Hyundai N Vision 74 Slated To Go To Production According To Report, Would Potentially Revive Iconic Name

Hyundai made waves when it debuted the N Vision 74 coupe concept. The N Vision 74 was a nod to the classic Hyundai Pony model which made its debut  in the mid 1970s and would continue onward in production until 1990. At the time, Hyundai was tight lipped on whether the concept (and perhaps the Pony name) would make production. However, a new report appears to suggest that the Korean car giant is indeed moving the coupe-like concept into production.


Less Radical Styling To Define Production Version

The report comes from the Korean publication Money Today which claims that Hyundai will be organizing a special “Pony Day” on May 27th with the purported event not only being used to reveal plans to produce the car, but also provide a glimpse into what the production version will look like. While MT wouldn’t reveal where they got the information from exactly, the appearance of a production bound Pony could help give Hyundai’s lineup a performance focused halo that would serve as the gateway into the more hardcore N models.

Look for the exterior styling to mirror some of what we saw on the concept but with safety and other regulations rapidly evolving, look for the exterior styling to give up some ground to help it fall in line with those regulations especially if the model makes its way to the U.S. market. A bigger question is what would be powering the production version of this car? The original concept was a rolling showcase in advanced engineering with the elaborately created hybrid using a hydrogen fuel-cell powered hybrid drive system. With hydrogen still a relatively new technology that does not have the infrastructure big enough to support widespread use (minus a few exceptions like California) chances are good that the bespoke powerplant will be swapped out for more traditional powerplants, possibly a turbocharged four-cylinder of some kind to help the model adapt to tightening fuel economy regulations in lower trims while higher versions could get the same 3.5-liter supercharged V6 that makes its name in the Genesis G90.

However, we can only speculate for now with Hyundai keeping silent on whether MT’s report is indeed on the right track or not? However, we’ll definitely keep you posted if we hear any further updates over the next few weeks.