Introducing the INFINITI Prototype 10

Electric cars are quickly becoming the wave of the future, and most car manufacturers are joining in this revolution. The latest car manufacturer to explore introducing an electric car to their ranks is Infiniti.  Let’s take a closer look at the InfinitiPrototype 10 and what it hopes to bring to the table.

Introducing the Prototype 10

These sleek little electric cars are designed to mimic single-seat formula one racecars, with a solid frame design and an open-air cockpit. Instead of a passenger seat, the cockpit features a large air vent to cool the electric motor and batteries in the rear of the car. In the driver’s seat, you’ll only find ergonomic controls, a 4-point racing harness, the brake and accelerator pedals and of course, the steering wheel.

The steering wheel is unique. Instead of a large steering column taking up space in the front of the car, the steering wheel sits on thin carbon fiber struts. The car doesn’t need a steering column because of INFINITI’s “Drive by Wire” system – it removes the need for the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the drive train.  Introduced in 2014, this system controls the direction of the car with electrical signals.

The Future of Infiniti

This new prototype won’t just be a one-shot model – Infinitiis planning on using electrified power trains in all of its new car models by 2021, without sacrificing power. These will either come in the form of fully electric vehicles, or using the e-Power hybrid design. The manufacturer also claims that the e-Power engines won’t need an external charging source, but we don’t have a lot of information on that as of yet.

This emphasis on electric cars is expected to boost sales.  The company expects that upwards of half of its global car sales will be electric or hybrid cars by 2025. Electric cars are only facing one major hurdle – distance. Currently, they can only travel a few hundred miles before needing to be recharged.

Electric car sales are set to outpace gasoline engines in the next decade, which is why many car manufacturers are starting to introduce electric cars in their regular lineup. INFINITI is just the latest in a long line of companies that is starting to get on the bandwagon. Once electric cars become more mainstream, consumers may finally be able to get away from their reliance on fossil fuels, making a difference for the environment as well as their wallets.

Photos at PB by James Crabtree