Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept Goes Extra Mile For Trail Ready Capability

The recently unveiled 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline aimed to bring extra off-road capability to the large family hauler while also jumpstarting the Timberline sub-brand. But with a high-ranking Jeep rep going on record to throw shade at the Timberline’s trail credentials, it appears that Ford wanted to set the record straight and has unveiled the Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid concept. 


Beefier Styling Adds Butch Vibes To Expedition Off-Grid Concept

In addition to perhaps silencing Jeep’s online trolling, the Expedition Off-Grid is also designed to cater to the growing trend of more off-road buyers embracing the overland lifestyle. The concept is a rolling demonstrator of aftermarket off-road accessories and comes loaded with all kinds of trail-ready equipment. The rig benefits from extra ground clearance, with Ford engineers equipping the concept with Fox-sourced 2.5 inch adjustable remote reservoir shocks. The Off-grid also comes equipped with 35-inch General Grabber off-road tires mounted on 17-inch Method sourced wheels, which helps give it a very distinctive look, especially when the custom paintwork is taken into the equation.

The Off-Grid also has nighttime driving covered too with an extensive roster of lighting, including top-mounted 50-inch rigid off-road lights for enhanced visibility when you need it the most. 


An Interior With Camping Built Into Its DNA

A key trait that makes any overlander work is its ability to be a camper when it comes time to kick up your feet and rest. The Off-Grid handles this problem in two ways. Like other overlander models we have seen over the years, this one features a roof-mounted tent that can house a few friends, and the inside features a space above the built-in storage drawer that can sleep two more in comfort. 

The living space can be expanded further with an exterior awning that can be folded out and a portable shower area. But all the interior accessories need plenty of juice to help keep them ready for duty, and a heavy-duty AGM battery provides that. Cooking and other food preparation essentials are handled by a companion two-wheeled trailer from a company called Turtleback. This trailer is the largest the company offers and is a proverbial jack of all trades. In addition to a massive 42-gallon water tank, it also comes with a 6-gallon water heater, sink, propane-powered stove (the tank is included), tables, and even a small solar panel. 


Will Ford Make A Production Version?

For the moment, the Off-Grid will most likely remain a one-off concept which is partially due to all the aftermarket components that are equipped to it. However, while the bulk of the equipment will have potential buyers scouring various aftermarket companies, There are still some goodies that you can get from your local Ford dealer, with the Blue Oval offering three of the items (rooftop tent, shower, and the awning) through their accessory catalog. 

In the meantime, look for this concept to not only silence skeptics in Auburn Hills but to also cement the full potential of the Timberline moniker as an alternative for buyers that want an Expedition or Explorer but also want to have a slice of the capability to go beyond the paved side of life if needed.