VW I.D. Aero Sedan Reveals Shape In New Design Sketches

Volkswagen’s line of I.D. badged offerings has long focused on blocky designs that are catered towards utility offerings as well as vans in the case of the I.D. Buzz. However, things are about to get much sleeker, with the German car giant confirming that it will be adding an I.D. Aero sedan to the roster with the help of a new set of design sketches that confirmed the basic shape of the four-door.


I.D. Aero Sedan To Have Common DNA With CUVs

While the sedan shape will be a noticeable departure from other I.D. models, the Aero will share some platform DNA with its utility-focused cousins in a bid to improve production feasibility. The I.D. Aero follows on the heels of recent Volkswagen concepts, but in our eyes, it mirrors the lines that we have seen in the 2019 Space Vizzion Concept that preceded it versus other studies like 2018’s I.D. Vizzion Concept.

The wild design sketches don’t reveal too much in regards to the technical hardware or the interior but look for the electrified components to also be carried over from existing I.D. models with the Aero being built on the MEB platform. The Aero will also be a gamble for Volkswagen in some markets, especially in the U.S. where rapidly rising demand for utility models has squeezed many sedans (some of them with established pedigree) out of the market as companies shift their profit forecasts towards more utility models.


When Will We See It?

Volkswagen will formally unveil the I.D. Aero Sedan on June 27th with the model eventually going on sale in Europe and other global markets including China and the aforementioned U.S. sector. It’s not known how each region’s version will be different, but in the case of the U.S. version, tougher safety laws will force Volkswagen to make minor revisions to the design to help it comply with our laws.

We look forward to seeing the Aero especially since it will allow the I.D. brand to reach out to more customers especially some that might want an EV but are not ready yet to make the switch from a traditional four-door sedan to a utility model.