passenger seat, the cockpit features a large air vent to cool the electric motor and batteries in the rear …

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Pebble Beach 2018 – Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow Concept – By James Crabtree

  Here is a very very special execution of the streamliner speed record car.  Special details throughout, if you can get past the cheeky/dumb face its wears.  The tail is mean and sexy/brutal with its purposeful rear wing and cross-cut copper internal gubbins on full display. In profile, you find free-standing half-moons on both axles cover just the front half of the tire and wheel package.  The backside just open to rocket out air, stones and whatever else as car hits warp speed. An EV powertrain is a great fit for the Silver Arrows — because these streamliners were about …

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2018 Nissan GTR50 Concept By ItalDesign – Goodwood FoS 2018 Debut

Very interesting collaboration here where ItalDesign was tasked with a re-skin a Nissan GT-R fully, inside and out, as a celebration of the car’s 50-year legacy. More than a reskin, even. Re-imagining? Reboot? Yes. Possible hints at next-gen model expected for the 2020 model year?  Yes of course.  But mostly this exercise just celebrates the GT-R’s essence and moves the vehicle noticeably upmarket.  Even as a $100k car the GT-R does lack the class and panache of true supercars, in some respects, with the current model’s workmanlike exterior and interior. How to go high-fashion without dulling the GT-R’s ace in …

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2018 INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept – Photo & Video Flyaround

The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept is not an instant love-at-first-sight type of machine. Its Tesla overtones are quite obvious.  And not always for the best. The white front grille and the ultra rounded fenders do come to life in person.  The grille is not just a slat shield but a 4D bending thing of great beauty.  Check out the new depth on the Infiniti badge up front — directly off the Prototype 9 open-wheel EV racer in the background of tna few of these shots. And as smooth and dolphin-like as the tail is… keep an eye on the upper …

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1987 Oldsmobile AeroTech 30

Insider: Basic Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Driving is an expensive part of daily life. From the get-go, learning to drive, buying your first car and then having to insure it, all cost money. You then have to keep up with the fuel costs, and of course, the expenses that come with any repairs. No car is invincible, and no vehicle will last forever, so needing to fix or replace parts of a car becomes an inevitability over time. However, you can save money on basic repair and maintenance tasks by learning to do them yourself. Here are a few examples of simple tasks that you can …

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6 - DSC_7440

NAIAS 2018 Debut – Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept – GS-Sized F-SUV of Future

One of the wildest concept debuts so far at Detroit?  This freaky faced Lexus! Once you get over its beak, there is greatness to discover.  Cab-backwards with a heavenly hood length and amazing proportions.  This is the future high-performance Lexus SUV we’ve been dreaming of. The LF-1 badge is no joke.  Imagine GS-F or hotter powertrains within.  Likely the new V6TT from the new LS500!?   Hot as the molten copper paint. Check out the Limitless in detail below.   2018 Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept

Infiniti Sheds More Light On Q Inspiration Concept

When we last met Infiniti’s NAIAS bound concept car, we got a glimpse of its front fascia, but Infiniti kept other details (including its name) under wraps. A new teaser photo released earlier today sheds light on the rear fascia, and even drops its name for the first time ever. Dubbed the Q Inspiration, the concept provides a glimpse into the Asian luxury brand’s upcoming flagship sedan, while also showcasing the brand’s new design language which will eventually trickle down to its corporate stablemates. “We aim to take traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution ,” revealed Karim …

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Infiniti Teases Flagship Sedan Ahead of NAIAS

Infiniti has bold ambitions for its upcoming flagship, and a new teaser image that the Japanese luxury automaker just released gives us another glimpse at its NAIAS bound concept car. The new image (like before) doesn’t reveal much, but it does appear to hint that curvier styling is on the menu, with a narrower headlight design, as well as a crevice along the hood that flows into the fender. The front grille also has aggressive undertones, and has a sawtooth-esque design. This new flowing theme will be a radical departure from the angular motif that has defined Infiniti models for …

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Top 4 Hardcore Off-Road Debuts – Los Angeles 2017 Auto Showfloor

LA is lousy with soft-roaders this year.  There are at least a half dozen softroad compacts all the way to plush 7-seaters.  But that is not our goal here. Here we will tease out the top four serious off-road vehicles to make their debuts or appearances at LA Automobility 2017. Special shoutouts to the very-cool foot porthole in the door of the Wrangler.  The flat floor and full front trunk of the Bollinger is also pretty special. 2018 Jeep Wrangler 2018 Bollinger B1 EV-SUV 2018 Ford Expedition Baja Concept 2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX  

OP_ED: KIA Taking Major Risks with STINGER Launch Rollout

The 2018 Kia Stinger is amazingly cool in the flesh.  Low, wide and longer than any KIA you’ve ever imagined.  It is shaping up to be a real Audi A7 rival, but with pricing that starts in the low 30s for the cheapest models.  Closer in pricing are the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 series GranCoupe — both of which kick off their pricing near where the Stinger tops out around $50k. We’re all for this new sporty KIA.  The initial drive reviews are coming back amazingly positive, and there is real buzz as the first cars arrive at …

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Design Talent Showcase – P1 Phenom Hybrid – Le Mans WingTire Concept

  Here is an eye-popper of a design concept!  The racecar of the future packing micro turbojet engines on each side.  And tires made of carbon-fiber turbine wing blades.  Packaging of the driver within a central translucent pod / teardrop is almost the most subtle piece of this beauty. P1 Phenom Hybrid is imagined in partnership with Michelin and Embraer — tire and aircraft experts.  P1 Phenom is best in exploring how racing will look with jet propulsion: beyond axles and contact patches for traction. Cheers Carlos Carvalho! Follow him over on Behance here. P1 Phenom Hybrid – Le …

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Update1 – 2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Updated with high-res photos. Lambo just whipped the wraps off the newest, hottest Lambo yet: the Terzo Millennio.  This third wave hypercar aims to make electric exotic.  And make it sexy. Tough ask! The new Lambo TM aims to revolutionize materials and packaging to go even more mid-engined than Aventador or Centenario.  Cab farther forward.  More extreme rakes to all glass.  And extreme aero taking more precedence than beauty.  We see Lambo’s wild pipedream of what their flagship might be in 2025. Only fairly lousy images and no tech specs available yet.  Watch this space for better materials when available. …

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Designer Showcase – Changha Lee – Peugeot Lumie LMP1 Concept

Changha Lee has created quite a storm with this molten bullet of a racecar.  Insanely long and nearly melted in its surfaces.  But full of strategic aero and functional slashwork where needed.  It is quite a fetching design story as well.  From initial ideation to engineering skematics.  Then onto photoreal renders and even a scale model. THe Lumie Peugeot design is so charming in its simplicity.  No doors with just a hinged canopy windshield to let the central driver get in position.  The flexing, superheated flow of the design extends far over the rear axle.  A super longtail with carved …

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Update1 – 1600HP, 301MPH 2018 Hennessey Venom F5 Revealed

Hennessey has been in a two-pony race with Bugatti for the world’s fastest production car for about a decade now.  Their Venom GT easily smashed 270MPH at the NASA runway a few years ago — so we know more pace is certain for the GT’s successor. That car arrived today with a huge gasp at SEMA 2017.  The Venom F5 is fully redesigned with lighter, sleeker and stronger carbon-fiber bodywork.  It promises even less overall drag while also providing race levels of downforce. The quoted figures for power and performance are nothing short of amazing, if they are proven in …

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2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo – 1035HP Special with Track Attack Aero

The hottest ever Ferrari just tripled its downforce and slashed its drag.  The full makeover outside brings new ductwork and streamlining — best seen from its giant real wing and central spine.  Three massive uprights are actually horizontal stabilizers for its Corso Clienti gentleman racers.  The outermost corners of the car are intense: like a shark fin slicing through the air! It is safe to assume all the aero learnings of this FXX-K Evo will go right into the next-gen LaFerrari.  For now, we can just marvel at its skills on track — there is no road version. This new …

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Designer Showcase – N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept By Fernando Pastre Fertonani

Gorgeous new designs out of Brazil this week from Fernando Fertonani! This fresh Masters in Transportation Design SPD Milan grad has penned out a look a driverless endurance racecar of the future. Imagine this as an LMP1 competitor and its rigid bodysides, shrouded front axle and massive wings make beautiful sense.  The open rear tires with central drive system appear to be designed for cooling – wrapped in blocky linear wings that form bodywork and tail stabilizers.  Massive electric motors inside each wheel hub reinforce the thrust this is designed to handle. Instead of a tall cockpit area and mid-mounted …

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Worst of Tokyo – 2017 ZAGATO IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo Sport

Not one to brag about my automotive skills, mostly.  But I can see a Corvette reskin from about five miles away.  And I certainly know what cutting-edge design does and does not look like. Zagato’s New IsoRevolta IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo is fairly hideous on first inspection.  It is a dated example of surfacing with little to no aerodynamic engineering to justify its many wings. The carved bodywork and pseudo floating fenders are interesting.  How could a giant Chevy V8 fit under a hood even lower than the stock Corvette?! This VGT Sport concept is ostensibly available to buy.  Not sure who would want …

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2017 Mazda VISION COUPE and KAI Concepts Bow in Tokyo

You know I really wanted this scoop because all these came from Mazda’s Japanese media site! The new Vision Coupe is a breathtaking, cab-backward look at a future Mazda sedan.  Its sharky nose and pert tail are almost like an MX-5 saloon car!  In the best ways. The KAI is a look at the upcoming Mazda3 refresh.  It takes sleek, slinky curves to a new level.  A fully shrink-wrapped package with sport stance like a Golf R.  But with half the roof. Both stunning.  Watch this space for updates and real photos once the cars debut on stage at the …

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04 copy

2017 Peugeot L750 R Hybrid Joins Vision Gran Turismo Sport

Second VGT Sport concept is live and trackable right now! This new Peugeot L750 R Hybrid is about 300-pounds lighter than the first0-gen Pug racer prototype — and delivers seriously scorching performance.  2.4-seconds to 60mph and a V-max kissing close to 250-mph. 580HP from the gas engine and 170 ponies from a liquid-cooled Li-ion hybrid battery pack equals some ferocious speed.  But this wont be GTR-easy to control at max attack: the L750 R is rear-drive only. Extreme aero and lightweighting make this L750 R a fun new way to explore the all-new GT Sport game title.   2017 Peugeot …

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2017 Toyota GR HV SPORTS Concept Bows in Tokyo

Toyota is eager to transition its hybrid tech into fun-to-drive machines.  Of course, the CVT automatic is a big buzzkill.  As is the front-drive layout of any Prius variant. SO how about making a rear-drive, part-manual hybrid sports car!? Seems genius, and here we are.  The GR HV Sports is Gazoo Racing (the inhouse Toyota race team)’s take on a next-gen sport Hybrid Vehicle. To up the fun quotient, the autobox can be truly shifted like an auto-stick.  It has a standard PRND button setup on the dash – But pop the M button on dash from Drive to manual.  …

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Concept Flashback – 1990 Renault Laguna Roadster

Concept cars serve a variety of purposes in the auto business.  They can be helpful as a grand pronouncement of new ideas — even if those are years away from the showrooms of real life.  They can also be a grand distraction.  Or a grand way to bring halo hotness to a dull lineup. And most of all, they are perfect as blank canvasses for designers to express themselves.  Take a simple idea, like a two-seat cabrio, and take it to its wildest brainstorm conclusion.  In the case of the ultra-curvy Laguna concept, this meant a mid-engine turbo four driving …

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2017 McLaren Ultimate Vision GT for PS4 Gran Turismo Sport is GO

Always exciting to see a Vision Gran Turismo concept car come to life!  This one is official and is McLaren’s first virtual racer.  It enters the GT Sport universe as a ferocious AWD hybrid hypercar. V8TT to the back wheels and in-hub electric motors at the front channel a max of 1150HP and 1275 pound-feet of torque.  The trick power delivery and aero were specifically designed to ace a set of racing physics parameters — and will make this a hero car for those who race it in the game. The McLaren Ultimate VGT has a few unique design elements …

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Frankfurt IAA 2017 – SEAT, VW, Opel, Mini and Renault

Insignia GSi causes a major double-take to get things started on the euro mass-market showfloor gallery.  A brand-new Cupra R and Megane RS are headed to buyers very soon and look dynamite.  The Mini JCW GP Concept is even cooler in real life than it was in its preshow photos.  And finally VW’s soft-skinned ID Crozz Concept is red and happy to be in the world.  Like an electric puppy. 2018 Open Insignia GSi 2018 Renault Megane R.S. 2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R 2017 MINI Cooper GP Concept 2017 VW I.D. Crozz Concept, 2018 VW T-Roc


2018 Bell & Ross BELLYTANKER Inspired By Bonneville vMax Racers

Achieving top speeds with piston engines is almost all about aero.  Yes, thrust is key to get you above 100-mph.  And stability is critical for being able to comfortably reach 150-mph over the flat, but actually pretty choppy, salt flats of Bonneville.  Anything over 200-mph takes a seriously slippery shape.  The drag forces rise to exponentially with each extra MPH at that point.  You really need to be in as slippery a shape as possible. During the post-war maverick days of the late 1940s and 1950s, the engineers involved had to find the most sleek, ultra teardrop shape imaginable. Military …

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2017 Porsche 908 RSR 31

Part Two – 2017 Porsche 908 RSR Vision GT Hommage Meets 919 and 917K

Part Two: The RSR!   The crew behind the gorgeous longtail 908 VGT design have a new beast for 2017’s fantasy-cars daydream. A skilled group of professional car designers has been working on a side project after work hours for the last few years.  When not designing vehicles for a Chinese car brand, this group led by Alan Derosier has created magic in the form of not one — but two Vision Gran Turismo fantasy concepts.  They took the VGT idea to heart and applied it to one of the most storied brands in racing history: Porsche.  For licensing and …

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Porsche 908-04 Longtail - Vision GT Hommage (Part One) 28

Porsche 908-04 Longtail – Vision GT Hommage (Part One)

A skilled group of professional car designers has been working on a side project after work hours for the last few years.  When not designing vehicles for a Chinese car brand, this group led by Alan Derosier has created magic in the form of not one — but two Vision Gran Turismo fantasy concepts.  They took the VGT idea to heart and applied it to one of the most storied brands in racing history: Porsche.  For licensing and rights reasons, Porsche does not appear anywhere in the SONY Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo game series.  As such, they were not one …

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2017 Renault SYMBIOZ Concept Car (and House!) – Holistic 2030 Nature-Mobile

You know we love a good Renault concept around here.  They generally present a future design language on a wild, unrealistic bodystyle. But the advent of electric cars can be really freeing.  SYMBIOZ envisions a car that perfectly fits into its environment and makes a showpiece of everything that passes by these glass windows and roof.  The flatpack battery is Tesla-style and lets the front end be cut to nothing, the overall height radically low and the width stretched to the extreme.  Advanced ultra-strong materials mean SYMBIOZ can pass crash tests even without typical crumple zones.  And with all the …

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Frankfurt IAA 2017 – Mercedes-Benz, AMG + Smart – Showfloor Gallery [81 Photos]

A full dozen new machines from Mercedes for the Frankfurt auto show this year.  X-Class pickup and AMG Project One hypercar are taking a lot of headlines.  But the Maybach Vision 6 and G650 are in the house.  Plus the new EQ A electric suppository and the EQ crossover EV as well. Frankfurt IAA 2017 – Mercedes-Benz, AMG + Smart 2017 Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar 2018 Mercedes-Maybach G650 2017 Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan Concept 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Truck 2018 Mercedes-AMG G-Class Exclusive 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT and C63 Racecars 2018 S-Class Coupe and Convertible 2017 Mercedes-Benz …

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2017 KIA Proceed Concept Brings Hot-Wagon Style to Frankfurt

KIA is really movin’ on up in this world.  Their Stinger GT AWD promises some real grand touring luxury and speed when it arrives in showrooms next month.  And their Euro lineup is stronger than ever thanks to extensive tuning at the Nurburgring.  And thanks to a giant crew of German engineers poached from the top carmakers in the world. So this Proceed concept’s fast-wagon nature is not too far from reality.  Simply GORGEOUS flowing lines, great long-roof proportions and a chopped front overhang make for the stuff of dreams.  This bodystyle is headed for production, Kia strongly hints, as …

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Launch Party – 2017 Mercedes-AMG Project ONE [51 Photos]

We shouyld have taken Mercedes more seriously when they said their new hypercar concept would be an F1 car for the road.  The cliche is so tired as to barely raise an eyebrow in 2017. But here we are: with a screaming 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged beyond all sense to deliver its 1000 ponies.  And electrified with a bombastic KERS hybrid system. The looks are right off a racetrack and promise a car vastly less practical than any 911, but much more than most racecars.  A deep, McLaren-style door opening brings the entire lower sill up and away from  the bodywork …

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