Cadillac Celestiq Interior Images Tease Vibrant Elegance, Bentley Like Luxury

Cadillac’s mysterious Celestiq hyper flagship sedan has not only spawned its own rumor mill but also raised questions about what Cadillac is up to in regards to the mysterious flagship offering. The car has also eluded the lenses of cameras and has so far not been documented out in the wild. In the meantime, Cadillac has been releasing teaser images of the car via GM’s Design Instagram page, and several new ones today give us glimpses of the interior.


Red Celestiq Interior Reminds Us Of A Ruby, Teases Evolution Of Luxury

The images in question show an interior that’s adorned in red and the main image is a small center-mounted console that’s adorned in gloss black trim and seems to be more at home in a jeweler’s space. A metal dial is mounted further back and a portion of it opens up to reveal a space that color matches the seats (and presumably the rest of the cabin.) The Celestiq will also follow the lead of some of its German rivals and mount the seat controls on the door panel with the seat-shaped setup being mounted on a black trim piece. Brushed metal accents are also in abundance with a view of the speaker cover serving as a very prominent example of this in action.

Our last view of the cabin is focused on the seats and it appears that Cadillac designers chose to take an unrestrained approach to crafting these enviable thrones. Unlike some Bentley and even Rolls Royce seats that we have spent time in, the seats in the Celestiq appear to blend and infuse multiple leather types. The outer portions of the seat pictured use a uniform red color while the center portion of the seat uses softer leather that’s perforated and features integrated striping. The back of the seat also has a blue element in the back that could be a form of interior lighting. We have seen how prominent interior lighting has become on other Ultium platformed vehicles, and this Celestiq could potentially find a way to make it a must-see experience. We’ll be impressed if Cadillac can even find a way to put a spin on roof-mounted LED lighting, a party trick that has been long exclusive to Rolls Royce for several years now. 


When Will We See It?

Cadillac revealed that the Celestiq will make its appearance in concept form this July and will be hand-built in GM’s Warren Tech Center in Michigan. This is a spin on some of the company’s other hand-built projects over the years including the Buick Reatta which was also hand-built but in a separate crafting center in Lansing, Michigan. The assembly in Warren will undoubtedly help save GM the time and money needed to make a facility just for the Celstiq while also being a massive marketing play for the firm too. 

The exterior of the Celestiq is expected to be a futuristic showpiece for the most part, but rumors have pointed to Cadillac using some retro design elements that are supposed to pay homage to the brand’s design language back in the 1930s. A key one would be a formal hood ornament which has not been seen on production Cadillac models since the 2000s. The Celstiq will be on the Ultium platform but will come with model-exclusive electronics to cope with some of the features that it will be debuting including the first application of GM’s Ultra-Cruise technology which will be capable of fully autonomous driving both on the freeway and the city.