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Welcome!  We’re thrilled you’re here.  Get ready to enjoy unbiased, independent automotive journalism.  Our team of writers has over 100 years of combined experience covering all things automotive. Hopefully there will be some surprise and delight as you read and explore the categories – and be sure to follow along on social for the latest updates and exclusive content.

Some things you can expect on the site:

  • in-depth drive reviews of the latest cars, bikes, SUVs and trucks
  • coverage of important car and truck news, auto shows and events with first-hand reporting, video and photography
  • video!  each of the writers has their own YouTube channels and we integrate embedded video to many articles
  • expert opinions from content creators in Charleston, SC, Michigan, Chicago, Utah and California
  • future-car renderings, photoshop color change galleries and the latest hot gossip from the auto industry
  • classic cars: we love concours and regularly have extensive coverage from Goodwood, Pebble Beach, The Quail, Amelia Island and more
  • animated imagery: GIFs are a core competency here at CRD and we hope you enjoy the cool options for displaying a car from all angles, detailed walk-throughs of car builder pages and much more
  • unbiased, honest news and reporting
  • stunning photography!  We average about 50 to 60 unique, never-before-seen photos per review or article.  Multiply this by the ~6000 articles on the site and you see that car-revs-daily.com has a deep media library of over 350,000 images.
  • Try the Google Custom Search element in the sidebar of main pages (or here) to search for specific images of the car or truck you’re researching

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Partners & Principles

We work with manufacturer representatives to arrange time driving their vehicles.  There is zero compensation or money changing hands for this coverage, but manufacturers provide the vehicle and a tank of gas free of charge. The core partnerships for press fleet access are with the following firms: