Bentley Mulliner Teases Batur Grand Tourer, Previews Bentley’s EV Future

Bentley has talked a big game about how it plans to revamp its future with a fleet of all electric BEV offerings. However, we have not seen too much about what kind of offerings they will be and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Bentley has finally delivered the goods with the first images of the Batur.


Batur, A Crystal Ball Into The Future

The two teaser images don’t reveal too much detail about the Batur, but it’s clear that this successor to the Bacalar will go in a unique direction. The front chrome grille has a v themed design in the mesh with grey and copper accents mixed in. The Flying B badge is mounted higher than other Bentley models and it appears that the hood is long and sloping.

As for the Batur name itself, the car is named after Lake Batur which is located on the Island of Bali in Indonesia. Bentley has always made a habit of using exotic locales for the monikers of some of their more exotic offerings and it appears that the Batur will follow the same basic script. The Bacalar was a two seat grand tourer and was a figurative exclamation point for ICE powered performance thanks to its W12 engine. Bentley limited production to only 12 examples before it ceased production. It’s unknown if the Batur will have an all-electric powertrain but the design language here will form a key pillar for potential BEV offerings.


When Will We See It?

Bentley confirmed that the Batur will make its official debut at Monterey Car Week, with production most likely being limited to a select number of units like its predecessor the Bacalar. We hope to learn more about pricing at this point as well as what kind of performance is lurking under its bespoke styling.