Honda CB-F Concept Blends Classic Style With Modern Technology

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting formal car shows, it should come as no shock that the disruptions have filtered down to the world of motorcycles, with both the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle shows also being affected by global events. That has not stopped Honda from showing its wares, and in addition to the recently unveiled Hunter Cub CT125, the Japanese corporate giant has also unveiled the CB-F concept bike which pays tribute to a vaunted marque while also showcasing the latest advances in technology.

According to Honda representatives, the concept pays tribute to both the CB750F and the CB900F of the late 1970s and early 1980s, with the exterior styling certainly doing a good job of broadcasting this intent. At first glance, the basic motif is largely similar to these bikes with boxy lines and an angular tail creating prominent exclamation points in the bike’s DNA. However, some revisions have been made in the name of better aesthetics with the gas tank and the bodywork meshing much better than before, and the taillight piece has been reshaped to help it work better with the angled rear. No visible turn signals are present, but the front mud guard has been shortened and simplified for duty on the concept. The front fork still has its dual horns, and the paintwork is a throwback to yesteryear with light metallic colors and accent stripes.

Performance however is delightfully modern, with a water cooled 998cc four cylinder engine supplying power to the rear wheel. All of this muscle is funneled there through a six speed manual gearbox, but Honda chose to keep the engine’s horsepower figure close to the vest so it is unknown just how much performance is indeed packed into the concept. The suspension used here is an inverted front fork and it is mated to a single side rear suspension arm which is attached to a mono-backbone steel frame. The CB-F doesn’t skimp in the braking department either, with huge front and rear drilled disc brakes providing serious stopping power.


Honda did not reveal if it intends to transform the concept into a serious production model, but look for more information on that to emerge in the near future. However, if we had our say, we would totally go for it considering that it does a good job of being a modern retro tribute that still manages to deliver all the performance essentials that modern motorcycle buyers crave.