Lamborghini Revives Legendary Countach Nameplate, Confirms That New Iteration Is Coming Soon

We have seen our fair share of surprises over the years from automakers; Ford successfully pulled the wool over the globe’s eyes earlier in the 2010s when they unveiled the Ford GT supercar and a handful of other surprises that were greeted with as much enthusiasm as finding presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But Santa will definitely need to upgrade his sleigh for this one, with Lamborghini revealing that it’s bringing back the Countach (this is not a joke, folks) and even slipped a lone teaser video in too.


An Icon Reimagined

Lamborghini quite literally surprised the world with this news moments ago, and it certainly has us asking plenty of questions about what Lamborghini is exactly trying to do here. The 20-second teaser video the Italian supercar maker released on all of its social media channels feels like a high-octane-fueled trip to the past with plenty of retro references and images of classic Countach posters (this author’s own brother had a red one hanging on his bedroom wall.) But it’s the end of the video that has our interest with a mysterious wedge-shaped car being hidden under a discreet grey sheet.

The cover keeps us from seeing the finer details, but it gives us some idea of where Lamborghini designers are going with this latest effort. Older Countach models originally had a pretty straightforward design with a clean shape and purpose-built angles. But as the 1980s and ultimately the early 1990s came and went, the design got more cluttered with spoilers, intakes, and more perverting the original design vision. Thankfully, it appears that this Countach will not resort to such garish features and will maintain a clean theme in its sheet metal. Look for the interior to be an extremely modern representation of Lamborghini design, but until the cover comes off, we have to wait to get the full picture.


Will The Countach Spearhead Lamborghini’s Green Tech Renaissance?

It’s unknown if the Countach will be the first recipient of Lamborghini’s electrification technology. Still, it’s no secret that the company needs to adapt to a changing landscape. Company reps have said in the past that the current V12 engine will not be a profitable venture due to tightening international fuel mileage regulations and that hybrid technology will need to be used.

While the Aventador is going away soon, the Countach could help cover two roles at once. Not only could it be a good model to debut the technology on, but the Countach name itself has massive amounts of recognition by multiple generations of buyers. That could help eliminate some of the initial hesitations with an all-new nameplate debuting exotic green technology. It will be interesting to see when the Countach will eventually make its formal debut, but look for more information to emerge sometime in 2022 or 2023. In the meantime, the company has launched a website dedicated to the Countach, which you can check out by clicking here.