Toyota Teases GR Supra Performance Line Concept Ahead of February 9th

Amid all the Toyota vehicles that will be making there debuts at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show next week, the Japanese auto giant has released a teaser sketch of a concept that will not make its in augural appearance in the Windy City.

Dubbed the GR Supra Performance Line concept, it promises to be a compelling showcase of just how far the envelope for Supra performance can be pushed. Admittedly, the teaser sketch is very limited in details, with only the basic outline being apparent. However, some details do manage to poke through to help catch the eye of enthusiasts. For example, a prominent rear wing is a visually distinct attention grabber, while flared wheel arches, and a beefy front splitter add more beef to its profile.

It’s unknown if the concept boasts more muscle than the 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque on hand in the standard 3.0 liter Supra, but at this early stage of the game, we suspect that it will be mainly a showpiece for some of TRD’s lineup of race ready exterior and interior accessories. That’s not to say that a beefier Supra could eventually make its appearance, with such a model being closer to its BMW counterpart, the Z4 M40i, which wields 386 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque.

Toyota for its part has neither confirmed or denied the existence such of a model, nor if the concept is going into full scale production. But the company did reveal that more will be revealed on February 9th at the Automesse event in Osaka, Japan.