2022 Honda Civic promises to be a welcome evolution of iconic marque, 5 things to pay attention to

The venerable Honda Civic has certainly been a trailblazer for the Japanese automaker since it first appeared on the scene several decades ago. The Civic has gone through its fair share of changes and revisions during that time, and the end result is perhaps one of the best compact offerings on the market today. But it’s hard to ignore that the current generation Honda Civic is starting to get long in the tooth, and that change is indeed needed. Honda is planning to do that with the 2022 model, and here’s 5 things that you should know about it.

Sleeker styling aims to turn heads

One of the big changes that you will immediately see on the 2022 Honda Civic is its new styling language. The current generation Civic has proven to be potent discussion fodder in this regard (for better or for worse) and the 2022 model aims to smooth out the rough edges, and create a more polished product. The front and rear fascia’s appear to infuse various traits from the larger Accord as well as the clean minded Insight Hybrid into a cohesive design that’s sure to turn heads. Honda did not reveal too many angles of the Civic prototype (it’s name for it for now) in the teaser video it released, but it appears that bigger wheels will also be part of the package (albeit in select trims.)

However, look for this infusion of style to also streamline the model range a bit, with the two door coupe models being pitched for a four door or hatchback body style. Fan’s of the pocket coupes might be disappointed, but Honda is clearly aiming at more profitable sectors of the segment, and as such, it’s understandable why they would cut a decidedly more niche focused body style from the lineup.


While more modern cabin raises Civic’s passenger game


While Honda devoted alot of its time into showing off the exterior of the Civic Prototype, not much (if anything) was shown of the new cabin. But looking at the current generation’s appointments can provide a clue to where things might be improved. For starters, the aging infotainment system will be pitched for a newer unit that should arrive with better software and a welcome rethink of the way basic controls are handled.

The cabin itself would benefit from an upgrade in interior materials, with alot of the hard plastics being swapped out for softer feeling material that should give the Civic more of an upscale flair. We suspect that these enhancements will also carryover to the Si and Type R models, with those two perhaps having more freedom to express themselves and their wild demeanor more. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the company chooses to release more angles of the interior, but we do look forward to seeing more.


A sharpened set of performance hardware is on tap

Another item that we are left in the dark on is the performance hardware that will be on tap for the 2022 Civic. We suspect that lower tier Civics could benefit from all new for cylinder engines to compliment the updated platform. However, Si and Type R models could potentially carryover their engines into the new generation for the time being. The Type R in particular has an absolute peach of a turbocharged four cylinder, and we suspect that Honda doesn’t want to rock the boat too much in terms of its sales success. However, more power is always welcome, and some light tweaks to the motor here could help free up a few more ponies.

Manual transmissions should still be a factor in the Civic, but look for their presence to be greatly diminished, with lesser Civics potentially only having automatic gearboxes. instead look for the manuals to be most visible on the Si and the Type R, with Honda continuing to be one of the few companies in the performance compact segment that has not added an automatic offering to their offerings.


A historic unveiling for the modern age

It’s not too often that we talk about the actual unveiling here in these types of lists, but Honda has managed to find a way to make waves here too, with the company formally unveiling the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype via Twitch on November 17th. Twitch is better known for being a platform primarily aimed at gamers, and Honda’s move here is the first time that an automaker has ever used Twitch for an event line this.

Some might wonder why Honda would go through the trouble of unveiling a new model or concept in this particular fashion, and the answer is that Honda is tuning into the youth market. The company knows that Generation Z and even some late stage millennials are embracing streaming services, and that they are very keen on having the latest technology in their vehicles (assuming they even choose to drive at all. As such, using Twitch’s potent reach potential and its vast user base can help Honda introduce the Civic to a far more diverse and larger audience than a traditional auto show or online unveiling.


When can I buy one?

After the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype makes its digital debut on November 17th, look for the production Civic to make its debut shortly after. With the U.S. auto show scene currently in limbo due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s unknown if Honda will use that type of approach to formally unveil it. We suspect that the unveiling for that particular model will be digital too, and follow the same path that we have seen rivals like Hyundai and Toyota embrace.

The first production units could make their way to Honda showrooms in Spring of 2021, and look for the model to still start in the low to mid $20,000 range. This will allow the Civic to still be an excellent bargain choice for low end buyers, while also retaining the established pricing and trim hierarchy that exists as you go further up the trim and performance ladders.