Hyundai Teases Ioniq 6 Once Again, Could Production Be Already Underway?

It has been a very busy day for Hyundai, in addition to breaking ground on the state of the art STIL facility that will be built in Michigan, the company also released more teasers of the upcoming Ioniq 6 a bigger EV that aims to form a potent combination when it eventually joins the Ioniq 5 in dealer showrooms.


Ioniq 6, A Constant Stream Of Teasers

Unlike some of their rivals, Hyundai has made keeping track of the Ioniq 6’s progress easy thanks to a devoted website that promises new teaser images daily though it stops far short of how long this campaign will continue and we still have no idea how long the wait will be before the Ioniq 6 makes its way under the global spotlight.

In the meantime, we get to chew over the latest teaser image which appears to show a model with a camera for a side mirror. The Ioniq 6 will be a global offering, but with NHTSA in no hurry to formally legalize camera mirrors in the U.S. chances are good that this image could either be featuring a model that’s exclusive to the international market, or a near-production concept. Either way, look for it to be a revolutionary change for Hyundai, with the company repeatedly claiming that it will embody a “streamliner” look that maximizes aerodynamics and style.


When Will We See It?

Unlike other upcoming models, the Ioniq 6 might have actually begun production with a report from the Korean Economic Daily appearing to confirm that Hyundai has already started production of the model back in May or June. This is a rare move for an automaker (usually production happens after the vehicle is unveiled) but it could be that Hyundai is trying to anticipate the high level of demand and might be trying to ensure that it has enough vehicles ready for the initial crush of customer orders.