Jeep Eyes The EV Wars With 2023 Recon, Small EV Promises Wrangler Capability In Tidy Compact Package

Jeep’s 4xe day has begun, and the brand not only used the occasion to elaborate on its EV plans but also show the spearhead of this offensive with three all-new Jeep EVs that aim to shake the very foundation of Jeep to its core. While the Jeep Avenger will be a Europe-only offering, the off-road brand showed us one of two U.S.-bound models, the 2023 Jeep Recon.


Recon Provides Glimpse Into Trail Slaying Strategy

The 2023 Recon was the surprise unveiling of 4xe day, and while it may look like an all-electric Wrangler replacement, Jeep assures us that it won’t be formally axing the iconic off-roader. Instead, the Recon will be an alternative for buyers, and it intends to show that electrification doesn’t have to be limited to urban runabouts. The SUV’s shape appears to take much of its inspiration from the Jeep Wrangler, with the boxy theme accented by removable doors, roof panels, chunky off-road tires, and short overhangs.

The hood of the Recon is wider than the ICE-equipped Wrangler, and it also comes with a neat set of square-shaped LED headlights. Jeep did not formally reveal any details on the performance hardware for the Recon (except for confirming it’s all-electric) but look for the model to possibly feature front and rear independent suspension. This all-independent setup would be lighter than the solid-axle setup seen in the Wrangler, and it would also help the Recon offer a competitive amount of range in between charges.


When Can I Buy One?

It’s important to note here that the Recon Jeep showed today is not a full production version, and chances are good that some elements of the design seen this time around will be tweaked and refined before the Recon makes its way to dealerships as a fully production-ready model. Jeep claims that the wait for this leap from teaser to production will occur sooner than we think, with production of the all-electric Jeep tentatively scheduled to begin in 2024. We hope to learn more about final pricing by then as well as some of the interior features that the Recon will bring to the table for consumers. ‘

On that front, it’s known that the Recon will come with a slick set of seats, and the tiny slice of the dashboard that does appear in one of the images appears to indicate that the theme will go off in a direction versus what we have come to see in many current Jeep products. The Recon certainly has the potential to help add some all-electric flair to Jeep showrooms, and it also appears to be tailored towards the mainstream buyer, but only time will tell if all the pieces can fall successfully into place, and help the Recon become a sales success.