Ducati XDiavel Amps Up Luxury And Style Factor In Motorcycle Segment

The Ducati XDiavel is a motorcycle that already pushes the envelope of style, luxury, and performance. However, what would happen if Ducati allowed the XDiavel to explore more of its luxury character and give it a few extra standard features? The answer is the all-new XDiavel Nera a limited production bike that boldly goes where no XDiavel has gone before.   Luxury Makes XDiavel Nera Shine The all-new Xdiavel Nera is the fruit of a partnership between Ducati and Poltrona Frau with the latter being known for making high-end furniture. Don’t; let that fool you though because the furniture maker …

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First Look – 2022 Ducati DesertX – Ducati Revives Its Off-Road Heritage For A New Era

Ducati has long been an icon in on-pavement racing and performance, with models like the Streetfighter and Paganale, Monster, and the SuperSport contributing to the brand’s legendary performance reputation. However, some buyers might not realize that Ducati also has a robust off-road pedigree, with the Italian bike maker racking up accolades in off-road races. But if you were to visit a showroom, this side of the story may not seem evident at first glance. At the moment, the Multistrada is the only trail-focused bike in the arsenal, but it has to be multiple things at once, and as a result, …

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Suzuki Details Key Updates For 2022 Hayabusa, More Power and Technology Redefine Icon [Video]

Suzuki promised that big changes were coming to the iconic Hayabusa for the 2022 model year. But we were left in the dark on just how far the changes went towards making the 2022 Hayabusa a better motorcycle? Suzuki has shed some new light on the subject, and we think buyers will be very pleased with the changes. Slicker Styling Improves Aerodynamics, Diet Cuts Weight A key change that many buyers will notice is the exterior styling of the 2022 Hayabusa. Suzuki wanted to try and make the Hayabusa even more aerodynamically efficient than ever before. The trimmed-down appearance is …

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Honda unveils all new 2021 Rebel 1100, promises improved performance and value

Honda’s motorcycle division has been on a roll when it comes to upgrading some of its lineup of motorcycles. Naturally, all of that work also creates its own share of rumors, and one of them centered around the possibility of the company creating an all new iteration of Rebel motorcycle. The company has thankfully confirmed this rumor, and has formally unveiled the 2021 Rebel 1100 Rebel without a cause, well except for style This latest iteration of the Rebel thankfully brings a number of familiar traits to Honda buyers, with the bike continuing to ride on its cruiser style chassis. …

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Ducati unveils the trail ready 2021 MultiStrada V4, lighter, sleeker, and more powerful than ever [Video]

Ducati always manages to make a splash when it has something new to show the world, and with 2021 rapidly approaching, the Italian motorcycle maker decided to formally unveil the 2021 MultiStrada V4 which aims to be the most capable and sophisticated MultiStrada the company has ever produced.   All new from the ground up The core shape of the MultiStrada might look like it hasn’t changed much at first glance, but Ducati revealed that the bike has been completely redesigned from the ground up, and tweaks have been made from end to end. The bike is now slightly shorter …

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Will Honda: End CBR600RR Production With a Bang? New Report Suggests Yes

The Honda CBR has always been a long standing icon for Honda’s motorcycle division, and it appears that 2021 will be the year that the CBR receives some much needed attention to satiate the needs of bike enthusiasts. A new report appears to have added some further fuel to the fire, with the CBR possibly gaining an upgraded version of the iconic CBR600RR before that offshoot is axed due to tightening environmental regulations.   This is according to the folks at Cycle World who claim that the report is based in information from a “Japanese informant” deep inside the company. …

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Could Kawasaki Be Planning A Supercharged Assault On The Super Cruiser Segment? New Rumors Suggests That Vulcan Next In Line For H2 Treatment

Back in 2015, Kawasaki dropped a bombshell by introducing its first supercharged offering, the H2 which was based on the popular Ninja lineup of bikes. The H2 lineup has grown since then, with the Japanese manufacturer introducing the Z H2 hypernaked four years later. We got a chance to take a glimpse of the H2 lineup for ourselves when we traveled to Cleveland to check out the IMS Motorcycle Show, and we came away largely impressed with what we saw. But with the development dollars that are needed to create a new engine these days, it would only make sense …

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Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition Goes From The Silver Screen To Your Garage

The latest James Bond film No Time To Die was originally supposed to make its debut over a month ago, but the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the novel COVID-10 outbreak forced its premiere to be postponed until fall. Despite this, some of the product tie ins that were bundled in with the movie are still moving forward with their original time tables. One of these is the all new Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition which will serve as the most compelling preview of the movie (for now) when it makes its way to Triumph showrooms. The most immediate differences that will …

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Cleveland CycleWerks Unveils Retro Inspired Falcon EV Motorcycle

Electrification is rapidly becoming an emerging force in multiple aspects of the motoring world. But while the application of the technology in cars is still overcoming some hurdles, the opposite is true in the motorcycle landscape with an explosion of offerings and contenders. This surge has certainly captured our attention (so much so that this author is working on purchasing a Zero branded bike) and we always like seeing who enters the ring next. In this instance, it is the folks at Cleveland CycleWerks who have unveiled their all new Falcon model. As the name implies, the company is based …

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Honda CB-F Concept Blends Classic Style With Modern Technology

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting formal car shows, it should come as no shock that the disruptions have filtered down to the world of motorcycles, with both the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle shows also being affected by global events. That has not stopped Honda from showing its wares, and in addition to the recently unveiled Hunter Cub CT125, the Japanese corporate giant has also unveiled the CB-F concept bike which pays tribute to a vaunted marque while also showcasing the latest advances in technology. According to Honda representatives, the concept pays tribute to both the CB750F and the CB900F of …

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Honda Introduces 2020 Hunter Cub CT125, Aims To Dominate Leisure Bike Segment

When it comes to a motorcycle that can be the equivalent of a swiss army knife, few can match the iconic reputation that comes bundled into the Honda Super Cub. An iconic mainstay that has been in near continuous production since the mid 1950s, the Super Cub has evolved over the years to maintain the simplicity and ruggedness that has defined the marque, but adding new technology along the way. Fast forward to 2020, and Honda has once again significantly upgraded the venerable Cub with the unveiling of the all new Hunter Cub CT125. The Hunter Cub returns after a …

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Super Soco TSx Brings EV Fun To Beginner Motorcycle Segment

The electric motorcycle segment is growing at a rapid pace, with new contenders emerging at an equally agile pace. But while companies such as Energica, Zero, and countless others are covering other niches in the broader segment, there is a noticeable void in the world of beginner bikes (those that are catered towards new riders looking to enter the fold for the first time.) The folks at Super Soco are out to remedy that problem and have unveiled their entry into this key niche the TSx. Buyers looking to have crotch rocket levels of performance will not find it here, …

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Harley Davidson CEO Resigns Amid Turbulent Times For Iconic Motorcycle Maker

Harley Davidson is going through some rough waters the past few years, with the struggling company trying to bring more young buyers into the fold, while also revamping its product lineup to be leaner and economically focused. The company has a tall order on its plate, and things just became even loftier, with the company revealing Friday that Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich is leaving the company, and will also relinquish his seat on Harley’s board of directors. Board member Jochen Zeitz will become acting president and CEO while a board search committee is formed, with the company even hiring an …

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MV Agusta’s Upcoming Adventure Bike Could Be Named Elephant

MV Augusta is entering 2020 with plans for expansion and a massive chip on its shoulder. The Italian motorcycle firm not only wants to expand its long term production figures, but also has plans to introduce an all new 950cc engine and formally enter the adventure bike segment. While information about the new Adventure bike has been scarce so far, a new trademark filing by MV Augusta appears to suggest that the company is looking to a formidable force in the animal kingdom as a possible moniker.   In this instance, the firm recently trademarked the “Elephant” nameplate which is …

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New Rendering Of Future Harley Sportbike Breathes New Aggression To Iconic Moniker

Harley Davidson the iconic brand responsible for creating a distinctive brand of culture and freedom with their two wheeled offerings is in a state of flux. Following the shaky roll out of the all electric Livewire motorcycle, as well as sagging sales. The company admitted that it’s in need of a massive brand overhaul. This included a rethink in the way the firm made decisions, especially in regards to offering sportier offerings for younger buyers. While the Milwaukee based company has kept the fruits of this future close to the hand, a Japanese graphic artist has given us a pretty …

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Lazareth LM410 Is Four Wheeled Insanity But In A Lighter Package

When the world first laid eyes on the Lazareth LM 847 several years ago, the sheer insanity of a V8 powered four wheeled motorcycle with tilting suspension certainly boggled the minds of many. But while the 847 proved that Lazareth could indeed make an extremely powerful hyperbike, there were a select few that wanted something less extreme. No worries, Ludovic Lazareth (the founder of Lazareth) has heard these concerns, and has constructed something that takes lessons from the 847 and puts them all in a much more reasonable package. Dubbed the LM410, observers will have to squint very hard to …

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Motorcycles And Accesibility Highlight 2020 Cleveland IMS Progressive Motorcycle Show

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a motorcycle? To have the feeling of the wind truly flowing through your hair? While the wind was a bit too cold for formal motorcycle riding, we did the next best thing, and took a detour to Cleveland, Ohio recently to check out the 2020 Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Part of the broader International Motor Cycle Shows series, these shows are designed to not only appeal to long running motorcycle riders, but also new riders looking to enter the world of two wheeling for the first time. But can shows like …

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Polaris Unveils 2020 Slingshot, New Automatic Transmission And Turbocharging For Everyone

Polaris had us and the world wondering what was in store when they began teasing the 2020 Slingshot. Serving as a radical revamp of the lovable three wheeler that we had the chance to fully experience in Traverse City, the company promised that big changes were in store for the hot selling three-wheeler, and now that the covers have come off, and we have had a chance to soak it all in the 2020 model is a very different animal in a number of very encouraging ways. The bulk of these changes will not be found in the exterior design. …

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Polaris Teases Next Generation Slingshot, Promises Suite Of Upgrades [Video]

When we last met the Polaris Slingshot, it was after a 200 plus mile road trip to Traverse City where we cruised down some of Northern Michigan’s best driving roads as part of our introduction into the firm’s “Polaris Adventures” rental program. We learned a lot during our brief exposure to this particular experience, but it was no secret that the Slingshot was due for some long overdue updates especially in regards to its odd ergonomics, and the aging 2.4 liter GM sourced four cylinder that once powered the since departed Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky roadster family. Polaris understands this, and …

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Road Test Review – 2019 Polaris Slingshot SL – By Carl Malek [Videos]

Ever had a sense of adventure? That feeling where you want to go off and try something radically new? That’s how we felt when it came to the Polaris Slingshot. This author has always been very interested in the world of three wheeled cycle cars, but the Slingshot remained an elusive quarry. We got a chance to get a taste of this special Polaris back in February, but the indoor setting and the low speeds that came with it did not give us a good opprotunity to formally get to experience all the things that the Slingshot brings to the …

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Insider: 3 Reasons to Finally Buy that Motorcycle

Chances are, you’ve been dreaming about your perfect garage for quite some time. It’s not only about having the best car in there, but having a respectable collection that shows your hard work and efforts. Maybe it’s a car you’ve been saving up to buy your whole life, an old convertible your grandfather gave you or a set of classic cars that are your pride and joy. What about adding a motorcycle to your collection or even yet, making a motorcycle your primary vehicle? It wouldn’t be a difficult challenge to endlessly debate which image would be cooler: a top-down …

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Insider: What You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

If you own a regular bike, it may be time for you to upgrade to an electric bike. An e-bike has a powered drive system. The battery-powered drive system makes all the difference. You will not get late to work because you will ride faster. You will not get sweaty because the energy you use up while riding it is little if any. Better yet, you will climb hilly terrains and unleveled roads with ease. So, in case you were asking what the best bike to buy is to get yourself an e-bike.   Picking the best electric bike that …

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First Drive – 2019 Polaris Slingshot SLR – By Carl Malek

When it comes to 3-wheel cycle cars (aka “autocycles,”) these special vehicles strike a welcome and particular chord in the heart of this author. For those that aren’t familiar with this type of vehicle, it is essentially the best of both worlds between a motorcycle and a car, with each one trying to do something different depending on how much car or motorcycle DNA is in it. Autocycles were invented before traditional four wheeled cars, and for a time were a sales phenomenon, especially in Europe. The Morgan 3-Wheeler is arguably the most iconic and historic of these particular vehicles, …

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Polaris Unveils Slingshot Grand Touring Trim, Updates For 2019 Lineup

The Polaris Slingshot has certainly made waves since it was first unleashed on the world several years ago. It has done a good job turning heads wherever it goes, and has even played a role in revamping existing legislation on motorcycle licensing in many states (This author’s home state of Michigan included.) But are you the type of enthusiast that desires more comfort, technology, and a dash more practicality? If so, Polaris has the perfect Slingshot for you. Dubbed the “Grand Touring” this special Slingshot is the new range topping model in the Slingshot model lineup, with the SLR trim …

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BMW Motorcycles Evolution Since 1923 – Animated Timeline Via 20 Iconic Bikes

  The history of BMW Motorrad is actually the story of the evolution of the motorcycle in general. Giant leaps of innovation are clear to see about every dozen years, but the BMW innovation throughout keeps moving the two-wheel world forward at warp speed. For a non-bikes guy like me and perhaps you, the names and styles are all a bit perplexing. We have labelled all the main bike photos to help make it all a bit clearer. The pre-war bikes in particular are hard to distinguish at first without the labels. So which is your favorite? We’d pick the …

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2017 Indian Scout 69 – Ride Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

In August of 2013 Indian Motorcycles, built by Polaris Industries, in Spirit Lake Iowa, unveiled their first new motorcycle at the Sturgis rally. The Indian Chief was a huge hit with the public, and they have introduced more Chief models since then. All Chief models are fitted with large displacement engines and designed to go head to head with Harley-Davidson, just as they did from the early 1900’s to 1953, when Indian closed their doors. But to truly compete with Harley today, they also needed a smaller displacement motorcycle, and the Indian Scout nameplate was resurrected. Today you can buy …

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2017 Polaris Slingshot SL – First Drive Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman  

Taking a ride out to Nielsen Enterprises, in Lake Villa, IL is always a treat. They’re the ultimate big boy toy store.  You can buy anything from ATV’s, UTV’s personal watercraft, snowmobiles, all four Japanese motorcycle brands, Can-AM Spyders, and Polaris products. If it’s fun, and it goes fast, Nielsen’s got it. Today’s mission is to take a Polaris Slingshot out for a test and find out why they can’t make them fast enough. The Slingshot is a three-wheel vehicle, with two wheels in front, and a single wheel in back.  It is 150” long, which is 4” shorter than …

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5 Motorcycles to Ride This Spring

Dust off your helmet and pull the cover off your bike — spring is here (or at least almost here… sorry East coast people who are covered in snow) and it’s time to get out and ride. The change in weather means you can once again enjoy the open road aboard your two-wheeler, and if you’re in the market, 2017 has brought at least five new ways to do that. These five new bikes have something to offer for everyone, from first-timers to seasoned road warriors. Motorcycle technology continues to advance at an amazing rate, and that means each year, …

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1994 Bugatti EB110 GT – RM Sothebys Duemila Ruote 2016

Here is a very extensive collection of four and two-wheelers that will go on the block in Milan late November of 2016.  RM promises 750-plus lots with no reserve — so this is a prime chance to grab some rare collectibles at fairly decent rates. A first favorite?  Obviously this EB110 GT in signature French blue. Duemila Ruote 25-27 November 2016 1994 Bugatti EB110 GT


2016 BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

Welcome to the final piece of the BMW Next 100 mosaic: the Motorrad Vision concept. This gorgeous bike is the only one of these far-future-looking vehicles that actually seems cool.  The rest are quite a sight for sore eyes. This Vision Next 100 is not, though.  It is dark and menacing and clearly dripping in high-tech solutions.  Its integrated chassis flexes intelligently, replacing typical suspension systems with a full-body take on the theme.  A sport shoe is the idea: breathing and moving over bumps in perfect harmony of grip and smoothness. The driver is not sidelined, either, in this EV …

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RM Monaco 2016 – 1977 MV Agusta 750S America

This is beyond even the rush of speed, the sun in your face and a mechanical symphony down below.  This MV Augusta 750S America has crossed over — into true art.  It may be recalled as one of the purest expressions in all of 20th-century design and engineering.   RM Sotheby’s Monaco Coinciding with the Monaco Historic Grand Prix Le Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco 14 May 2016 http://www.rmsothebys.com/mc16/monaco/lots/ RM Monaco 2016 – 1977 MV Agusta 750S America

Wildest Geneva Reveal – 2017 Lazareth LM847 – Monsterbike Runs 500HP Maserati V8!

Imagine all the show-stopping appeal and road presence of the Dodge Tomahawk V10 concept from the early 2000s… but made real, ride-able and road-legal acros Europe! And then imagine swapping the V10 for a much-better-sounding Maserati V8!? The results would be world-shaking. Such is the case for the custom-engineered Lazareth LM847 out of France.  This firm has been making some insane custom bikes, quads and car/bike hybrids for years, but this LM847 takes the firm to a whole new level. This seems like the perfect bike for the Clooney crew to thrum around Lake Como. But also a great fit …

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2016 BMW Motorrad G 310 R 67

2017 BMW Motorrad G310 R – Ultra-Light Stunt Bike Is A Two-Wheeled Dino Ferrari

This of this new G310 R from BMW Motorrad as the two-wheeled Dino Ferrari. Lighter weight, lower power outputs than its big brothers…. but just as sexy and innovative.  And crucially, with a radically lower price! The G310 R is the production variant of the G310 Stunt concept — -and is a wonderful intro sportbike thanks to its flawless handling, light weight and modest power output. A single-cylinder engine puts out a top horsepower rating of just 34.  But before you balk, just know that the total unladen weight is only 350 pounds! This all ensures flickable, trustworthy maneuvers on …

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3.3s 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler – Air-Cooled Boxer ThrillRide! USA Arrival + Specs

All you need to know? Aircooled boxer engine, race-bike fast — but wearing any tires across any terrain you’re brave enough to ride!  A two-in-one exhaust cannon is said to really shout out like a racebike on full throttle…. ThruuuMmmm… Brummm!  110HP is the top R90 output, and 124-mph the Vmax. The new R nineT is set for a USA arrival around August of 2016 as a 2017 model-year bike. To kick off the excitement, here are a few animations of the various looks and modes of the bike…. plus a cool 90 pics of this butch new BMW bike. …

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2016 DUCATI Concept Quartet! DRAXTER Racer & ARTIKA Are Dream HyperBikes

A gorgeous intro the the new dragracing Ducati tonight! Just a few official photos of the exotic prototype — but its fat-tire and launch control seem plausible in the near future. THe Artika is the rally race side of the new Ducati concept group — with electric neon paintwork and exposed contrast framework. Stunning!  They look amazingly fun. The other two new hotties are the Peace62 and the Revolution Scrambler. 2016 DUCATI DraXter Concept   2016 DUCATI Artika Concept       DUCATI SCRAMBLER UNVEILS THREE NEW SPECIALS AT THE MOTOR BIKE EXPO OF VERONA The Ducati Scrambler Land of Joy will …

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2013 Custom 24-inch Caddy Chopper  21

2013 Custom 24-inch Caddy Chopper by Rods & Rides Motorcycle Company

Love this bike. Hard to stress enough how fabulously low and artful it is in the flesh.  Hopefully these photos do it some justice!  The creation is out of Missouri-based Rods & Rides.  Pop them a like on the faceplace link below. https://www.facebook.com/rodsandridesmotorcyclecompany/ This one-off bike goes under the auction block at Mecum’s Kissimmee Florida event this Saturday.     2013 Custom 24-inch Caddy Chopper by Rods & Rides Motorcycle Company

2017 BMW i8 Spyder Teased Via BMW i Vision Future Interaction + ConnectedRide HUD Cycle Helmets

  BMW debuted a half-dozen new tech innovations at CES this year, including gesture control and mirror-less exteriors. But the real eye-catcher?  The BMW i Vision Future Interaction — a near-production 2017 BMW i8 Spyder. Sans two critical pieces, of course. Yes, the production car will have doors.  At first we thought the BMW i VFI Concept hid its doors in the side sills, a la the BMW Technik Z1 model sold in Europe briefly in the early 1990s. Alas, the lack of doors is just to give full view of the new cockpit controls and layouts.  This new user …

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Rally Dakar 2016 Peugeot DKR16 Red Bull 27

DAKAR 2016 – Prologue and First Stage Gallery – Red Bull PEUGEOT-TOTAL DKR16

Dakar got off to a fairly rough start this year: a big crash canceled the timed events of the Trucks class, while a smaller incident saw the four-time defending champion MINI Countryman careen off the course and injure multiple spectators. Reuters and AP report a father and son were seriously hurt and are in serious condition. The MINI driver was the first female driver from China, and she also sustained injuries.  Initial reports are of a hard jump landing and subsequent loss of control of the vehicle. This was always a very, very dangerous race. And at least these traumatic events …

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1951 Harley-Davidson WRTT 8

Mecum Vegas 2016 – 1951 Harley-Davidson WRTT Was Race-Fast Roadie

This WR-TT classic from 1951 is gorgeous and cool as fahk! This Harley is just one of thousands of bikes at the Mecum Las Vegas auction next week, from January 7th, so act fast…. 1951 Harley-Davidson WRTT Mecum 2016 Auctions Las Vegas Motorcycle, January 7-9, 2016 S75_1951 Harley-Davidson WRTT Photos Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

2015 BMW Motorrad eRR Bike Concept 1

2015 BMW Motorrad Debuts eRR Bike Concept – Supersport Performance, 2WD 199HP Electrics

  Here is the latest concept from BMW Motorrad: the eRR electric racing bike. Running components from the S 1000 RR supersport bike, the eRR runs an AWD electric drivetrain plus full carbon-fiber for its bodywork and chassis. What the eRR lacks in futuristic design and style it makes up for with its production intent parts and performance. No word yet on range or sprint pace, but the eRR is an exciting snapshot into the R&D of next-gen BMW electric two-wheelers. 2015 BMW Motorrad eRR Bike Concept BMW Motorrad presents the experimental vehicle eRR. Supersport dynamism and zero emission thanks …

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2015 YAMAHA Sports Ride Concept – Deep Dive of Gordon Murray Links, Production Intent

More info and a huge batch of photos to share of the very-exciting Yamaha Sports Ride concept from Tokyo!  But, frustratingly, no actual engine specs or performance to share. What we know know is definitely enough to wet the lips: a 1500-pound, mid-engine sports coupe embracing motorbike fun as well as mass-production pricing. Sounds promising, yes?  Of course! Likely to be powered by a high-strung four-cylinder engine to back wheels via a paddle-shift automatic transmission, the Sports Ride concept is not just a flight of fancy from Yamaha. Yamaha’s precision engineering skills are well-known globally, with a built-in distribution network …

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BMW Stunt G310 Is Hyper-Agile Bike Concept for Sao Paolo

BMW Motorrad has been balls-out this year with concepts in bike segments where the brand does not currently compete. This is a broad look into the future of the BMW two-wheeled range — with the engineers, designers and customers all taking the journey together. Where will the spinning top land, and which among the 2015 BMW bike concepts might make production? So far this year, we’ve seen a cruiser in the Concept 101.   Plus a dirt/sand/street Scrambler in the Path 22. And now an ultra-playful trick bike in the form of the Stunt G 310. We’d honestly vote for all …

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Best of Frankfurt 2015 – Honda Project 2&4 Concept – Floating Seats Promise Surreal Track Pleasure

Updated 9.16.15 With 35 New Photos Check out the Honda Project 2&4 up close and in detail!  This is one of the most outrageous concepts from Honda in years. Not just Honda, any manufacturer, really. And this is not just some track car, either, as we surmised below. By engineering the 2&4 with outboard seating, the drive experience should also blend the joy of two-wheeling. But with the cornering pace of a four-wheeled vehicle. Not having any panels, doors or bodywork anywhere to your left shoulder, hip or pedals will be a revolution on the road. Far more exposed than …

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2015 Honda Project 2&4 Concept – World Premiere of 14000-RPM Baby NSX

  Much as the world (and especially Japanese K-car buyers) love the S660 roadster, the sports potential of that mid-engine roadster is limited. Limited by power caps, safety rules and exhange rates — the S660 is not a global halo car, and definitely not a mini-NSX. What about the latest in Honda engine tech, paired with an open-wheeled racing design fresh from 2025? Now that would be something! Running the ultra-potent RC213V MotoGP bike engine, the Project 2&4 is ultra light and ultra simple. Ultra fresh sci-fi looks are just part of its charm, however. The real thrills will come …

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Revised Peugeot DKR 2015+ Battle-Testing New Engine/Suspension Setups Ahead of Dakar 2016

No person (or rally race) should be treated like ‘a means to an end.’ But when that ultimate goal looms larger than anything else in sight, you tend to focus on the main event. All others are just prep work. And so it is for the refreshed Peugeot 2008 DKR 2015+ racecar. That 2015+ coding is the internal tag for the heavy upgrade work done by the racing boffins at Peugeot Sport. The DKR was our clear favorite to win the Dakar rally in 2015, but lost out to the brutally fast MINI Countryman race squad, who are shooting for …

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HD Road Test Review – 2015 Nissan JUKE Nismo RS Manual

Imagine a core group of Nissan GT-R engineers, drivers and designers set loose on the Nissan Juke NISMO. Task? Take the quickest and most performance-focused crossover, and make it truly track-tight in every way. That is how the Juke Nismo RS came into this world — with astounding results. The speed, style and drive experience of the Nismo RS is absolutely incredible versus its $28k competitors — and even versus pricier cars like the AMG GLA45, WRX or Mustang EcoBoost. The Juke Nismo RS is incredibly focused from first sitting in its racing Recaro hard-back bucket seats. A pair of …

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1925 Henderson De Luxe with Goulding Sidecar 1

RM Hershey 2015 Preview – 1925 Henderson De Luxe with Goulding Sidecar

This beautiful bike grabs the eye and imagination together. The streamlined, art deco shape of fenders and body cowling is mirrored nicely in the luxurious and very roomy-looking sidecar. A patina-filled cobalt/turquoise finish is the perfect showcase of this very rare and innovative motorcycle.   1925 Henderson De Luxe with Goulding Sidecar  RM Hershey 8-9 October 2015 1925 Henderson De Luxe with Goulding Sidecar

2015 Polaris SlingShot SL  41

2015 Polaris Slingshot SL LE – Open-Air Speedster Thrills From $25k!

There are many compelling ways to get around a racetrack quicker than a factory supercar. As the VUHL 05, Lotus 3-Eleven and Caterham Seven chase this race-helmet owner group, Americans have a very compelling alternative to consider. And this one is road-legal and costs just a slice of the price. Running on three wheels makes the Slingshot a motorcycle — but that is only the start of the intrigue. From the design outside, people will be shocked by the sci-fi beauty and exposed chassis first. Only on third or fourth glance will they not see a stunning, Lambo-meets-Batman mashup. Polaris …

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Next-Generation NSX: The 93rd Pikes Peak International Hill Clim

2015 Acura NSX Pikes Peak Pacecar Headlines Dozen Honda Cloud-Chasers!

Honda and Acura have continued their title sponsorship of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb in 2015 with a variety of cool tech innovations on and off the 14,000-foot mountain of a racetrack. Climbing 1000 feet a minute while hitting 180-degree corners every few hundred yards is no small achievement for any car — and Pikes Peak in recent years has become true global racing highlight for many brands. Knocking seconds off the climb times is increasingly challenging and requires ultra-high-performance machinery to achieve. Peugeot nailed a track record last year, and Honda was aiming for quickest-ever glory in 2015 with its …

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Morgan EV 3 Wheeler 12

2017 Morgan EV3 – Electric 3 Wheeler Is Streamliner Heaven

Exciting first look full reveal from Morgan today ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the iconic Three-Wheeler in electric form! Dubbed the EV3, this prototype is on the way to production with a weight loss of nearly 200-pounds versus the gasoline model, plus a much sportier handling balance. Why such a change in dynamics versus the normal 3 Wheeler? That model’s highly unusual engine placement ahead of the front axle creates some quite extreme forces on the chassis in hard driving. That huge polar movement around bends is part of what makes the 3 Wheeler such a joy to …

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2015 BMW Concept Path 22 Scrambler 4

2015 BMW Concept Path 22 Previews Production Scrambler at Biarritz Bike Fest

  BMW Motorrad is on a concept bender lately! Fantastic Villa d’Este glimpses into the future have come into focus over the last few years, with the R NineT a particularly tempting design statement among riders worldwide. But how to take all the futuristic materials into production, and what bike market to aim for? This 2015 Concept Path 22 gives us a clear answer: BMW is exploring a Scrambler for the first time. As described by BMW below, the fun and sporty genre of motorcycles is a bit of a hybrid: with street-bike features and performance, but much meatier tire …

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2016 Honda RC213V-S USA 10

2016 Honda RC213V-S MotoGP Champ Coming to Select USA Owners By Year-End!

It is very, very rare that a pure racer of any kind is offered to the public for sale. Heck, for most racing teams, even divulging key mechanical specs can be an act of high treason. But after two MotoGP World Championships, the impossible is now confirmed: Honda will sell the bike in the US market. Ever-so-slighty tweaked to add license plate brackets, the looser safety rules for two-wheelers make this a genius move by Honda. This is beyond performance flagship or halo model. The RC213V-S is a knockout blow to all other superbikes.  Pricing and availability are not yet …

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2015 Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble by VIBRAZIONI 15

2015 Ducati Scrambler In Two Specials: SC-Rumble by VIBRAZIONI and Scrambler by Radikal Chopper

  Two custom Ducati Scramblers are thrumming around Italy this week! The first is called the SC-Rumble and has been custom-commissioned by Ducati and Pirelli by a design boutique called Vibrazioni Art Design. This Scrambler ditches its multi-spoke wheels and entire factory frame in favor of solid-centered wheels and a bespoke, single-piece chassis. This new framework makes the bike far more compact and wield-y and nimble than ever before. From some angles, however, the chopped frame results in a fairly odd, mini-bike-like appearance. Meanwhile, the SC-Rumble’s tank of the bike is wrapped in a rubber coating with tread patterns to …

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2015 BMW Motorrad Concept 101 13

2015 BMW Motorrad Concept 101 Is Lux Cruiser

BMW Motorrad’s sales are on an absolute tear in the US and worldwide in recent years. Where to take the brand that dominates the desirability of the entire two-wheeled world? Upward and onward! The highest-margin area of the motorcycle market is for large cruisers. This new Concept 101 takes the BMW riding-pleasure mantra into this huge new area. A bike that surely makes many German minimalists cringe, the Concept 101 is a firm statement of intent. The machine debuted this weekend at the BMW-sponsored Villa d’Este Concours. It is a long-range cruiser with hardshell luggage cases, a relaxed riding position …

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RM Andrews 2015 - Real TRON Light Cycle

RM Andrews 2015 – Real 2011 TRON Light Cycle EV Bike – Just 25k!?

Fan of the 2011 movie or not, this TRON light cycle custom is a sweet bike. A fully operation electric motorcycle, this one-off recreation is the LED-lit dream bike for its incredible riding position, huge power from a 96-volt direct drive, and massive grip and stability thanks to the super-wide tires. The estimate is remarkably affordable: no reserve and a sale between $25k and $40k when it crosses the block in May at the Andrews Collection RM Auction. Here are a few photos of TRON Legacy movie bike for comparison. Near-exact, but with a real rider — maybe you…!   Real …

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Amelia Island 2015 Concours Motorcycles Class 61

Amelia Island 2015 Concours – Photo Tour of the Motorcycles Class

Okay!  There is great news here and not-so-great-news. The great news? Able to snap high-res photos of many of the Amelia Island Concours Motorcycle class entries — before the crowds swarmed them. The not-great news…. is that we do not know the details of the bikes. So just a visual tour… admittedly very light on informational tags, unfortunately. Amelia Island 2015 Concours Motorcycles Class 1972 BMW F750 Butler & Smith Harley Davidson

2015 BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car - New Hydro-Cooled Boost Vaporization 72

2015 BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car – New Water-Cooled Boost Vaporization – Coming to 2016 M4 GTS?

This new M4 MotoGP Safety Car is a beaut in its matte-black finish and artful M-color racing stripes and huge fixed wing atop the trunk. But there are two pieces of big news hiding under that pace-car livery: a new water-cooled turbo vaporization technology and the possibility of these upgrades hitting an M4 GTS production model in the next year or so with up to 100 extra horsepower. First off, the water cooled turbo system. First off, to clarify. Most intercoolers or charge cooler systems actually spray water to the outside of the intercooler itself. Spraying water atop the cooling …

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2015 Panigale S 41

2015 Ducati 1299 Panigale – Worlds Wildest Superbike in 300 Photos!

When it comes to luxury products worldwide, there are two king countries: France and Italy. But in the world of mechanical perfection, thrilling speed and racing glory, Italy obviously trumps France in almost every realm. Small volumes, extreme passion, engineering focus all help to deliver a quicker pulse, guaranteed. Ducati is the latest masterpiece to wear this two-wheeled-Ferrari crown thanks to the race-fast 1299 Panigale, plus its two bad-ass siblings, the 899 Panigale and 1299 Panigale S. With pricing from $25,000 for the Panigale S, there is no better way to enter the Italian mechanical exotica club than this new …

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lotus c-01

Lotus Motorcycles C-01 Aiming for Late 2015 Production Start

      Lotus Motorcycles C-01 Lotus Motorcycle C-01 Road Ready Following two years of careful planning and intense development, Kodewa is delighted to announce that the prototype of the world’s first motorcycle to bear the legendary Lotus marque is now road registered and ready for action. Kodewa has been granted a license to produce the motorcycle by Group Lotus plc, the world renowned sportscar manufacturer and engineering consultancy. The C-01 combines ample power via a V-twin engine with a distinctive body designed by Daniel Simon integrating carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace quality steel. The C-01 motorcycle is not designed, …

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2003 Dodge Tomahawk V10

2003 Dodge Tomahawk V10 Was Superbike Fantasy Concept

A concept vehicle should have a big impact, be memorable and help define a brand’s identity. By those metrics, the 2003 Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is certainly a huge success. Sure, there are practical things to worry about when putting an 8.4-liter V10 onto a motorcycle — but Dodge did not get bogged down with boring details. What the Tomahawk showed was a wild spirit, raw design appeal, and a futuristic fantasy where your brain’s fear center has a lower top-speed than this Dodge.   2003 Dodge Tomahawk V10

1966 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson CRTT 250CC

Mecum 2015 Las Vegas – 1966 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson CRTT 250CC

When you think of Harley Davidson motorcycles, this streamlined racer is not what first comes to mind. That is because it was extensively upgraded by Aermacchi near Milan for racing on the GP circuits of Europe. This pristine example is a fine combination of American power and Italian beauty. 1966 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson CRTT 250CC     LARGEST MECUM MIDAMERICA MOTORCYCLE AUCTION IN 24-YEAR HISTORY, JAN. 8-10 30/12/14 Event to Host 750 Antique Motorcycles at Las Vegas’ South Point Casino and Exhibit Hall Walworth, Wis. – Dec. 29, 2014 – Mecum Auctions will present MidAmerica’s 24th annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction …

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indian bikes

Mecum 2015 Las Vegas – Previewing Ten 1914-1948 INDIAN Motorcycles

  The upcoming Mecum MidAmerica auction in Las Vegas is set to be *huge* for anyone who loves motorcycles. More than 750 two-wheelers will cross the block between January 8th and 10th, from 2014 models all the way back more than 100 years. Notable bikes to be sold include the huge number of very rare Indian Motorcycles, which are bound to generate extra interest this year since the brand’s relaunch by parent-company Polaris. Some really special bikes here. Sharing high-res previews here of seven Indian bikes that are for sale next week. Details on the auction location, admission and schedule …

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bultaco brinco

2015 BULTACO Rapitan and Rapitan Sport Bring Are EV Superbikes To Take On Ducati

EV is Electric Vehicle. How about an Electric Bike? Would this category be EB’s? A handful of electric motorcycles have been released so far, but only in extremely limited numbers with a super-premium price. With its flagship concepts the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport, Bultaco hopes to democratize the silent and super-torquey motocycle market. Production is coming along nicely since the launch Brinco pedal/EV hybrid started taking orders this month. A new distrubition deal with extreme sports retailer Ski World in Madrid and Barcelona is just the start. Watch this space for production updates of the new Bultaco superbikes in the …

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mansory zapico

3.3s MANSORY Zapico Is The Pagani of Motorcycles

The design and construction of this masterful Mansory motorcycle debut is second to no manufacturer in the world. Short of Pagani, perhaps! You can see how nearly every single part of the Mansory Zapico is custom-milled from alloy billet or hand-laid in carbon-fiber. The design itself is delightfully long-wheelbase and menacing, with a huge scale and 160-horsepower engine all kept low and ultra-cool. This is definitely a man’s bike — it is huge. But that does not stop the custom S&S V-twin engine from shooting the Zapico to 60-mph in just 3.3-seconds. Looks like that giant 285-section rear tire is …

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bmw bikes 654

BMW Motorcycles Evolution Since 1923 – Animated Timeline Via 20 Iconic Bikes

     The history of BMW Motorrad is actually the story of the evolution of the motorcycle in general. Giant leaps of innovation are clear to see about every dozen years, but the BMW innovation throughout keeps moving the two-wheel world forward at warp speed. For a non-bikes guy like me and perhaps you, the names and styles are all a bit perplexing. We have labelled all the main bike photos to help make it all a bit clearer. The pre-war bikes in particular are hard to distinguish at first without the labels. So which is your favorite? We’d pick …

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2015 Bultaco Brinco is New Hybrid EV DirtBike – Priced From $8k But Going Fast!

  The 2015 Bultaco Brinco a cool idea, design and execution from the reborn Spanish bike-maker Bultaco. It is a pedal and EV-powered all-terrain bike with the chunky rubber to take on mountain trails, but the cool and sleek shape to make city commutes a cool adventure too. The major problem with battery-powered motorcycles until now has been their crazy pricing. Sure, they are fast and full of potential, but generally cost $40,000-plus. That is two loaded BMW sportbikes. They usually weighed as much as two other gasoline-powered motorcycles, too. This new Bultaco Brinco solves for three problems: lightweight design, …

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duacti 750ss imola desmo receation

RM Arizona 2015 Preview – 1973 Ducati 750 SS Imola Desmo Recreation

We just keep falling in love with the RM Auctions Arizona catalog!  This 1973 Ducati 750SS Imola is a recreation of a famous racing bike — but can be ridden on the roads safety and legally. The full aerodynamic nose and windshield shroud is an amazing functional and design statement that instantly sets this bike apart from even the latest Ducati Monsters of 2014. This 750SS celebrates the 200 Miglia Imola victory by Ducati – as shown in these official photos. 1973 Ducati 750 SS Imola Desmo Recreation RM Auctions Arizona 15 – 16 January 2015 1973 Ducati 750 SS …

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citroen survolt gif

Concept Debrief – 2010 Citroen SURVOLT – Design Analysis in 110 Electrifying Photos

What makes the 2010 Citroen Survolt such an achievement in sports-car design? Consider that its proportions almost perfectly mirror those of the Lotus Exige — but the curb appeal of the vehicle tells the brain to expect pricing in the $200,000 ballpark versus the Lotus at $75,000. In terms of the Survolt’s mission as a concept car, we can think of the car in the same league as the Ranult DeZir. Part tech showcase and EV R&D tool, part brand roadmap and design superstar. The Survolt found a joyous receptionin 2010 – and four years have done nothing to dull …

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sema 2014 trucks gif24

Update1 – SEMA 2014 Gallery – TRUCKS and BIKES

Updated 11.17.14 SEMA 2014 TRUCKS and BIKES        

silverado polaris gif

Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Polaris ACE+ Concept Is Fresh For SEMA

Surf and turf themes for the Chevy trucks at SEMA! After the Colorado Nautique nodded to a top wakeboard and water-skiing boat-maket, the Silverado salutes Polaris and the Ace+ ATV. The single-seater ACE+ from Polaris is seriously fast and fun — like driving a life-sized RC truck! Most trucks are not big enough to fit an ATV in the bed without part of it hanging off the liftgate, so the Silverado Z71 with its rear cargo bars is a perfect partner for the ACE+. Besides the ATV in back, this concept has black-accented headlight interior elements, a black grille, custom …

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colorado motocross gif

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Motocross Concept by By Ricky Carmichael

Hot off the presses! Great to see a bit more effort from Chevy than the first Colorado ‘concept’ announced a few weeks ago. 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Motocross Concept CHEVY COLORADO PERFORMANCE CONCEPT ENABLES ADVENTURE 03/11/14 Ricky Carmichael helps develop package to demonstrate cargo capability, flexibility LAS VEGAS – Motocross legend Ricky Carmichael has the perfect go-anywhere transporter in the all-new Chevrolet Colorado for his motorcycle, mountain bike and the gear that goes with them. Carmichael teamed with Chevrolet to develop the Colorado Performance concept to illustrate the lifestyle-supporting capability of Chevy’s new midsize pickup truck. It debuts this week at …

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midual t1 gif

2015 Midual Type 1 Launches New Era for SuperLux Sport Bikes

The Midual Type 1 is an exciting new entry in the motorcycle market – with luxury and personalization details that make an extremely exclusive machine even more personal. Designed from scratch with every part both stylish and functional, the Midual project vaguely recalls the Pagani factory. Where most makes would contract out small pieces to parts suppliers, the Midual team and milling and 3D printing and leather-wrapping everything in-house. The results are certainly stunning to touch and hold. Performance from the 25-degree twin-cylinder engine is also said to be rorty and planted around corners, with an ultra-low center of gravity …

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xboq rr gif

2015 KTM X-Bow RR Is 400HP of Race-Ready Track Speed

The HTM X-Bow RR is a custom-created version of the X-Bow GT and X-Bow R designed to beat all others in the one-make ‘Crossbow’ Battle. The one-make racing series puts the KTM dash-board mantra into action — you must be Ready To Race! Sure, the RR is not the best-looking of the X-Bow line. Its extra aero kit and crash structures like roll bars and crash protection is purely functional. This makes sense when you see the list of huge track-attack upgrades that are fitted to this racing special. For buyers outside of Europe, where the X-Bow will be a …

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Xl Sport 2014 gif

2014 Volkswagen XL Sport Concept Makes One Seriously Sexy BMW i8 Competitor

Here is an interesting machine! The eco-friendly supercar segment established by the BMW i8 could find a competitor in the VW XL Sport concept, which takes all the ideas and tech from the XL1 high-mileage, low-volume special and sends it to the racetrack. Much wider, lower, leaner and meaner: the XL Sport is still wholly unconventional in its style and presence. This makes it not unlike the i8 in many ways. They both certainly have stopping power: heads will turn to catch this wild machine zing past. But the carbon-ceramix brakes of the the XL Sport will surely provide actual …

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Audi Urban Concept Spyder gif

Part Two: 2011 Audi Urban Concept SPYDER is 2-Seater for Scooter-Phobes

PART TWO: Showcasing through a few favorite concept cars ahead of the Paris Motor Show! This  2010 Urban Concept from Audi is a battery EV design to be ultra-light and ultra-efficiency, while also packing the maneuverable of a scooter. Okay, that would be one large scooter… but still. It is easy to pilot around and the enclosed cockpit promises far more safety and security than anything on two wheels. A standard steering wheel and pedals make this a perfect machine for those who would never feel safe on a motorcycle, but do not require anything as huge as a Smartcar. …

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Audi Urban Concept gif3

2011 Audi Urban Concept is 2-Seat Commuter EV For Stylish Yuppies

Showcasing through a few favorite concept cars ahead of the Paris Motor Show! This  2010 Urban Concept from Audi is a battery EV design to be ultra-light and ultra-efficiency, while also packing the maneuverable of a scooter. Okay, that would be one large scooter… but still. It is easy to pilot around and the enclosed cockpit promises far more safety and security than anything on two wheels. A standard steering wheel and pedals make this a perfect machine for those who would never feel safe on a motorcycle, but do not require anything as huge as a Smartcar. It is …

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iroad grenoble gif

2015 Toyota iRoad and COMS Scooter Sharing In French Grenoble from October 1st!

   This would be a fun addition to any major city: 70 brand-new EV mobility machines from Toyota that can be rented with a smartphone at 27 city locations. Similar to other hourly car-sharing services, but cheaper and quicker and more fun. This is also a great way to introduce people to the EV three-wheeled i-Road and four-wheeled COMS. They are both fresh and clean designs of a car-person’s ideal motorbike: easy, safe and enclosed… with regular steering wheel! They look like fun. No word on the bike’s top road speeds… but Grenoble citizens will surely be flooring it soon …

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Honda Fireblade Racing gif

Vote Your Pick From 8 Honda Fireblade Racing Paintjobs! Winning Design May See Showrooms

Amazing racing liveries from Honda UK today! Completed designs came from Honda Heroes racing drivers themselves — so the results are more “Memphis Bell” than they are the Warhol BMW M1. This is no bad thing! Amazing ideas here that look great on this sweet bike. The winning design from the contest link below will see racing action, with a possible road bike CBR1000RR Fireblade in the same warpaint. www.honda.co.uk/ultimatefireblade Honda Fireblade Racing   Honda Heroes get their crayons out for special edition Brands Hatch BSB Fireblade livery Honda (UK) launches competition for fans to vote for their favourite livery …

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Jaguar Tour de France GIF header1

JAGUAR Special Ops F-Type Coupe and XFR-S SportBrake for Team Sky Tour de France Cyclists

Say what you might about all other sports physicality, strength and stamina requirements – but know that none is really as grueling a challenge as the Tour de France. A bike race that whittles its winners down to rail-skinny, crying fools. Emotional, physical and spiritual battering come with every stage of the race. Evidence? There are few other athletes who would keep charging forward when their scrotum has been rubbed raw and blood-red by constant seat pressure/chafing. It makes this first-ever bike under the English Channel seem like a cakewalk. But the Tour de France is not just won by …

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EX1 peugeot gif header1

2011 Peugeot EX1 is Part EV Quad-Bike and Part Track-Day Supercar

As part of our continuing delve into the latest Peugeot design renaissance, the EX1 is exciting for a few reasons. It is gorgeous and fresh and extremely interesting from a design perspective, fast as all hell in a straight line with a 62-mph sprint in 3.5-seconds, and also quicker than anything else from France around the Nurburgring. The design itself is perhaps the most critical element for the EX1’s lasting importance: it shows a completely fresh idea on form sculpting, a new nose, and new layered surfacing techniques not seen before from PSA, the parent company. The idea of a …

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BMW R90S Concept GIF header123

2013 BMW R90S Concept Celebrates 40 Years of the R90 and 90 Years Making Bikes

This BMW Concept 90 is the 2013 incarnation of a raw new BMW aesthetic that might be coming to two wheels near you. Shown at the same Villa d’Este Concours that the 2014 BMW Concept Roadster appeared, these two make an interesting counterpoint to the modern designs employed by BMW motorcycles today. Overall, the Concept R90S is delightful. It evokes the best days of Bonneville high-speed runs on the salt flats, beach-side California glamour, and beauty in the details. It also makes the rider a much more critical part of the mechanical and aero package. This Concept Ninety really is …

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1937 BMW 328 GIF header

Car Museums Showcase – 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Sidecar Motorcycle

The 1937 BMW 328 is a little-seen roadster gem from BMW that was, perhaps, the firm’s most advanced and sophisticated achievement outside of aircraft engines at the time. 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Bike in Spartanburg, SC Seeing one so close in the flesh really rings home how advanced this 328 was versus its contemporaries from Aston-Martin and Jaguar — two much-better-known sports-car innovators (and competitive benchmarks) of the time.   Where those cars both still wore giant flat fenders, the 328 is completely smooth in all areas. This aero-led thinking was surely a testament to BMW’s aeronautic history until …

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B-ROCKET header gif1

2014 Bell & Ross B-ROCKET Watch Is Inspired By Fantastic Jet-Engine Motorcycle Concept

When it comes to watches, there is such a huge span of pricing and individual preference — there truly is no ‘one-size-fits-all.’ That applies not only in price but in all the other aspects of a wear-able fashion item: is it comfortable,  is it easy-to-use, does it enhance my sense of cool? From a $5 digital to the million-dollar excesses – the price span really makes it a challenge to find the right “fit” in every sense of the word. Bell & Ross aspires to not just be your timepiece, but a new cornerstone in your entire aesthetic. Best-known for …

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BMW Motorrad - Concept Roadster GIF header

BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster is Boxer Ducati-Fighter for Lake Cuomo

Here is a new BMW Roadster that is (or, rather: might.. eventually be) not only affordable, but truly bring the road to your brainstem in HD via all five senses. Granted, this boxer twin rumbler it does lack four wheels… but even on two, this is an exciting step for the BMW Motorrad program – bridging the gap between BMW scooters and full sport cycles with a fun and contemporary take on a city roadster. Key parts of the design are deconstructed mechanical pieces, but there are future-tech flashes like the solid-state LED lighting element in front. Overall, the BMW …

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