Lincoln’s Star Concept Is Wild Preview Of Lincolns Future, Promises To Shock The World

Luxury is usually an early sign of where technology, comfort, and even culture is heading with many luxury brands usually being the first to embrace new technology and trends. That said, Lincoln’s all gasoline lineup might seem like a jarring counter blow especially since Cadillac is preparing to launch the first wave of Lyriq EVs into the marketplace. Lincoln is looking to change all that though and has unveiled a sneak preview into these plans, the Lincoln Star Concept

Lincoln Star Has Showcar Flair

The exterior styling of the Star is a pure show car, and while the Aviator resemblance is no accident, it’s a nice departure from the upright two-box style that is commonplace among many utility vehicles that are cruising around on America’s roads. The dramatically raked A-pillar promotes athleticism while the angled lines and bold creases suggest that it could moonlight as a wagon model. Lincoln resisted the temptation to label what segment the Star is formally in and instead prefer to call it “a new species.”

While we are still processing Lincoln’s quote, it’s no secret that the Star is good at drawing attention to itself. A highlight feature for us is the ability of the frunk to not only offer a conventional opening, but to also include the front bumper which slides out like a drawer to fit more bags and other items. The doors are also a wild interpretation of the suicide doors that once defined older Continental models (including the limited production model Lincoln did recently) though we highly doubt that they will make their way into a production model.

Oh and lightning is also a prominent theme here with Lincoln designers replacing many of the expected chrome pieces with lighted ones. That includes the badging, a light bar that runs up into the front fenders, small lighting elements in the wheel arches, and there’s even a slick set of lights on the roof.


Interior Looks To The Stars For Design

Slip inside the interior and you’ll see that more lighting is used with the headliner, door panels, A-pillars, armrest consoles, and even the seatbacks all being lit up. The dashboard features a massive screen that Lincoln calls the “coast to coast” screen which spans from end to end and incorporates many functions and displays into one place. Lincoln didn’t reveal whether the Star has autonomous capability, but the front seats do have the ability to rotate to face the rear ones which is typically a prominent clue of such a vehicle.

All of this lighting is part of a feature that Lincoln calls “rejuvenation moods” which allows occupants to select from three different moods (Coastal Mornings, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill) with each one producing different colors and animations in the Star’s systems. The system even incorporates fragrances in a nod to what we have already seen recently in select Mercedes-Maybach models. The rear even incorporates a “love seat” with the backrest folding out of the cargo area.


When Will We See Production Models?

While the Star itself will not see the light of production due to multiple factors, Lincoln will use some of the details of this concept for a fleet of four BEV vehicles which the brand plans to launch by 2026. Some of these vehicles will eventually replace gas-powered models but Lincoln will keep ICE models in its inventory for the foreseeable future which is partially due to strong sales for them as well as the strong familiarity that still exists between them and customers.

Look for some of the Star’s base styling elements to bleed through to all four models though in a package that’s less radically different and is in line with some of the other production EVs that we have seen. That’s mainly due to the fore-mentioned familiarity with consumers gravitating toward vehicles that still embrace conventional design norms versus something that embraces a radical suit of clothes.

Lincoln is looking to become a full zero-emission brand by 2030 with Lincoln perhaps borrowing some of the hardware for this revolution from mainstream brand Ford albeit with modifications designed to help some of this hardware stand out in a luxury-focused environment.