Half Of GM’s Buick Dealerships Take Buyout Over Electrification, What Does It All Mean?

General Motors is embarking on a push to expand its electrification strategy with Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC already offering buyers production EV models for sale. However, Buick has been the lone exception with the brand still offering a gasoline-powered only lineup while also revealing very little to the world (and Buick buyers) about its long-term electrification plans in the U.S. We pressed GM CEO Mary Barra on this topic a short while back and while she chose to not formally address our questions directly, a related GM buyout program appears to indicate that not all of its franchised dealerships are …

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UAW Embarks On Historic Strike Against Detroit Big Three, 13,000 UAW Workers Walk Off The Job

Labor negotiations went down to the wire yesterday, but no agreement was reached between the United Auto Workers Union- UAW and the Detroit Big Three. The union responded by beginning a historic strike that’s not targeting just one company but all three (GM, Ford, and Stellantis) simultaneously.   UAW Strike Halts Production Of Key Models Unlike strikes of the past where the union would typically picket one company, this “Stand Up Strike,” as the UAW calls it, will be targeting all three companies, but reps revealed that the union will also embark on a calculated strategy where select plants will …

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Fisker Slashes Production Totals, Latest Signal Of Broader Trouble In The EV Segment

The year 2023 has been a rough road for many EV startups with several companies struggling to overcome challenges related to lingering supply chain issues, softening demand and rapidly shrinking cash reserves. Fisker Inc is the latest company to cut its production forecast as the company struggles to reign in expenses.   Missed Goals For Fisker, Is It A Sign Of Things To Come? Fisker’s latest cut to its production forecast is a swift departure from the company’s prior statements which claimed that the company was on track to reach a production target of 42,400 cars. That figure has now …

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IIHS Vice President Shares Concerns About Growing Weight And Performance In EVs

Modern electric vehicles are not only becoming more powerful, but also heavier with the weight gain being noticed by many in the automotive community. Among those that are raising concerns are the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety with IIHS VP Raul Arbelaez sharing his thoughts on the issue in a recent opinion piece.   More Weight Means More Crash Forces In a crash, mass is a prominent component when it comes to the ensuing crash forces that they create. The larger and heavier a vehicle is, the more damage and crash forces that they generate. This is especially true with …

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Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle Enhances Workplace Safety, Looks Cute Too

Working in an industrial setting is arguably one of the most stressful jobs that one can do. A big part of this is repeatedly moving heavy objects from one part of the plant to the other. That takes a toll on the health of human workers while also taking up excessive amounts of work time. Honda is out to fix both of these drawbacks with the unveiling of the third-generation Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle.   Don’t Let it Looks Fool You, This Honda Is Ready For Work   At first glance, it might be easy to write off the HAWV …

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Cadillac To Unveil Three New EVs in 2023, Promises To Be All Electric By The End of The Decade

Cadillac kept it simple and straight to the point in its business presentation, revealing that not only did the brand see an impressive performance in overall sedan sales but also news that the luxury brand will be unveiling three new EV models this year as it attempts to become all-electric by the end of the decade.   Cadillac Accelerates EV Pursuits, SUVS Remain Sales Kings When Cadillac unveiled the Cadillac Lyriq and the Cadillac Celestiq, the luxury brand made it clear that these two models would only be the beginning of a broader transformation that would see Cadillac become an …

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Production Bollinger B1

Piracy On The High EV Seas? Bollinger Motors Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Munro

The EV wars are rapidly evolving and we have seen our fair share of models emerge to try and get their own piece of the action. However, one battle is getting fresh attention with Bollinger Motors taking UK upstart firm Munro Motors to court over patent infringement claims as the two automakers try to get their respective EVs in the hands of customers.   Bollinger, Munro Fight Centers On Image In the lawsuit that it filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Bollinger Motors claims that the similarity between the Bollinger B1/B2 and …

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Hyundai Investing $50 Million In New STIL Facility, Aims To Study All Stages Of Safety

Hyundai like other automotive companies is preparing for an electrified future where mobility and other innovative technologies will rewrite the way we view automobiles. However, the one fundamental constant factor is safety and Hyundai is prepared to great enhance that side of the business breaking ground on a $50 million STIL building that will add a noteworthy expansion to its HATCI facility in Superior Township, MI, and benefit Hyundai buyers for generations to come.    STIL Aims To Improve Safety From All Angles The new STIL building (Safety Testing & Investigation Lab) represents Hyundai’s enhanced focus on vehicle safety and …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Polaris Slingshot SLR – Turbocharging Improves The Breed

When the Polaris Slingshot first appeared a few years ago, it signified a bold push for Polaris with the model being the first cyclecar that the company ever produced outside their usual lineup of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. The Slingshot’s blend of traits and its ability to be licensed as a car in some states (instead of a motorcycle) helped generate a strong surge in sales. However, the first generation Slingshot was also a crude offering and lacked some of the things that we take for granted in traditional cars. Polaris sought to remedy this with the second generation Slingshot …

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GM And Honda Confirm EV Plans, First Model Set For Production In 2027

Rumors and borderline confirmations circulated for years about GM and Honda potentially teaming up for an ambitious project aimed at creating an affordable EV model. The two have now made it official with both companies confirming the news earlier today.   Honda To Gain Two New SUV Models A key aspect of this partnership is that Honda will be getting two all new EV utility offerings with the Honda side getting the Prologue while Acura gets a currently unnamed model for the luxury market. This announcement though expands on this and confirms that the deal will focus on affordable EVs …

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Volta Confirms First “Volta Hub” Facility, Paves Way For EV Adoption

Volta Trucks has been making waves in the commercial truck market. While the bulk of their efforts have been mostly confined to Europe, the company is still confident that electrification in the commercial segment will be the new way forward, and has launched the first Volta Service Hub location in Paris, France.   Follows On The Heels Of Volta Zero Trials This latest announcement comes as Volta is preparing for the first consumer evaluations of the Volta Zero which are slated to begin in the middle of next year. These trucks will see duty in a wide variety of settings, but all …

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Toyota and Yamaha Making Hydrogen V8, Could Point To Potential Hydrogen Applications

When it comes to partnerships, few in the business can match the track record that Japanese auto giant Toyota has in this category. While the company is currently in limited partnerships with BMW and Subaru for certain models, it can be easy to forget that Toyota and Yamaha have also had a history of working together on projects. The two have partnered up again, but this time it’s for a hydrogen-fueled cause with the duo making an all-new hydrogen-powered V8. Hydrogen-Powered Performance Unlike the LFA’s V10 engine which was the last time the two teamed up on engine development, this …

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France To Require All Car Ads To Mention Bicycling, And Walking, Comes Amid Green Vehicle Mandate Push

One of the perks of being a professional boxing fan when I’m not writing here is sometimes seeing advertisements from other markets during the commercial segments. If you’re a resident of France, a new but very interesting rule will take effect soon that will change the way that automakers in France will be able to advertise their products according to a report by France24.   Walking And Biking To Have Prominent Mentions In French Media The rule in question will take effect on March 1st and will force all automakers to mention both biking and walking when promoting a vehicle. …

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McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt Resigns From Company, Supercar Maker Looking For Successor

In a surprise announcement earlier today, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt revealed that he will be stepping down from the company after an eight year run that saw Flewitt lead the company through some of its biggest triumphs as well as the challenges that were brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.   Flewitt Was Instrumental In Adding More Green To McLaren’s Lineup With Flewitt’s departure, he’ll leave behind a very potent legacy in the company’s history book. He was a key player in helping McLaren rapidly expand its operations in Asia while also pushing through several hybrid supercar offerings. The …

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General Motors Announces Plans To Build New Wallace Battery Innovation Center, Part Of Broader Move To Cut Costs And Enhance EV Range

General Motors Is out to show that it can dominate the EV marketplace. With arch-rival Ford recently announcing plans to build a massive EV-focused complex called “Blue Oval City” to enhance battery cell development. GM has revealed that it will be building a battery cell facility of its own as the General scrambles to shore up its EV operations.   Wallace Battery Innovation Center To Be Key Hub For GM EVs Dubbed the Wallace Battery Innovation Center, the facility was named after Bill Wallace a former GM executive who played a key role in developing GM’s battery technology before he …

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Ford Announces Massive $11.4 Billion Investment, Plans For Blue Oval City

It’s no secret that Ford plans to put all of its chips into making and selling EVs moving forward. But while past investments have focused on existing plants and models, they were mere stepping stones towards a larger objective, in this case, an $11.4 billion investment that will see the creation of the first-ever “Blue Oval City,”   Tennesse Campus To Be Called “Blue Oval City” The fore-mentioned investment will be split into two parts, with the first chunk being used in a $5.6 billion “mega campus,” which will be called “Blue Oval City.” The name is not a mere …

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Porsche Drive Subscription Service Adds Taycan, Expands Eligible Cities

While the broader state of Vehicle subscription services is still in limbo, some in the automotive industry are doubling down on their efforts towards reaching more people with their products. Porsche is a prominent example and has announced that it will be adding the Taycan EV sedan to its list of models that buyers can choose from if they go for the Porsche Drive subscription service.   Taycan Emerges As Greenest Member Of Subscription Lineup When Porsche first unleashed the program several years ago, the base idea seemed very tempting, have access to virtually all of the Porsche model lineup …

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Defender custom

Land Rover Launches Defender Above and Beyond Awards, Aims To Recognize Difference Makers

With all the things that the pandemic has brought to the world during the past year, it’s very refreshing to talk about some of the good things that many organizations are doing. Land Rover is going a step beyond the norm and has revealed that it will launch an all-new category of awards to recognize those who are making a difference in their community.   An Act of Good Dubbed the “Defender Above & Beyond Awards,” the company claims that it was partly inspired by how closely their models have been connected to global humanitarian projects, with a Land Rover …

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Cherokee Nation Asks Jeep To Stop Using Cherokee Nameplate, Could It Lead To A Name Change?

The Cherokee nameplate has been a long-running moniker in the history of Jeep. While the Grand Cherokee and its smaller Cherokee brand mate are currently marketed under that name, it has been around since 1974, with the original SJ-based model. The problem, however, is that no one asked the Cherokee Indian tribe for their blessing, and the tribe is now asking Jeep to formally not use the name anymore, according to a report.   Changing Times Helped Create A Shift In Opinion The report published by the folks at Car & Driver was penned by Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr, who …

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Jeep adds all new customization center to Wrangler and Gladiator plant, straight from factory customization now fully possible

It’s no secret that when it comes to customization, The Jeep Wrangler SUV and its pickup cousin the Gladiator are very popular subjects for the imaginations of vehicle customizers across the nation. But while the aftermarket has risen to the occasion by offering a wide range of possibilities, Jeep itself did not have the ability to customize factory vehicles straight from the factory floor. But thanks to the recent construction of an all new vehicle customization center, Jeep has resolved this long standing flaw once and for all. Bargain real estate price secures customization playground According to the Toledo Blade, …

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Bollinger Motors: moves to bigger digs in Oak Park to expand operations

When we last checked in with our friends at Bollinger Motors, it was in their old headquarters in Ferndale, Michigan. There, we had a chance to meet the firm’s two spearheads in the EV truck wars, the B1 SUV, and the B2 pickup, as well as learn much more about the vision of the company’s founder Robert Bollinger. But with the extra attention and growth that the company has seen recently, it was forced to seek a bigger space to enhance the levels of design and manufacturing that they were capable of doing. This resulted in a move to Oak …

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Car Care Product Review – Audew MultiPurpose 1000 Amp Jump Starter:

When it comes to versatility, few can beat the sheer adaptability that comes from the legendary Swiss army knife. With a diverse range of tools and hidden uses at its disposal, this small tool has rapidly become a must have item for any citizen. The folks at Audew aim to do the same thing when it comes to automotive care products with their lineup of multi-function jump starters. But can this jack of all trades indeed excel with not only being a valuable automotive tool, but also be friendly with mobile devices? We were eager to find out.   Bulky …

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Andy Palmer Out At Aston Martin, Tobias Moers To Take Over As CEO August 1st

Following a flood of rumors that emerged this week regarding a potential shift at the CEO position, Aston Martin has officially confirmed that long time CEO Dr. Andy Palmer has stepped down, with current Mercedes AMG CEO Tobias Moers being appointed to replace him, with Moers fully assuming his new role on August 1st. Palmer’s exit comes as the company is currently trying to navigate its way through rough seas financially, with the company’s share price trending downward since it was allowed to float publicly in October of 2018. Things reached a sobering new low earlier this month, when the …

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Jeep Designer Reveals That Wrangler Is Similar In Spirit To Original Defender

The latest iteration of the Land Rover Defender is a very radical overhaul from what we have seen in past iterations. Once known for being a rugged billy goat of an SUV that was designed to cross scorching hot deserts and ford even the wildest of rivers, the new one has taken a much more serious focus on being more livable for consumers. This includes sacrificing some of its rugged attributes and being a softer offering to help it appeal to a wider range of customers. But don’t expect this same transformation to occur with the Jeep Wrangler according to …

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Ford Unleashes Certified Bronco Online Community, Aims To Expand Bronco Following With Forums, Merchandise, and More [Video]

Ford is very keen on making the revived Ford Bronco into a serious competitor against the Jeep Wrangler. While the Bronco will bring alot of off-road equipment, customization, and technology to buyers in an attempt to steal sales, Ford execs know that the Bronco also needs to build a versatile community that can be on par with the massive following enjoyed by Wrangler fans. The Dearborn automaker has done just that, and has revealed its first certified and nationally recognized online community – TheBroncoNation.com   The site in question offers many of the basic features that one would expect including …

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Harley Davidson CEO Resigns Amid Turbulent Times For Iconic Motorcycle Maker

Harley Davidson is going through some rough waters the past few years, with the struggling company trying to bring more young buyers into the fold, while also revamping its product lineup to be leaner and economically focused. The company has a tall order on its plate, and things just became even loftier, with the company revealing Friday that Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich is leaving the company, and will also relinquish his seat on Harley’s board of directors. Board member Jochen Zeitz will become acting president and CEO while a board search committee is formed, with the company even hiring an …

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Geneva Motor Show Cancelled, Coronavirus Concerns Force Swiss Government To Pull The Plug

Car makers are in a mad scramble to reorganize and replan vehicle unveilings after Swiss authorities cancelled the 90th annual Geneva Motor Show Friday due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. While some automakers have so far not unveiled a Plan B (or admitted that they do not have one) others have come up with prompt solutions to unveiling their new products to the world.   Porsche for instance, has confirmed that it will be hosting a livestream event on March 3rd to showcase the newest iteration of its flagship 911 sports car. Joining Porsche’s lead are Audi, …

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FCA And PSA Group Complete 50:50 Merger, Set To Become Fourth Largest Automaker

Following the initial announcement back in October that revealed FCA and PSA Group were interested in formally merging, the two firms have formally signed on the dotted line, creating the fourth largest automotive company in the world, with projected annual sales of around 8.7 million cars in the process. On the subject of profits, they are expected to be massive, with initial figures suggesting that the newly combined entity’s revenues will be around $190 million, as well as a recurring operating profit of over $12.2 billion dollars. These are very impressive figures, and it’s easy to see why they played …

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Auto Industry Insider: How To Repair your Car’s Dents and Dings at Home with These Simple Steps

Door dings, scratches and bumper scrapes happen all the time. Sometimes there just isn’t anything that you can do about it, but little things like this don’t always translate to big repair jobs. In fact, most of the time it’s possible for you to make the repairs yourself and without having to worry about a thing. Scratches A paint scratch might seem like a super-simple repair, but this is not always the case. If you have a scratch that is so deep that you can see the primer underneath, then you will almost certainly need to fill the scratch. If …

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Auto Industry Insider: How To Boost Your Car’s Trade-In Value

If your car has seen better days, but you want to sell it on and make a little money, there are some things you can do to get it into better condition and boost the value back up a little. Some of these tips will cost you nothing, whereas others may need some investment. Whether you want to do up your car yourself or to sell it, you can help it to hold its value with these easy tips. Clean It Like anything in life, first impressions matter when you’re trying to sell a car. A grubby, dirty car is …

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Caterham Sevens: The Official Story of a Unique British Sportscar From Conception to CSR Book Review

(Editor’s Note:) At Car-Revs-Daily.com, we enjoy having the chance to not only help contributors of all types have the opportunity to showcase their work on a unique and growing platform, but to also occasionally help their respective websites as well. In this regard, we recently collaborated with Emily Blakowski (an aspiring book reviewer when she is not assisting the Detroit office with audiophile things) and challenged her to review a selection from the Car-Revs-Daily Metro Detroit archives (which can be seen below.) Please enjoy, and let us know if you want to see more – Regards Carl Malek   Ever …

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First Look Video – GAC Motor GE3 EV – By Carl Malek – [Video]

When we last started our two part video series on GAC Motor, we began by focusing on the contents of their mysterious press kit, the shady way you have to give your ID to get one, and the lousy value that you ultimately get for giving your personal information. For part two of our series, we leave the gimmicky press kit at home, and instead conclude our coverage of the 2019 North American International Auto Show by taking a look at one of their models to see if GAC Motor has the necessary hardware to back up their bold plans …

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Ford and Volkswagen Announce Global Alliance, Will Not Involve Cross Ownership

In a landmark announcement that is currently breaking as we speak, Ford and Volkswagen have agreed to a global alliance that aims to enhance capabilities for both companies, while also enhancing overall levels of scale at the same time in a period where more and more unlikely alliances are being formed to combat the increasing levels of cost and engineering involved in producing vehicles for a new generation of buyers. Ford and Volkswagen also revealed that the two are exploring joint development of mobility services, EV and autonomous vehicles with this particular move designed to help save both companies billions …

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Is It Really Worth Giving Your ID For a GAC Motor Press Kit? We Find Out, Part 1 of a Two Part Series (Video)

Amid all the glitz and glamour that defines the North American International Auto Show, one particular company has stood out over the years, GAC. GAC (or Trumpchi as their cars are known in China) is a Chinese automotive company that has bold plans for the U.S. market in the near future. Unlike other auto companies and suppliers here at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, GAC insists that you give them your business card or other form of ID before they give you one of their press kits. But is the cost of a slice of your identity really …

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The Best States to Own a Car In

You can own a car in any state in the country, but some places are better than others when it comes to car ownership. If you’re thinking of moving shortly, you may be wondering about the best states to own a car in. Here’s our list of the seven best states for purchasing a vehicle, ranked from lowest to highest. 7. Oregon The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place if you don’t mind some cold weather. Oregon, in particular, is a great place for car owners — especially if you’re purchasing a new or new-to-you car. Purchasing fees and taxes …

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Nissan CEO Ghosn Arrested For Alleged Misconduct

In a surprising and remarkable tumble from grace over the weekend, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn (along with a second executive) was arrested by Japanese authorities for his role in alleged misconduct with Nissan preparing to fire Ghosn later this week. Ghosn is accused of several acts of financial misconduct which include underreporting his salary to Japanese authorities for “multiple years,” as well as using company assests for personal use. The investigation into Ghosn and Greg Kelly (a director on Nissan’s board) began after an annonymus whistleblower reported the allegations to Japanese authorities.   The downfall of Ghosn and his regime …

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Hyundai and Kia Unveil Solar Panel Boosted EV Charging Solution, Expected To Appear In 2020

Once limited to experimental vehicles and ultra luxury hybrids, roof mounted solar panels are seeing a resurgence as EVs slowly become a more focal piece of the automotive landscape. Hyundai and Kia aim to take them to production reality by unveiling their plans to put them on production cars in a move that could have big ramifications for the broader automotive market as a whole.   Of course, a key caveat is that they will not be on all production vehicles, with Hyundai and Kia claiming that only “selected vehicles” will be able to be outfitted with them. When the …

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2014 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab in Iridium Metallic left rear three quarter shot doors open- on location

How to Start a Successful Car Detailing Business

So, you’ve taken up car detailing. You’ve gotten good at it, you enjoy it and maybe you’ve even turned it into a profitable side hustle. Perhaps it’s time to take it to the next level. That’s right — what started as a hobby could become a full-fledged business. That’s not to say making the leap will be easy, but with careful planning and steadfast execution, it is possible to launch a successful car detailing business. Doing so requires knowledge of both auto detailing and business. Here are the basic steps you need to take to get started. Decide on the …

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Five Things That Can Quickly Devalue Your Car

When you purchase a new car, it immediately starts to depreciate — losing some of its value. In most cases, you won’t be able to sell a car you’ve owned for the same amount you purchased it for, but some actions can devalue your car faster than others. Let’s take a look at five of the things that can quickly devalue your vehicle, as well as how to avoid them. 1. Driving It Home You just bought a new car — congratulations! Unfortunately, as soon as you drive it off the lot, it loses upwards of 10 percent of its …

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Sergio Marchionne Steps Down, Michael Manley To Replace Him As CEO

In a stunning development that is currently unfolding as we speak, longtime CEO of Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Sergio Marchionne, is stepping down from his post due to ongoing medical issues. The 66 year old CEO recently had shoulder surgery three weeks ago, but “massive complications” following the surgery forced FCA’s board to make their move, though the company has not disclosed the extent of the medical complications, as well as Marchionne’s current condition. FCA did however issue a brief statement regarding today’s events stating “While Mr. Marchionne was recovering from surgery,” his health has “worsened significantly in recent …

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Car Maintenance Product Review – SunJoe SPX3000 Pressure Washer – By Carl Malek [Video]

With all of the vehicles that make there way in and out of the Car-Revs-Daily, it’s always a treat when something unique makes its way into our offices. That was exactly the case when the folks at SunJoe/SnowJoe reached out, and asked us to review their newest pressure washer offering. Can the all-electric SPX3000 succeed in being the perfect jack-of-all-trades offering? Or is it all washed up?   To find out, we unleashed our tester on a wide range of jobs at our office to see how it measured up in real world use. Before we could do that though, …

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Meet MrOwl – Your Personalized Interests, News and Imagination Engine

A free new curator that holds all your interests in one place?  Then expands and grows with help from millions of like-minded web-surfers? MrOwl is promising just that with its roll-out of a system for storing and discovering hyper-specialized interest areas.  Collaborative topic branches intend to make MrOwl into the best of forums and visual discovery engines. We took the leap and tried it out this week with a few new @Car_Revs_Daily branches.  We started with the idea of a luxury sedans ranking, but realized the better way to organize might be by car brand. What does all this mean?  …

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How To Stay Safe When Working On Your Car

Pop the hood on your modern car and you get — well, a lot of plastic, mostly. Despite the fact that car repairs are becoming less and less a chore you can do at home, it’s still possible to save a few bucks by changing your own oil, swapping your own brake pads and understanding how to change a tire. There are risks involved, though. The reason Mom and Dad wanted that cushy desk job for you is that turning wrenches is hard on the body. Beyond the usual wear and tear, the prospect of being crushed under the weight …

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Saying Goodbye To An Institution: The Walter P. Chrysler Museum – By Carl Malek

Saying goodbye can be a hard thing to do sometimes, from saying goodbye to a treasured toy, to even a loved one, the act can be tough for all parties involved. This was the case with us and the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Nestled in the grounds of the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, this small museum boasted a big car collection, and it did an excellent job showcasing Chrysler’s storied history. Built in October 1999 during the turbulent Daimler-Chrysler era, the museum housed many historic vehicles from Chrysler’s past, and also highlighted vehicles from AMC, Hudson, Nash, …

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Want to Get Serious About Working on Cars? Start Using Compressed Air

We’ve all got a toolbox in our garage or car that’s likely stuffed to the brim with every hand tool imaginable. For the most part, those tools are what we need to get our repair jobs done. But if you really want to get serious about working on your cars, the best thing you can do is upgrade your tools and start using compressed air. So what equipment should you look for to start your new tool collection? Step 1: Pick the Right Compressor The first step toward using compressed air tools in your home garage is picking out the …

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Review: Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner

What is the thing you want most in a heavy duty cleaner? Powwweeerrrrrrrr! So even though this is a car blog, we’re excited to share a first-hand review of this rockin, pump-action spray. Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner is the name, and it is designed for the toughest grease and grime. …Baked on grease… caked-on grease…! For automotive applications, it works wonders on brake dust, wheel mud and bug splatter.  We used it first-hand as a pre-treatment before a carwash and LOVED the results.  Spray Nine seems to just work. The large spray bottle loads up a surface with a few …

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Google Giggle: Latest Automotive Patent Is Human Cow-Catcher – By Carl Malek

During the course of automotive history  there have been many advances in safety technology with the bulk of these systems focused on protecting occupants inside an automobile. However, a new patent recently filed by Google flips the script, and takes a novel approach to pedestrian safety. Whereas some automakers have equipped their offerings with pedestrian protection systems, Google’s approach would allow pedestrians to literally stick to the car in the event of an impact. At first glance the idea seems ahead of its time with Google’s giggle producing patent photos not helping matters, but a closer look reveals that there …

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Wildest Geneva Reveal – 2017 Lazareth LM847 – Monsterbike Runs 500HP Maserati V8!

Imagine all the show-stopping appeal and road presence of the Dodge Tomahawk V10 concept from the early 2000s… but made real, ride-able and road-legal acros Europe! And then imagine swapping the V10 for a much-better-sounding Maserati V8!? The results would be world-shaking. Such is the case for the custom-engineered Lazareth LM847 out of France.  This firm has been making some insane custom bikes, quads and car/bike hybrids for years, but this LM847 takes the firm to a whole new level. This seems like the perfect bike for the Clooney crew to thrum around Lake Como. But also a great fit …

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2016 McLaren 650S GT3 SWEEPS Bathhurst Debut! But Race Photos Are 70s Sepia Hell

    Always great to launch an updated racecar with a first-place finish in its debut! That’s the story with the new 650S GT3, which just won the Bathhurst 12 Hour. And not just won: the car destroyed its rivals.  McLaren sums it up well… “650S GT3 claimed the clean sweep over the course of the weekend with pole position, fastest lap, overall race win and a new lap record.” Hard to beat that concise summary of the new 650S GT3’s debut glories.  Almost as hard as it will be for its GT3 rivals.  ONE PROBLEM: McLaren GT’s Over-processed Photos …

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2016 McLaren 650S GT3 – Geneva Prelaunch + Photo Comparo Insights vs. 2015 Racecar

GT3 is the closest thing we have to an authentic battle-of-the-supercars — and demands a great amount of manufacturer attention.  The learnings on track with these cars are some of the quickest tech intros to road cars.  Advancements in aero and drivetrain behaviour on track actually translate directly to a street superstar — without just the lip service most race series pay to this tech transfer. And best of all, it is a two-way street.  Better turbo and cooling settings on the road for the 675LT have fed directly into the updated 2016 racecar from McLaren GT. McLaren below confirms …

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Hands-On Review – 2015 WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vac – 5HP, 5-Gal Portable Wallmount

Unique WORKSHOP Portable Vac Pairs Big HP with Easy-Carry Square Shape! This WORKSHOP 5HP wet/dry vac is incredible!  Replaced old R2D2 garage shopvac with this smaller model, which still has 5HP but a more-compact square drum. No wheels but EASY handle and carrying. It is pretty light, too, and small enough to use inside a car.  Very handy not to worry about dragging vacuum across driveway, but still have the power of a full-size wet dry vac and blower.  The blower and the nozzle attachments work great in between seats and for audio buttons — moving and dislodging gunk before …

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2016 McLaren 570S Orange 16

2016 McLaren 570S Production Begins – $184k Base Price + 24 New Pics

  Updated 8.12.15 The McLaren 570S configurator is up – with nearly 75 option choices, numerous wheels and a dozen interior pre-selections to help you part with $180,000 the fast way! Super-fast, in fact. The configurator’s last step actually reveals a bit of unknown info: the giant MSO carbon-fiber pieces that go way above and beyond the standard 20 exterior CF choices. These three choices are a full carbon-fiber nose, full CF rear and exposed weave for the roof panel as well. These autoclaved CF upgrades are such gigantic pieces of the material, they are bound to reduce mass versus the …

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1962 Western Pacific 40-Foot AIRSTREAM Earns $200k at Mecum Denver Auction

AirStream popularized the towed-home vacation for Americans in the middle of the 20th century. Roomy cabins with the mod-cons of home, the AirStream phenom really took off after WWII as the interstate highway system grew in the 1950s. These light but relatively strong streamliners were and are constructed of high-grade polished aluminum — which was good for looking cool and staying rigid over thousands of miles. But it was less good for overall comfort inside. Small windows were the only option for designers and engineers, limiting cool breezes inside. If parked in the hot sun of a national park all …

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TVR Inks New Sportscar Deal with Gordon Murray and Cosworth – 2018 Launch Possible!

If there are two better names than Gordon Murray and Cosworth to attach to the TVR rebirth, we cannot imagine them. All are icons of English performance — and together promise great things. A new sportscar announcement today includes no new sketches or even outlines of the upcoming new TVR, but it does signal work behind the scenes. The car will be designed and produced using iStream from GMD and engine mechanicals via Cosworth. iStream is intended to be a highly robotized assembly system using the latest in 3D printing and materials to give low-weight and high-strength components. The iStream …

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2015 Mercedes-Benz MARCO POLO Glampers Primed For Lux Travel Adventures

  Mercedes-Benz globally has three core businesses: trucks/buses, vans and cars. The US market has been almost exclusively focused on just one of these divisions, with the launch of the M-B Sprinter lineup 12 years ago one of the first times Americans have seen the three-pointed star on a truck of any kind. Everywhere else in the world, Mercedes logos bigger than your head are everywhere in cities, construction sites, farm tracts and anywhere in between. Part of the Mercedes-Benz USA focus on cars is now eroding — to the great benefit of shoppers able to buy some of the best …

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1959 Riva Florida Nounours 16

RM Villa Erba 2015 – 1959 Riva Florida ‘Nounours’ Is Hollywood-Glamour Woody

Riva’s woody speedboats are some of the most famous in the world, with the global jet set taking to their smooth lines and stunning style instantly. This 1959 Florida was owned by Bridget Bardot and docked at her St. Tropez villa throughout the 1960s. Its name ‘Nounours’ translates from French as Teddy Bear — but we read as ‘nooner!’ The flip back seat of the boat converted into a reclined sunbed, perfect for those romantic trysts around lunchtime. The estimate is not yet available, be we expect it to be fairly reasonable. A top value of around $200,000 is a …

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2016 McLaren 570S Configurator Reveals MSO Easter Eggs + Guide to All Colors and Options!

The McLaren 570S configurator is up – with nearly 75 option choices, numerous wheels and a dozen interior pre-selections to help you part with $180,000 the fast way! Super-fast, in fact. The configurator’s last step actually reveals a bit of unknown info: the giant MSO carbon-fiber pieces that go way above and beyond the standard 20 exterior CF choices. These three choices are a full carbon-fiber nose, full CF rear and exposed weave for the roof panel as well. These autoclaved CF upgrades are such gigantic pieces of the material, they are bound to reduce mass versus the standard alloy panel-work. …

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2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Special Edition 4-tile

2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Edition Celebrates Frozen Moment BFI Inductee

    When a 2-minute launch movie for a car is inducted into the British Film Institute National Archive, you know it must be something special. Both the car and those magical two minutes of cinema are indeed quite special, breathtaking and goose-bump-inducing. The premise of the film ‘And the World Stood Still’ is a man piloting his Wraith through an enchanted, steaming forest when he comes across the living incarnation of the Spirit of Ecstasy badge. For one fleeting, frozen moment, the two have an ethereal bond that is at once serene, lust-filled and slightly fraught with danger. Thematically, the film shows …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries – The Scandinavians – VOLVO, Koenigsegg and ZENVO

  PART FIVE   Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here. But for whatever reason, these fine machines did not make it into solo posts. Not fair, right? All photos deserve to see the light of day! The cars could use some sun, too. The Geneva auto show generally …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries - The FRENCH 23

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The FRENCH – Renault, Citroen, DS and Borgward!?

  PART FOUR When we found photos of this classic turd named Borgward, we naturally assumed from its hideous design, nauseating paint and unusual presence at a new-car show that it was French. It is actually German Belgian. Sarray. The Borgward design feels like a Karmann Ghia pretending to be a Buick, but less appealing than either. The Bakelite two-tone pastels are never a good idea. Only white with pink details would be worse. What is this? A white and pink Citroen van concept!  Home run, chaps. Time for a white-wine lunch? Moving on… So, why Geneva photos a week …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries The Germans 25

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Czech – ALPINA, Audi, Quant, Mansory and Skoda

PART THREE   Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here. But for whatever reason, these fine machines did not make it into solo posts. Not fair, right? All photos deserve to see the light of day! The cars could use some sun, too. The Geneva auto show generally delivers …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries - The ITALIANS! Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo 39

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ITALIANS! Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo

PART TWO Geneva? Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago? Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica. Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ENGLISH! McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus and MINI

Geneva? Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago? Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica. Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here.  But …

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Update1 – 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale In Sublime Green + STRATOS Font Download

On the eve of the Amelia Island Concours and RM Auctions sale, here is one we cannot resist sharing. Why? A.) It is a STRATOS. B.) It is the high-performance Stratos HF C. It is a delicious lime green that is sweet on the eyes, and tart on the tongue D. All of the above. RM Auctions will sell this stellar piece of automotive brilliance at the Lake Como Concours in Italy on May 23rd. BONUS! As a special bonus, here is the outrageous STRATOS typeface for use on your computer. Not super practical or legible, but gorgeous and unique …

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2015 Toyota Camry Retraces NASCAR Roots with a Drive on Daytona Beach

No NASCAR crash course would be truly immersive at Daytona without a drive on the original NASCAR track – this pristine stretch of flawless Atlantic beach. First off, an intro. Why would driving on sand at speeds topping 140-mph have ever seemed like a good idea? When you put yourself in the driver’s seat 65 years ago, running high-powered and highly dangerous racecars on Daytona Beach actually seems really reasonable. Daytona Beach has three qualities that make it extremely desirable for high-speed runs: it is smooth, flat and nearly endless. Those same criteria are exactly what the  Bugatti Veyron La …

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ford gt1

Static Homepage Images BETA – Powered by the 2017 Ford GT

UPDATE Third update.  Still trying to figure this out. Just kidding. For boring technical reasons, the GIFs will be made static just for the main homepage and category pages. Post pages will act as normal. BETA Image UX: Animated GIFs Hey guys, Just a quick note about the user experience (UX) of the website. We’ve heard many times from many people that the animated GIFs were a problem. At minimum, slow-to-load …. and at maximum, an eyesore and turnoff from enjoying the content. Over the last two months, we’ve attempted to make things better with a far more relaxed pace …

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glk sema

Concept Flashbacks – 2010 SEMA Mercedes-Benz GLK Tuner Cars

Shocked and appalled by hideous custom Mercedes-Benzes prowling the world’s roads? Wish there were an upgrade kit that fits the refined aesthetic of the Merc brand? If only Mercedes would commission a few tuner custom show cars of its own, it would have control and be able to yay/nay any questionable elements. For the US launch of the GLK in 2010, MB-USA did just that: four custom GLK’s for the SEMA show in Vegas. Unfortunately for those who do not like loud, brash designs…. what resulted are four of the wildest, silliest concept GLK’s ever seen. Removing the constraint of …

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2014 McLaren 650S GT3

2014 McLaren 650S GT3 Scores Podium Finish in Gulf 12-Hour Season Closer

  The McLaren 650S GT3 wrapped up its first season with a competitive 3rd place at the Gulf 12-hour race this weekend at Yas Marina.   2014 McLaren 650S GT3     Exciting race-car news from McLaren GT today! It looks like the P1 GTR will not be the only Macca out on the world’s sportscar racetracks next year!   The 650S GT3 upgrade has just been revealed by McLaren GT today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Official Details below from McLaren GT.       McLAREN GT SIGNS OFF THE 650S GT3 DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME WITH A PODIUM FINISH AT …

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hispano suiza xiov

Mystery Concept Identified – 2010 Hispano Suiza Gran Turismo XIOV is 850HP, V10TT Dream?

We have a thing called #namethatconcept on the facebook page of this website, where we post a few photos of a long-forgotten concept car and survey the group for info and answers. Some are much, much easier than others to decipher. It is a way to remind us that the old-school car mags showing one image of a concept years ago might not have been enough to appreciate and remember its intricate details. Before posting the photos of these concepts, we usually know the answer to what they are. But sometimes… we do not. The photos are often downloaded by …

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x6 gif

2015 BMW X6 M Sport vs xLine in 350 New Photos

Okay, we admit defeat! Usually, the main gripe when new cars launch is that there are far too few photos of the vehicle. Or they are not photos at all: but digital renderings that often do not show the car in real-world detail. But with the latest BMW X6 photo batch, we raise the white flag. 350 photos is too many for any editor to process. But in the name of completeness, we have faithfully included them all here. The car looks most amazing in M Sport trims versus the xLine, which has a somewhat busier lower nose, more chrome …

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gt academy gif

What To Watch: NISMO GT Academy Is High-Quality, Big-Budget Reality Competition!

Updated 11.10.14 The new season of GT Academy is online and watchable via the below YouTube embed! To celebrate, we’ve paired the episode with some of the coolest NISMO cars from SEMA 2014. Mostly, relaxing for me is commercial-free online television of some kind. Just stumbled upon the latest for GT Academy, and feel compelled to share this exciting series. Imagine a mix of a few shows like Toughest Soldier Challenge, TopGear, … and … America’s Next Top Model…. and you will get an idea of what GT Academy offers viewers. Instead of shooting or pouting, these guys train to …

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pagani gif

2014 PAGANI Huayra Carbon Edition in 200 Amazing Photos

How is Pagani’s sales team performing in the face of the all-new P1 and LaFerrari? So well!  They are in heaven right now after the US import process finally approved the Huayra after about four years of effort — and more than one real-life crash test. Wrecking a million dollars on purpose!? The US market really is worth it for Pagani — and we are thrilled to have them. Pagani’s huge rise to greatness has avoided the key pitfall of many hypercar brands: unsustainable growth. Luckily, the hand-crafted carbon-fiber chassis and bodywork of the Huayra makes any kind of volume …

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ranker gif

Year 1 Debrief: Most Popular 150 Articles Ranked and Linked!

Some surprising cars pop to the top of this list of Car-Revs-Daily.com’s top articles over the past year. Yep, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary a few days ago —  and things are moving along very nicely indeed! Are the top-ranked articles our favorites, or the ones that took the most time and effort? Not really. But they do prove that content is the golden principle, with timely or exclusive content the real king-maker, from a traffic and therefore ad revenue perspective. Overall stats from 11.1.13 – 11.4.14: Total Articles: 1671 Total Images:  93,899 Average Articles Per Day (7 Days …

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scion sema gif

SCION Thrills With Concept FR-S TARGA TURBO + xB Camper Conversion

  Great ideas from Scion for SEMA! In a huge Vegas pavilion filled with unreal concepts and one-offs that you might (or might not…) even want to own, here comes Scion. The Cartel Customs Targa FR-S is brilliant and seems feasible both for current owners to pursue as well as for the company itself. The convertible FT86 Open concept looks to have been shelved for now, so why not the next best way to get wind in your hair? The xB conversion camper is also deeply charming throughout. Check out the cabin details and those plush leather seats!  Reminds us …

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bugatti t23 gif

RM London Highlights – 1920 Bugatti Type 23 Was First Rally Supercar + RARE Archive Photos

When racing in a straight line, the key attributes you want are a long wheelbase and huge power. But when racing up tight mountain roads, with switchbacks every few hundred metres, you want the shortest wheelbase possible. Still with the huge power, but in a nimbler and pointer package. Bugatti has always chased the extremes of performance, and this Type 23 is no different. Chopped short like a Sport Quattro — this Type 23 is hilarious at first. We can see in these extremely rare archive photos a T11 racer and an the enclosed-shell Bugatti T32 ‘Tank’ sharing this same …

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flv gif

New Paris Art Museum from LVMH’s Arnaud Shows Progress in Gehry Design Aesthetic

Part of the grandeur of the world’s best art museum’s comes not from the collections inside or troved away in the basements – but the designs of the buildings themselves. This latest Parisian masterpiece is called the Fondation Louis Vuitton, named and housing the art collection of Bernard Arnault – the leading man behind LVMH, a luxury powerhouse owning brands far beyond the Louis Vuitton, Moet and Hennessy its name includes. Initially, the space will house the permanent collection of Arnault himself – consisting of thousands of precious artwork so far invisible to the public. Arnault is set to become …

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wrx sti rs500 gif

Spec Rendering – 2016 Subaru WRX STi RS500 Coupe

Just a bit of fun for this Friday afternoon – a potential WRX STi Coupe. We have called it the RS500 in a nod to the previous Impreza RS Coupe of the 1990s, with the 500 a power ooutput of this rally-prepped turbo engine. The exterior changes are extensive, but we aimed for production feasibility over other-worldly style. To this end, the windshield rake stays almost exactly the same, as do the front doors and other hard points up front. Obviously cut out the rear doors, and shortened the wheelbase by five inches to make the RS500 Coupe pivot a …

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S63 amg

Updated with 80 New Photos – 585HP, 3.9s 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 and S65 AMG Coupe

Updated 10.9.14 with 80 New Photos A handful of photos of the forthcoming S65 AMG Coupe from Pebble Beach, along with a big set of new photos showing the UK model of the S63 two-door. The design is wholly transformative versus any CL-Class that has come before it. But is it unique enough versus the S550 Coupe? But first, a charmer of a 300SL. 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe   PREVIOUS The S63 AMG Coupe builds on the hottest new Mercedes-Benz strategies of supercar pace/luxury-car comfort — and keeps building, and building, and building!   A true skyscraper of a …

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D-21 gif

Travel Adventures – Aviation Hall of Fame – U2 Spy Plane and D-21 Recon Drone

PART TWO – The U2 and D-21. In the days before satellite imagery, broadband and digital photography — it was all about actual aerial photographs in the military planning and intelligence worlds. The Blackbird program was accelerated and approved for use largely as a result of a U-2 being shot down and its pilot captured in the USSR. The U-2 was designed to fly higher than any Soviet missile could reach. It moved slowly, like today’s surveilance drones, because the thinking was that its altitude would protect it from any attack. Flying slower also allowed the Kodak large-format camera systems …

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Blackb irds gif

Travel Adventures – Aviation Hall of Fame – 2,193MPH Lockheed SR-71A and SR-71B Blackbirds

PART TWO – The Blackbirds. Has there ever been a plane more enigmatic and also enchanting in its design and capabilities? The Lockheed Blackbird is a true icon for the ages. Included below are two of the only SR-71 Blackbirds that are viewable by the public – anywhere on Earth. The first is the world aviation speed record-holder, and the second the SR-71B double cockpit model. They are both housed inside giant museum buildings, making photographs tricky. The lighting is atrocious, but their impact up close is unforgettable. Why inside? Well, despite having their engines removed and on display, these …

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Rinspeed Bedoiun GIF2

Concept Flashback – 2003 RINSPEED Bedouin Explores Feasibility of a Modern, Rear-Engined Porsche Off-Roader

The Rinspeed Bedoiun is interesting for a few reasons nearly 11 years since the concept’s first showing in 2003. At the time, the BMW X5 had just landed in many wealthy driveways and was instantly the biggest hit of any BMW car launch – ever. Porsche was mid-way through development of the first-gen Cayenne and RINSPEED had a few ideas of its own. “Why ditch all the greatness of the 911 in favor of a shared SUV chassis with VW?” one can imagine Rinspeed saying. Why not simply leverage the excellence of a rear-engine hero like the 911 in a …

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FJ40 RM detroit gif1

RM Motor City 2014 Highlights – 1976 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser is Flawless, Earns $70k

“Icon” or “hall of fame” status for a new automobile is never a sure thing. Those first few hundred models roll out from an engineer’s blueprints, down the assembly line, and into global showrooms (relatively) untested and unproven. Will it sell? Will it break down? Time will tell. So nobody claims current cars are icons right away. Even fewer automakers would say: will this truck define the brand (and even ‘Made in Japan’) in the eyes of global car shoppers from this point forward? Will it be a good reputation? All of these are lofty goals, but ones the FJ40 …

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2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is Track Star With A Trailer Tow Bar!

SuperTruck? Muscle Truck? SuperSUV? What is the best descriptor for ultra-high-performance crossovers? Still being determined, it seems. But when you see this Cayenne Turbo parked outside the Atlanta Motorsports Park private garages, next to a GT-R and while the guys inside work on their Radical SR3 SL and a few formula racers… you get it. Best of the best only. Porsche GT3 office chairs….!? Yes.   The Cayenne Turbo is unlike 99-percent of other SUVs. It will keep up with a GT-R on the track, and make the driver of a base Carrera 911 very nervous about his times. It …

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2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni

Supercar Hall of Fame – 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 BALBONI – 80 High-Res Photos

Big day today! 1,000 photos on my memory card from a visit to Atlanta Motorsports Park for Velocity Motorsports. Much easier to start with some mega photo galleries of cars I have not driven …yet.   2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni INTERIORS 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni EXTERIORS          

Euro junhkyard gif header1

Junkyard Jems – The Europeans – Lancia Zagato, Saab, Opel GT, Triumph, Mercedes, Fiat, Alfa, MG, BMW… and Lada?

PART TWO: The Europeans And now…. for something completely different! You may not know this about your humble scribe — but when not writing about brand-new cars all day long, he is often found roaming around auto junkyards. Junkyards are so alluring and entertaining for a real car nut; they have a pull of the exotic, the mysterious, and the unknown at almost every visit. Sure, most of the cars will be old Dodge Neons and unloved Isuzu Rodeos — but there is that rare chance of finding a diamond in the rough. Here are some favorite European cars I …

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Junkyard Jems - Americana GIF1

Junkyard Jems – Americana – 1961 Thunderbird, New Yorker, Mustangs and Rusty Tractors?

And now…. for something completely different! You may not know this about your humble scribe — but when not writing about brand-new cars all day long, he is often found roaming around auto junkyards. Junkyards are so alluring and entertaining for a real car nut; they have a pull of the exotic, the mysterious, and the unknown at almost every visit. Sure, most of the cars will be old Dodge Neons and unloved Isuzu Rodeos — but there is that rare chance of finding a diamond in the rough. Here are so favorite American cars I have found over the …

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Cobra Charity Raffle GIF1

This Superformance Mark III COBRA with Roush Power Could Be Yours – $20 Charity Raffle On NOW!

A fantastic car and a great cause – what is not to love? The Ohio Cobra Club and Superformance are still selling raffle tickets to win a stunning Mark III Cobra at the London (Ohio) Cobra Show. Enter now and feel good about supporting medical research, while gaining a chance to have this beauty in your driveway for only $20! Photo Credit: Ted7 Photography http://ted7.smugmug.com/Cars/Professional-Party-Photoshooti/SPF/SPF-20th-anniversary-NO-TAGS/     OCC Meets and Raises Cystic Fibrosis Awareness      The Ohio Cobra Club has been fund raising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for over 10 years.  Each year they have held an event …

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tvr header 43242

TVR Sportscars Brand Chronology 1956-2006 Plus a Roadmap to Global Sales for 2014 and Beyond

TVR is one of the greatest success stories in British sports cars. Not by sales or commercial volume, mind you, but the global popularity of TVR is evidence of: — universal appeal of low-volume sportscars with character — broad appeal of English-language auto journalism with a highly qualitative edge — global appetite for automotive and supercar-themed entertainment content — the power of visceral appeal to an exotic car that is nothing like anything sold locally or by big OEM makes As an American who has lusted after TVR’s since first glimpsing the Tuscan in the pages of BBC’s TopGear magazine …

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Crossblue gif 23

Official: Volkswagen Mid-size SUV Will Seat 7, Be Built in USA – Name TBD

After much dithering and time-wasting, VW has formally announced Chattanooga as the assembly location of the forthcoming 2016 Passat-based SUV. No new name or production images have been released – leading us to believe the production car will be close in form and spirit to the CrossBlue concept — which is pictured outside the VW Tennessee plant here. NEW MIDSIZE SUV FROM VOLKSWAGEN TO BE PRODUCED IN CHATTANOOGA Jul 14, 2014 Winterkorn: “This model will play a key role for Volkswagen’s presence in North America” Volkswagen Group of America to invest approximately $900 million in the project Second model to …

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Rigid Industries LED best gif

DIY Car Mods – Rigid Industries Dually LED High-Beams Are The Best

A quick plug for Rigid Industries LED lighting products. They are outstanding! There is a premium price, but you will realize why the moment they arrive. These things feel like you could drop them off a building and they would still light up. And that is helpful — because LEDs that are cheap often take just as long to mount and fit and wire and test— then the cheap things fail 4 weeks later. What a waste of time and money! I have these LED Dually lights as my Subaru Legacy GT’s high-beams and they are so bright it really …

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RR 2023 gif

Design Talent Showcase – Jan Rosenthal 2023 Rolls-Royce Concept Wins Official RCA Contest

This is an oldie but a goodie. Not so old – 2012 — and previewing a Rolls-Royce for 2023. So it is a bit of Days of Future Past. Forgiveness Please if you have seen this already! Royal College of Art students submitted ideas for a 2023 Rolls-Royce back in 2012, with the winning design selected by Rolls-Royce executive leadership and designers themselves. The winning study is shown here in all its magnificence. Jan Rosenthal is the artist and elegantly combines many disparate ideas into one glamor-soaked luxury car. It is a four-door coupe with a SUV ride height. Very …

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bulldog 1 gigf

Concept Flashback – 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog vs 2014 Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GranTurismo

Concept Flashback – 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog vs 2014 Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GranTurismo Aston took its future vision and threw it into fast-forward by the mid-1970s and early 1980s. The model range at the time was a mix of the Vantage and the Lagonda sedan – one looking and feeling like it was frozen in 1969, the other, 1999. So one very antiquated, and one ahead of its time. The 1980 Bulldog concept was ostensibly a range-topper; something to leapfrog the competition and bring the Vantage and supercar customer base into a bold and futuristic new decade. Alas, the …

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Past and Future Perfect - Rolls-Royce Is Evergreen GIF

Past and Future Perfect – Rolls-Royce Is Evergreen in 111 RARE Photos + 2017 RR ALPINE RENDERING

Past and Future Perfect – Rolls-Royce Is Evergreen – 111 RARE Photos Celebrate 111-Year History FUTURE PERFECT? Yes, this tense in language certainly applies to Rolls-Royce in the coming years. Here is (one of) Lutz Valdeig‘s artist renderings of a 2017 Rolls-Royce Alpine SUV – with a name borrowed from RR’s Apline Trial glory.   Rolls-Royce is more successful than anyone might have guessed 15 or 30 years ago. At that time, the whisper was that The Best Car in the World might be losing its touch with modern times. BMW’s guiding principles of quality and advanced driving characteristics have …

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Atlanta Dream Cars - 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels9

1935 Bugatti Aerolithe – Digital Colorizer

Q: How color sensitive are the iconic shapes of the Bugatti Aerolithe? A: Very! Something about the wildly flexed panel shapes of the Bugatti’s fenders, combined with the sheer flat surfaces of the body-sides and the edges of the hood, combined with the riveted panels… A trilemma of surfaces for any paint to master! The original pistacchio green is accurate and lovely for the period, but how would the car look in other shades? Would its deep recesses and sunken cab melt away from the eye, or become even more prominent? You can be the judge for yourself… via the …

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Bugatti GIF 1 header

Atlanta Dream Cars – 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels

This Bugatti’s name really rolls off the tongue quite nicely – even without much car for the accents and the pronunciation. Perhaps that is because the principles of speed competitions, swoopy two-doors and lightweight, low-drag machines are so important today. Those last two really nail the brilliance of this one home. Light and smooth was the goal of this shape, in an era when most cars (and drivers!) would be terrified above 30-mph. This car could easily double that, and perhaps go on to about 75-mph before the tires and brakes became a serious liability. My apologies that these photos …

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LeSabre GIF2

Atlanta Dream Cars – 1951 General Motors LeSabre XP-8 Struck Gold With Yank Tank Ethos of 1950s

I usually formulate a rough outline of what I want to say about a car while cropping and straightening out the photos beforehand. In the case of this 1951 LeSabre, I wish you could have seen my face recoil in horror at all the tacky, gaudy details on this car up close. Thus, my theory was initially that the LeSabre showed General Motors the good and the bad of design. The good is that it can excite you in ways that will open wallets and checkbooks by the millions. The bad is that certain elements would need to be explained …

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Design Talent Showcase – ElTony Brings Sensual, Elemental Fire and Water to YOUR Car Wallpapers

Design Talent Showcase – El-Tony.com Wallpapers Few things on Earth are as powerful as Fire and Water. Together with Earth and Wind — they can even combine forces to make…. Captain Planet! But back down in the real world, El-Tony.com brings the heat and the rain the virtually any image. His designs are somewhat tribal, somewhat fantasy, and something geometric all in one. By adding these amazing graphics, Tony Kokhan‘s art can make any photo or image explode off your wall – and into your dreams. Cars are any easy and pleasurable bit of eye-candy, but anything is possible for …

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Lamaserati by Mark Hostler 1 gif header

LaMASERATI by Mark Hostler – The Wildest Hypercar Concept Ever

Meet LaMASERATI by Mark Hostler – The Wildest Hypercar Concept Ever   Wow. This one really stopped me in my tracks today. Dubbed the LaMaserati concept by professionally-trained industrial designer Mark Hostler, the car is simply miraculous. Free-floating surfaces intersect, overlap and interplay in ways that beg to be touched. The floating wings and side buttress are perhaps the most breathtaking elements – unlike anything that any concept hypercar has ever attempted in real-life. The ultra-low nose is shaped for ground-effect aerodynamics at high speed, while the long-tail LED brake light slash will also reduce any turbulence or backpressure as …

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