2018 SALAFF C2 Supercar Concept – Best of Pebble Beach – 30-Photo Gallery

Very rare double best-of winner for the Concept Lawn of 2018 Pebble Beach Concours!

The Salaff C2 wins most arresting face by a mile, and also scores wildest concept tail!

Very fantastic design ideas virtually pouring from all the C2’s aggressive cutlines.

Carlos Salaff is already a favorite designer for many car buffs.  He is the man behind the ill-fated Mazda Furai concept, which was a 450HP rotary LMP2 racecar as well as 2040 design preview.

This latest exercise is a grass-roots, hand-crafted effort from the artist’s base in Italy.  Humble-ish underpinnings from a Gallardo do nothing to tamp my enthusiasm for this brilliant machine.

Favorite elements include the impossibly slim headlamps in the wedge wheel shrouds. The door mirrors are ecquisite and the engine cover in back leaves me breathless!  The tail with its flat-plane highspeed spoiler is brutal and elegant at the same time.

Just notice how much wilder this Salaff C2 looks next to the Aventador SV Jota beside it!?

Even the mix of materials for the paintwork and finishes are fresh and appealing.  Dark army greens and greytones contrast with ribbons of gold around the nose in a glorious way.

Bravo Carlos!

Photos by James Crabtree featuring the Designer (blue pants).

2018 SALAFF C2

About Carlos

I was raised in a family of musicians, sculptors and designers. Surrounded by creativity, I always believed it was possible to make my dreams a reality. I have always been compelled to sketch, sculpt and daydream about beautiful cars and aircraft. The process of imagining otherworldly vehicles and making them real objects was intoxicating. From a young age this was my personal art form.

After internships at Mazda and BMW and graduating from the Art Center College of Design in 2003, I began my career at Mazda’s North American Design Studio. While at Mazda, I took part in designing several influential concept and production vehicles including the Nagare, Furai, Mazda 3 and MX-5. After a decade designing mass-produced vehicles, I began envisioning a more personal path, and in 2013 I founded SALAFF.

I don’t believe in the mundane. We are meant to interact with the extraordinary. I set out to build those childhood visions of otherworldly vehicles, of radically individualistic machines that engage the soul like a living sculpture.

The Caden Collection of supercars was conceived to create radically individualistic machines for dreamers. The theme of the collection is a blend of vintage values with modern design motifs. Each car will be built-to-order and tailored to the customer. Debuting in 2018, the C2 will be the first SALAFF model to go into commissioned production.

Carlos Salaff

Founder & Chief Designer, SALAFF