Chevrolet Beast SEMA Concept Is Part Silverado, All Trail Slaying Monster

Chevrolet certainly raised our expectations when they revealed that they were unleashing a beast at the 2021 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Thankfully, the Beast concept lives up to the hype, and it served as a very extreme example of some of the technology that Chevrolet will be bringing to future truck models as the bow-tie brigade seeks to maximize profits in the off-road segment.


Chevrolet Beast Is A Radical Departure From The Silverado

Chevrolet reps revealed that this wild concept started life as a Silverado, but we’ll understand if you can’t quite see the source material. In this instance, engineers used a short-bed Silverado chassis as a platform to craft the concept. This chassis was shortened even more in an attempt to improve approach, break-over, and departure angles. As a result, the Beast is 20-inches shorter than a Silverado, with the rig measuring 204 inches long while also having a 126.9-inch wheelbase. As a bonus, the Beast’s 91-inch width is 17-inches more than a Ford F-150 Raptor while being even with the Hummer EV pickup’s measurements.

The Beast is supposed to resemble an all-out dune buggy, which is evident in its wild bodywork, with the body incorporating a super-strong safety cell made out of Chromoly steel. Along with the intense focus on safety, the bodywork includes off-road lighting and tubular doors that help occupants enter and exit the Beast. The interior has even undergone a similar transformation, with instrumentation provided by a pair of 7-inch screens. In contrast, the seats have been replaced with Recaro sourced thrones that come with built-in four-point harnesses. A small plaque is even included that highlights the Beast’s various measurements as well as its design.


The Heart Of A Camaro Powers This Beast 

Performance for the Beast concept comes from a supercharged 6.2 liter supercharged LT4 V8 that was borrowed from the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. In the Beast, it produces 650 hp and is also mated to GM’s 10-speed automatic. The boosted eight-cylinder also comes with a low-range transfer case that helps channel power to all four wheels. Speaking of the wheels, they are 20-inch heavy-duty wheels that are shod in large 37-inch off-road tires.

The suspension is also exclusive to the Beast, with the Silverado’s rear leaf springs being pitched for a five-link live axle with coil springs. The front suspension is an independent setup that houses custom control arms with all four corners of the Beast benefitting from remote-reservoir off-road shocks. Upgraded six-piston Brembo brakes handle braking, and GM claims that the Beast is a rolling showcase of Chevrolet Performance parts with the engine, transmission, and some of the other components all being available via the brand’s parts catalogs. 


Will The Beast Make It Into Production?

Like the bulk of other builds that make their appearance at SEMA, the Beast is a strict one-off creation that will not be green-lit for production. However, since the Beast is created with key components from Chevrolet Performance, a talented builder could craft something similar with parts from their catalog and perhaps use the concept as an inspiration to prepare their trail-ready monster.

Buyers looking to buy a Silverado with enhanced off-road credentials can order the recently unveiled Silverado ZR2, which is a big step up from the Trail Boss and brings its own flavor of trail-ready fun to full-size pickup buyers.