Toyota Shows Off bZ4x Concept, Will Spawn New Model Family When It Goes On Sale

With all the buzz that Toyota generated from their marathon unveiling today, we saved the best for last. The company provided U.S. customers their first glimpse of the bZ4x concept while also confirming that the model will head to dealer showrooms in 2022.


bZ4x Signals Expansion Of Toyota EV Strategy

Ok, we’ll admit, the bZ4x moniker is a mouthful of a word to pronounce, but we do like what we see when it comes to the concept itself. The exterior styling is futuristic but without going too overboard in its attempts to draw attention. The front fascia lacks a grille, but we like the sleek headlights as well as some of the subtle ways that Toyota designers maximized their use of the flat space up there. The side features several prominent creases, including a large character line that runs along the lower part of the doors.

The rear fascia has a subtle reminder of the LFA supercar in its taillight design, but the dynamically honed units are linked together by a slender LED lightbar. The rear itself is also adorned with sharp details that make this utility stand out from the rest of the EV crowd. Toyota co-developed the concept with Subaru, and we hope that a production version will still maintain its distinct character without losing too much of it to the realities of the real world.


Technology Packed Interior Is The Best We Have Seen Yet

The interior of the bZ4x has a distinct spark of personality, and that’s evident when you look around at some of the details. The dashboard is clean and simple, with a large infotainment screen dominating the center portion of it. The photos suggest that the screen is controlled by a large control knob with the buttons for the push-button gear selector ringing around it. A broader swath of buttons cover other functions, and the instrument cluster is a vibrant digital unit.

We noticed an interesting thing when scrolling through some of Toyota’s photos of the concept: some featured a traditional circular wheel, and others had a yoke-style tiller. This could indicate that Toyota is possibly experimenting with the two-wheel designs, especially in the wake of Tesla’s plans to make the yoke style wheel a production guarantee on some of their newer models. On the other hand, it could be possible that the yoke variant is a show car-only exclusive, but time will tell on that particular front.

Toyota is also not ready to talk formal performance figures just yet, but the bZ4x is all-wheel drive which is typically a strong indicator of a two-motor setup. If that’s the case, look for the concept to be pretty fast when it has a chance to stretch its legs out on the pavement. The concept is also the first model we have seen that is underpinned by the e-TNGA platform, which is expected to be a key set of building blocks for other EV models, including other members of the bZ family.


When Can I Buy A bZ Model?

As mentioned, the bZ4x will be a joint venture with Subaru, with that company getting its own version of the model, which will be called the Solterra. Look for this particular bZ to appear sometime in the second half of 2022. The bZ4x will also be a spearhead of sorts for the new bZ lineup, with the family eventually growing to seven models by 2025. Look for them to adopt a simple number scheme with 1 through 5 being covered. Also, while the bulk of them will have the “X” designation to signify their four-wheel drive, some won’t, which will help consumers know they have front-wheel drive.

As for the company itself, Toyota hopes to have no less than 15 different EV offerings on sale by that time, with that figure eventually growing up to 70 different models in the not too distant future.