Acura Precision EV Is Stylish Preview Of Brand’s SUV Future, Shines At Monterey

Monterey Car Week is kicking into full gear and per usual multiple automakers are preparing wild concept vehicles to display on these hallowed grounds. One of these firms is Acura which used the occasion to formally reveal the Precision EV concept in what could be the eventual shape of things to come for the luxury brand.


Precision EV Provides Slightly Hazy Preview Of SUV Styling

Acura was quick to point out that the Precision EV is not meant to be a formal preview of an upcoming model, but is instead a styling exercise that shows what Acura designers are capable of when allowed to design a concept with no constraints. The exterior styling itself is certain to turn plenty of heads thanks to its sleek shade of Double Apex Blue paint. The nautical theme continues, with Acura designers claiming that they were partly inspired by Italian power boats and the pentagon shaped grille is replaced with a light up panel that still replicates the fore-mentioned grille’s basic shape.

Other splashes of lighting are what Acura calls “Particle Glitch” accents though thankfully the shapes here are intentional and are supposed to mimic the 23-inch wheels. The head and taillights themselves are updates of the current “chicane” look and benefit from new angles and creases that spices things up a bit. The F1 inspired interior is pure show car with the space dominated by two screens and a yoke style steering wheel. The concept has two drive modes with the second mode “Spiritual Mode” transforming the concept into a fully autonomous vehicle with the yoke retracting inward and the two screens projecting underwater imagery. The materials here are made out of recycled materials including reclaimed wood.

Speaking of those screens, Acura claims that they are previewing a next generation infotainment system that would appear to axe the current True Touchpad technology in lieu of an all-new interface but other than the curved screens, we don’t get any further detail than that. That includes the performance hardware with the concept possibly using EV components derived from the Honda Prologue.