Genesis X Convertible Soaks Up The Sun In L.A. Sharpens Brand’s Focus On Electrification

Genesis promised something special for the third concept in its “X” series of show cars, and the upstart luxury brand has managed to deliver the goods in spades with the L.A. reveal of the Genesis X Convertible concept.


X Convertible Is The Droptop Version Of The Speedium We Never Knew We Wanted

At first glance, the X convertible looks like the Speedium concept, but unlike the coupe, chopping off the roof allowed designers to go further with the design. The front fascia still features a grille less panel with the lighting elements wrapping from fender to fender while also unifying with the shield-shaped lighting in the center. The wrap-around look continues into the interior, with the cockpit having a driver-centric feel and the leather accents on the door panels drawing you in to see the rest of the cabin, including its sporty steering wheel and fully digital instrumentation. The rear styling is perhaps the most production-centric detail here, with the taillights reminding us of the GV80 SUV. A favorite feature we like is the interior color which is called Giwa Gray. Genesis claims that the hue is similar to Korean roofing tiles, and it certainly looks good here in the X.   

It’s unknown what (if anything) is powering the concept, but if it does have a fully functioning electric powertrain, look for the Kia EV6 GT’s 576 hp setup to perhaps be the key ingredient lurking in this very pretty slice of pie. While some may scoff at its Kia origins, the horsepower on hand is more than enough to give this convertible some spice to match its seductive good looks.   


When Can I Buy One?

While we have seen some wild concepts make it to production occasionally, look for this one to remain a pure show car. Genesis reps have stated in the past that while the future will indeed be an all-electric one, with an all-SUV lineup serving as the proverbial gears that powers this future. Despite this, look for some of the core styling elements from the X to make their way to these future models, especially the exterior styling, along with some of the digital bits for the instrumentation and infotainment system.