Infiniti Sheds More Light On Q Inspiration Concept

When we last met Infiniti’s NAIAS bound concept car, we got a glimpse of its front fascia, but Infiniti kept other details (including its name) under wraps. A new teaser photo released earlier today sheds light on the rear fascia, and even drops its name for the first time ever.

Dubbed the Q Inspiration, the concept provides a glimpse into the Asian luxury brand’s upcoming flagship sedan, while also showcasing the brand’s new design language which will eventually trickle down to its corporate stablemates.

“We aim to take traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution ,” revealed Karim Habib Infiniti’s Design Director in a separate statement. “The Q Inspiration offers an alternative form; something more flowing in appearance with an unusually long and balanced cabin. Experimenting with new proportions in a typically conservative segment, the Q Inspiration concept features a shorter hood and elongated body with all the benefits to interior well being, comfort, and space that this layout entails.”

While we’re still trying to deconstruct the finer details of Infinti’s elaborate explanation, looking at the concept as it sits now does reveal some promising details that we like. For example, the rounded rear end is a nice counterbalance to the sculpted front fascia, and the wrap around taillight is a nice nod to modern futurism. The concept also has lots of glass, with the big rear window and equally massive greenhouse creating an airy environment for occupants. Rounding out things is an integrated exhaust system that straddles the line between athletically honed, and elegant minimalism.

Infiniti is still keeping performance hardware a closely veiled secret, but Habib did tease “a shift towards smaller, more compact, and less intrusive powertrains.” A likely candidate is the upcoming Variable Compression (VC) engine that fits virtually all the criteria without skimping on performance.

While the concept will be making its debut at NAIAS in a few weeks, the production flagship offering will not appear for a few more years.