Insider: What You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

If you own a regular bike, it may be time for you to upgrade to an electric bike. An e-bike has a powered drive system. The battery-powered drive system makes all the difference. You will not get late to work because you will ride faster. You will not get sweaty because the energy you use up while riding it is little if any. Better yet, you will climb hilly terrains and unleveled roads with ease. So, in case you were asking what the best bike to buy is to get yourself an e-bike.


Picking the best electric bike that suits your needs

 What are you looking for? If you are worried about electric bike prices, you can get one starting from under $500. You may also prefer one that folds well, a non-folding one, a bike that will help you go uphill and off the road with ease, among other preferences. Whatever you need, there is a bike for you at the xds bicycles official Websites. On the offside, you will not get much exercise when riding an e-bike.

VW E-Bike Concept

Electric bike construction

What makes an e-bike different? An e-bike is made of 4 components which are absent in a regular bike—a battery, a motor, a drivetrain, and a throttle. The motor can be found under the frame at the center, the battery on the rack at the rear, the drivetrain on the rear wheel, and the throttle on the handlebar.


The motor

Without the motor, you cannot get a smooth ride. An electric drive motor comes with very high power. As it drives the crank, it multiplies power and utilizes existing gears.


The battery

The battery is what makes this kind of ride so expensive. The battery powers the motor. A 36V10Ah battery can take you up to 40 miles if it is in good condition.


The drivetrain

The drivetrain supplies power to the wheels and changes the speed and torque through the gears.


The throttle

With the throttle located at the handlebar, you can control how your motor works.

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How much does it cost to run an electric bike?

Having acquired an e-bike, your next worry might be how much it will cost you to use it and ensure it is in top condition.



The cost of maintenance will be much less the same as a regular bike. Most components of a hybrid bike are similar to those of a regular one and you will not have trouble finding the parts you need.


Battery charging and replacement

Battery replacement should be the major cost you have to incur. If you take good care of your battery for example by charging it properly and if it is of high quality, it could last years. You need to recharge the battery once its power is exhausted which could cost five to ten cents per charge.


Cost of servicing

Servicing cost could be an approximate of $29 to $54 per year.

Your electric bike will last longer if you keep it in good condition. Clean it, inflate its tyres, and lubricate its chains to enjoy the benefits of riding your e-bike for a long time. So, check out the xds bicycles official Websites and get your e-bike.


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