Mysterious Chrysler Concept Shows That Brand IS Far From Dead, Could Hint At New Direction

Stellantis’s EV Day has been a literal treasure trove of information concerning Stellantis’s EV moves moving forward. There are plenty of teasers, and we are still processing it all, but an early surprise for us is that there could indeed be a future for the Chrysler brand, with the company rolling out an all-electric Chrysler badged concept during a portion of its presentation.


Chrysler Concept Signals New Life For Troubled Brand

Before the appearance of this latest concept, Chrysler was in proverbial and perhaps literal limbo. Once a strong cog in the broader sales machine long before Stellantis was even a thought, Chrysler’s fortunes were influenced by the ups and downs of the company as a whole. Recently, though, the brand has come to define some of the lingering stagnation that is readily apparent. The lineup has shrunk to just two models (300 and Pacifica) and has contributed a rather paltry amount of sales to Stellantis’s profits.

With that said, it was certainly a surprise to see this concept. We don’t know much about it, and for now, we don’t even know what it will be called. But this concept packs some interesting things that might catch the attention of buyers. The exterior styling walks a very interesting tightrope and is positioned between a formal SUV and a modern-looking crossover. The design takes a lot of its inspiration from the latter, with rounded lines and curves giving it a modern look. The front fascia has a large lower air intake, and from some angles, the design appears to ape some faint cues from the axed Chrysler 200.

Stellantis revealed that the concept is built on the company’s all-new STLA Large EV Platform. The trick platform appears to specialize in battery capacity, with company reps claiming that the platform can accommodate 101 kWh and 118 kWh battery packs with a potential driving range of up to 500 miles. That’s a noticeable upgrade over the current 300 miles or so of max range that seems to create the proverbial glass ceiling in the segment.


Elegant Interior Has Tesla In Its Sights

While we suspect that this concept is a near-production example, the interior appears to show that Chrysler and Stellantis are quite serious about taking the fight to rivals like Tesla and Lucid. The cabin is awash in technology, with the large infotainment screen being joined by a smaller screen that’s mounted on the passenger side of the dashboard. A digital instrument cluster is also most likely part of the package, while the center tunnel has a clean design with what appears to be a rotary shift dial.

The steering wheel has a squared-off appearance, and soft blue ambient lighting is scattered throughout the cabin. The white and black contrast colors inside deliver a modern feel. It also appears that this interior is a step up over a pure show car interior with some panel gaps that would only be present in mass production.


When Will We See A Production Version?

The biggest mystery here is whether this concept is indeed headed for production. While Stellantis is using the current version to promote the platform, we have no idea if it has been given the green light for further development. If the concept does go to production, it will have a very tall order to fill. As mentioned, the Chrysler brand has been stagnant and has not had much investment other than the Pacifica minivan. As a result, Chrysler’s brand awareness is not as high as it once was, and it will have to work hard to build a following among customers.

That task is especially paramount since Tesla, in particular, has had ample time to build ground and relevance in the minds of EV customers. We will have to wait for more information to emerge, but if Stellantis and Chrysler can play their cards right, this model could perhaps emerge as a solid underdog play.