2018 Nissan GTR50 Concept By ItalDesign – Goodwood FoS 2018 Debut

Very interesting collaboration here where ItalDesign was tasked with a re-skin a Nissan GT-R fully, inside and out, as a celebration of the car’s 50-year legacy.

More than a reskin, even.




Possible hints at next-gen model expected for the 2020 model year?  Yes of course.  But mostly this exercise just celebrates the GT-R’s essence and moves the vehicle noticeably upmarket.  Even as a $100k car the GT-R does lack the class and panache of true supercars, in some respects, with the current model’s workmanlike exterior and interior.

How to go high-fashion without dulling the GT-R’s ace in the hole — its insane speed?

Send one to Italy for GG’s crew to vamp up!

The gorgeous results speak for themselves.


2018 Nissan GTR50 Concept By ItalDesign