GMC Shows Off 2022 Hummer EV Accessories Ahead Of SEMA Debut

The off-road segment is a booming business for many automakers and a key element that helps make them a sales success is the vast pool of accessories that customers can put onto their rigs before they hit the trail. GMC is no exception and knows that its Hummer EV will be popular with lifestyle buyers looking for trail-ready capability. Many of these buyers will also want to adorn their Hummer with accessories, and GMC will use the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas to preview some of them before they make their way to dealerships.


GMC Will Offer Over 200 Different Accessories To Buyers

GMC revealed that buyers will ultimately have over 200 accessories to choose from when all of them eventually join the Hummer in dealerships, but for now, GMC is using the event to show off a few of the accessories that will be on hand. The most prominent one is a roof-mounted tent which comes with mounts to help secure it to the roof and the bed. GMC has not released exact measurements for this tent, but it looks very spacious and we suspect it can easily accommodate two people and some of their things.

Auxillary lighting will also be available including a massive 50-inch bar that is mounted on the roof and is joined by two smaller spotlights. The bed also gets in on the act and in addition to having a traditional bed extender piece, the space can also be equipped with a swing-out toolbox, a battery-operated cooler, and even a specialized mount for the full-size spare tire.

There are a few other accessories that focus more on style with special red graphics and even Hummer brand puddle lights all making their way into the accessory list. GMC didn’t release any pricing information yet but look for that to be made public once GMC releases the full accessory catalog for the Hummer after it makes its launch into dealerships.


Could Some Of The Hummer’s Accessories Trickle Down To Other GM EV Models?

While some of the Hummer’s more model exclusive accessories like the graphic pack, the roof-mounted tent, and the lighting consoles will most likely not make it beyond the Hummer, some of the more rudimentary ones might see duty in models like the Silverado EV pickup. The swing-out tool box could be tweaked to work with the Chevy’s unique dimensions and we could easily see the Silverado EV also having the ability to accommodate the battery-powered cooler.

Either way, it looks like GM and GMC have the accessory market well scouted and it will be interesting to see production versions of the Hummer EV pickup cruise down the road or the trail with some of these cool accessories.