Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Previews Luxury Filled Autonomus Future

It wasn’t too long ago that roadways in the U.S. were once home to the personal luxury coupe. Having their heyday in the 70s and 80s these models packed loads of luxury into a typically sleek (there were a few design misses in those days) package that happened to have two doors and sporty driving manners. These original status symbols faded away in the 1990s, but the all-new Cadillac InnerSpace concept not only revives the idea in a spiritual way but also brings autonomous driving into the mix too.


InnerSpace Concept Is Sleek and Elegant Styling Statement

A key requisite for any futuristic vehicle is its ability to turn heads and the InnerSpace’s coupe-like dimensions certainly do a good job of doing just that. The dimly lit photos don’t do much to bring out some of the subtle details, but the front fascia features a prominent grille panel with slim headline could make there way ights flanking the prominent Cadillac crest. The front fascia is also the first indicator of just how low to the ground this car is with the electric car layout allowing engineers to design a vehicle that’s low to the ground with the floor itself being just above the road surface.

The side profile has a flowing look and the roofline gradually tapers off towards the rear which ends in a stylish boat tail. The space also has a large trunk and it does a good job of balancing style and usability. Cadillac reps revealed that while the concept is riding on a variant of the Ultium platform, it’s battery packs are scattered along the skateboard style platform versus being clumped into a large pack. That allowed the concept to have an impressive amount of interior room while retaining its low-slung look.   


Versatile Interior Packs Luxury And Simplicity

Slip inside the InnerSpace concept and you’ll immediately be encased in a warm cocoon of luxury. The space has room for two occupants and both passengers sit on luxurious seats that are made out of renewable materials. The seats also feature pop-out ottomans and a massive screen that dominates the entire dashboard. This large screen allows occupants to not only interact with the car’s various features but to also entertain themselves as the concept makes its way through the environment. 

Befitting its role as a fully autonomous vehicle, the concept does not have a traditional steering wheel or pedals but Cadillac claims that it has an advanced suite of sensors that can help it avoid obstacles and navigate through a busy city commute. We also like some of the lighting elements that are scattered throughout the cabin since they do add an extra degree of ambiance and style to the concept.


Will it Make Production?

While this concept will not make production in its current form, there is a chance that some of its technologies could eventually trickle down into other Cadillac models. Some of the inner workings of the screen as well as the lighting could be seen in future Cadillac EVs. Other things could include the styling albeit in a package that makes it safer for real-life driving.

Regardless, the InnerSpace is a potent example of just how far Cadillac and GM as a whole can take the Ultium platform and we look forward to seeing some of the other models that are slated to come to Ultium soon especially as GM prepares to rapidly grow its Ultium powered lineup to compete against Ford, Tesla, and other EV rivals