2023 GMC Canyon Is Bigger And Brawnier Than Ever, AT4X Aims To Find Nowhere

When the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado was unveiled, we were curious to see how what the folks at GMC had up their sleeve with the 2023 GMC Canyon. The previous generation Canyon was a capable truck but one that was hobbled by tamer exterior design, and lower sales when compared to its counterpart the Chevrolet Colorado. GMC is out to change all that with the unveiling of the 2023 GMC Canyon which takes things in a wilder yet more refined direction with the all-new AT4X model.   Canyon AT4X Brings New Firepower To The Off-Road Pickup Wars It’s no secret that …

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2023 GMC Canyon – 3 Things You Can Expect From GMC’s Revamped Mid-Size Truck

The 2023 GMC Canyon will be making its debut in only a couple days, but what can buyers expect from the revamped Canyon especially as it aims to add new depth to GMC’s sales charts. Here’s three things that you can expect from the 2023 GMC Canyon   Canyon Will Have A Stronger Resemblance To Big Brother Sierra With the price of full-size trucks like its corporate cousin the Sierra going up considerably over the past few years, the Canyon’s role in GMC’s sales machine will be more important than ever. As such, look for this Canyon to embrace more …

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2023 GMC Canyon Teased Again, Burly AT4X Trim Showcases Trail Styling, Confirms August 11th Debut

The dust is still settling from the debut of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado, but it can be easy to forget that GMC is also preparing to debut the 2023 GMC Canyon. The Canyon is often considered to be the more upscale version of its Chevrolet sibling, but a new teaser the brand released appears to show that the trail ready AT4X model will also be ramping up its efforts to differentiate itself from the ZR2 out on the trail.   Canyon Exterior Styling Looks The Part The two teaser images GMC released show the front fo the truck with the …

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2023 GMC Sierra AT4X Raises The Off-Road Stakes, Beefier Than Ever

GMC made waves when it launched the 2023 GMC Sierra. The revamped truck aimed to fix all of its interior woes while still updating other aspects of the Sierra formula that have made it a sales success for decades (this author grew up with a 1991 Bahama Blue-hued example.) The one question that remained unanswered was how the truck would fare in the rugged backwoods? GMC and American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) have finally delivered the answer with the 2023 GMC Sierra AT4X AEV Edition.   AT4X AEV Edition, Rugged And Ready For Work The moniker is a mouthful to say …

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GMC Takes Hummer EV SUV To Moab, Celebrates Key Step In Vehicle Testing

GMC promised that it would take the art of capability and trail-busting performance seriously when we checked out the Hummer EV pickup in Arizona a short while back. The Hummer we drove certainly proved that it had the stuff to cover both urban commuting and trail conquering journeys but it also made us wonder about the SUV version. GMC revealed that this particular model is not getting any special treatment in its development and that the company is putting it through the same high level of testing that the pickup went through before it got into the hands of customers.   …

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2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Blurs Boundaries With Cadillac, Adds New Luxuries

When the Denali Ultimate line first appeared on the Sierra, it signified GMC’s ambition of expanding the sales grip of its hot-selling Denali lineup. Boasting more standard equipment and luxury than a standard model, Ultimate models are a noticeable upgrade over their slightly tamer cousins. With the Sierra Denali Ultimate riding a wave of momentum, the brand has revealed the second member of the Ultimate lineup the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.   An Escalade In GMC Clothing   Looking at the exterior of the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate, the changes here may not seem obvious at first glance. …

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2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Will Be A Darling Of Summer, What Buyers Can Expect?

It wasn’t too long ago that we traveled out to Arizona to check out the 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1. But amid all the festivities, we were also given a glimpse into the future, with GMC reps providing an early glimpse of the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X. The AT4X will be breaking new ground for GMC in the mid-size segment, but what can buyers expect when this rugged Canyon makes its way to showrooms?   Rugged Styling But Turned Up A Notch GMC has so far only released one teaser image of the Canyon AT4X for now, but it does …

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First Drive Review – 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup – Supercharging GM’s Ultium Ambitions

The pages of history are quickly turning at General Motors. It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of a pure EV offering from GM would’ve been seen as laughable never mind one with the Hummer badge dubbed the Edition 1. In those days, Hummer was known for two things, delivering the goods on off-road capability, and laughably low fuel economy. But the times have changed, and GM has brought back the Hummer moniker (as a sub-brand this time) to not only spearhead its assault on the EV market but also storm the pickup segment as the world’s first “supertruck.” …

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GMC Announces All-New Hummer Documentary, Will Air On History Channel

The GMC Hummer EV is just now entering production, but it turns out that GMC had a few more surprises to share and that included the filming of a 60-minute documentary which documents the entire story of the Hummer EV and even sheds light on details that few in the general public knew about during the Hummer’s road from being a design sketch to becoming a full-fledged electrified pickup. Documentary Sheds Light On Every Hummer Milestone The documentary was shot in a partnership between GMC and A+E networks the company that’s better known for being the corporate face of the …

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2022 GMC Canyon AT4 Review

Radiant in Red! The 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is nearing the end of its life. GM is planning to release an all new Colorado/Canyon duo in 2023, but how does the 2022 stack up to current competition? Outside Despite being near the end of a generation the 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 doesn’t look outdated. The front end is big and bold with an aggressive dark chrome grill. Going with the AT4 brings you some off-road styling that is also functional. The front bumper curves up at the edges to allow more clearance in front of the tires. Bright LED headlights …

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 Limited

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 Limited Review

Not updated For 2022! While GMC will have a mid-life refresh for the Sierra 1500 coming soon, this is not that truck. Until things start to settle down from the pandemic we get this “AT4 Limited” trim stop gap model, which is basically from 2021. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent truck! The Overview GMC sent us a 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 Limited with the 3.0 turbo diesel for our review. This engine has 277 horsepower and 460 foot-pounds of torque. Power is sent through a 10-speed auto, 2-speed transfer case with an auto 4wd setting, and …

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GMC Reaches Hummer EV Milestone, Announces First Deliveries Of Edition 1 Hummer

GMC promised to make a big splash for the Hummer EV pickup. But while we get to wait a while to see the upcoming Sierra EV pickup, GM’s truck division revealed that it has formally completed the first few production Hummer EVs, which beat the Ford F-150 Lightning for second place and has the Rivian R1T firmly in its sights.   A Well-Heeled Rig For Early Adopters The first few Hummer pickups rolling off the assembly line are the limited production Edition 1 models. These rigs will temporarily serve as the range-topping model in the Hummer family and start at …

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GMC Teases Sierra EV Pickup, Will Debut In Denali Trim Only

Sequels can be a tricky thing to get right. The sequel is tasked with following on the heels of a famous movie or book, and most of the time, it often falls short of expectations. GMC is hoping that the proverbial sequel to the Hummer EV doesn’t miss the mark and has officially teased the upcoming Sierra EV pickup ahead of its official debut.   Sierra EV Woos The Masses With Technology GMC didn’t reveal too much information in its brief teaser video, but it preferred to let images speak louder than words with a first look at the truck’s …

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GMC Hummer EV Pickup Gets 329 Miles Of Range, Rolls Out In December

The GMC Hummer EV is arguably one of the most hotly-anticipated EV offerings of 2023. But other than sightings of various prototypes and an initial virtual unveiling that GMC did last year, we were left wondering about some of the more essential items, including formal range between charges. Thankfully, GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred helped shed some new light on the matter during a conference call with assembled media earlier today.   Hummer EV Slated To Get 329 Miles Of Range An essential slice of information that came out of today’s phone call is that the Hummer EV can achieve …

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GMC Shows Off 2022 Hummer EV Accessories Ahead Of SEMA Debut

The off-road segment is a booming business for many automakers and a key element that helps make them a sales success is the vast pool of accessories that customers can put onto their rigs before they hit the trail. GMC is no exception and knows that its Hummer EV will be popular with lifestyle buyers looking for trail-ready capability. Many of these buyers will also want to adorn their Hummer with accessories, and GMC will use the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas to preview some of them before they make their way to dealerships.   GMC Will Offer Over …

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GMC Reivents Luxury And Capability With All New 2022 Sierra Lineup, Denali Ultimate Model Drops The Mic

The GMC Sierra has always been one of the pillars that has helped support the GMC truck brand. In recent years, the Sierra has added extra levels of technology to its already impressive arsenal of rugged performance hardware in an attempt to help it stand out from rivals like the Ram 1500 and the segment-leading Ford F-150. The current generation truck is no slouch, but it was held back by lackluster interior and exterior design. GMC has decided to take action and has unveiled the all-new 2022 GMC Sierra.   Mid-Cycle Evolution Adds Precision To Venerable Nameplate While this is …

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GMC Releases Early Design Sketch Of Hummer SUT, Showcases Edgier Design For Pickup

The General Motors Design Instagram page has recently become a welcoming fountain of information. This arm of GM’s broader social media empire has occasionally teased us with many very interesting sketches, typically of vehicles that are still in the distant future or relics from the past. However, GM Design decided to focus on the present and released an early design sketch of the Hummer EV pickup that never made it off the drawing board.   Edgier Design Could’ve Added More Tesla DNA To Design The sketch in question limits our view to the rear of the Hummer, but while some …

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GMC Unveils Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept, Previews Future GMC Cues

GMC’s AT4 brand has rapidly become a potent sales force for the brand over the past few years. GMC reps claim that AT4 badged models have allowed them to win over new customers, and their blend of capability and comfort has allowed them to fight toe to toe with rivals. GMC is focused on the future of AT4 as well and has unveiled a glimpse of this upcoming reality with the all-new GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept.   An Overlander Capable Of The Toughest Trail Busting The concept uses the existing Canyon AT4 as its source material, but it takes …

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GMC Ushers In Next Stage Of Super Cruise With 2022 Sierra, We Go For A Spin To See What’s New

The 2022 GMC Sierra is one of the brand’s most important model launches of 2021. The truck promises to bring some updates and other revisions to help the truck hold its own against the Ford F-150 and the Ram 1500. But while the truck itself will not be unveiled until later this year, we had the opportunity to try out the all-new Super Cruise feature and its newfound abilities, the ability to do automated lane changes, and even to operate when towing a trailer.   Computerized Lane Changes Preview The Future To find out, we traveled out to GM’s Milford …

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GMC Confirms EV Pickup Is Coming, Will Join Silverado EV

In a media update call earlier today, GMC shared some details about what the future would hold for the truck and SUV brand as the push towards electrification is becoming a more prominent inevitability. That included the first confirmation that an all-electric pickup will be coming to GMC showrooms in the near future.   All-Electric Pickup Will Help Create Potent One-Two Punch While GMC confirmed that an electrified truck is indeed in the pipeline, the brand chose to keep core details about the truck to itself. That said, there are some obvious clues that suggest that the truck will play …

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GMC Goes Full Circle With Hummer EV SUV, Brings Zero Emissions To Family SUV

When GMC first unveiled the Hummer EV pickup, the brand neither confirmed nor denied plans were in the works for an SUV version. Fast forward to the 2021 March Madness tournament, and GMC officially confirmed that the Hummer SUV is for real and that it will be officially bringing the revived moniker full-circle in its quest to achieve true redemption in the eyes of a fuel-conscious world.   The Ultimate Zero Emissions Family Vehicle As the name and basic look imply, the 2024 Hummer EV SUV is the marriage of the truck’s EV technology with an SUV body. The exterior …

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2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Review by Matt Barnes

2021 GMC Canyon AT4 The GMC Canyon AT4 is an all new trim level for 2021. GMC released the current version of the Canyon in 2014 as a 2015 model year and this 2nd generation is nearing the end of its life. However, before it goes GM has given it a facelift and minor update for the 2021 model year. Exterior For added off-road capability the Canyon AT4 trim adds 31” DuraTrac tires from Goodyear, suspension more oriented for off-road travel, G80 real locking differential, and additional skid plates. In the looks department GM has painted the tow hooks red, …

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2021 GMC Yukon Denali Review by Matt Barnes

2021 GMC Yukon Denali GM has always been the leader in full size SUV sales. With the introduction of the Suburban in 1935, they have more experience in the game that any other brand. For 2021 GM completely redesigned their full-size SUV lineup, including the Yukon Denali. Full disclosure: GMC sent us a 2021 GMC Yukon Denali with a full tank of gas for us to review. Exterior The first thing noticed on the exterior of the Denali is the massive mesh grill with bold GMC lettering. It’s bold and aggressive. The LED headlights bracketed with the daytime running lights …

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2021 GMC AT4 vs 2021 Chevy RST Z71

Half-ton truck diesel engines have made their way into the big three American brands. Ford and Ram both use 3.0-liter V6 engines while the GM products use a 3.0-liter Inline 6. How does this engine perform in GM’s 1500 twins and what are the differences between the two trucks? GMC has been trying to differentiate themselves from Chevy as a more premium brand. Often times new tech will debut in the GMC and trickle down into the Chevy equivalent i.e. the MultiPro and MultiFlex tailgates. Other times GMC will get tech not available in the Chevy i.e. the Denali exclusive …

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2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Off-Road Performance Edition arrives, closest thing to a Bison that GMC gets

GMC has been on a roll when it comes to expanding its growing AT4 lineup of vehicles. The brand like others in its segment, sees off-roading as the next lucrative cash cow, and has made a key step towards cementing its fortunes in the segment, with the unveiling of the 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Performance Edition. The Performance Edition represents a noticeable upgrade over the standard AT4, but what does it bring to the table?   It’s not a Bison, but it’s close to one For those that wonder whether the AT4 Performance Edition is the long awaited equivalent to …

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Crab Mode in action, new GMC teaser shows innovative driving mode in action [Video]

When GMC first introduced the world to “Crab Mode” via the mascot that will be used to highlight when the mode is engaged. It certainly looked cool, but it also left us asking alot of questions. We assumed that GMC engineers somehow managed to replicate the tank turn feature that’s become a signature party trick for the Rivian R1T. But a new video teaser reveals not only how wrong we were, but also what could be a surprise innovation in the pickup segment as a whole. The half-minute clip GMC released looks like it was shot on a beach, with …

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GMC teases “Crab Mode,” debuts playful mascot to celebrate

Ever since GMC revealed that the axed Hummer brand would get a green focused reboot, the truck focused brand has released about the upcoming truck that have certainly made us excited for its debut. This time around, GMC chose to have a bit of fun, and confirmed that the Hummer pickup will indeed come equipped with a built in Crab Mode. The brand chose to do this by unveiling the badge for the new driving mode which features a spiffy looking crab mascot. Other than the slick looking crustacean, the teaser does not reveal anything else about the pickup which …

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GMC Teases Open Air T-Tops, Massive Display Screen Also Emerges From The Shadows [Video]

When GM first began teasing the GMC Hummer EV pickup back in March, the company revealed that a key feature for the truck will be its removable glass roof panels. The truck was originally supposed to make its debut this week, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced GM to scrap those plans. However, that has not stopped the auto giant from continuing its meticulous tease of the new model, with the firm releasing a brand new teaser for the truck. Unlike last time, GMC trades the birds-eye view for a more traditional glimpse that is shot from within the EV. …

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Road Test Review – 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD AT4 – By Carl Malek

It’s hard to deny the love affair that buyers have developed for rugged light duty trucks like the dune slaying Ford Raptor, the Ram Rebel 1500, as well as the Chevrolet Silverado Trailboss. With these models becoming key cogs for their respective brands in terms of sales, it only seems natural to extend this magic to their heavy duty counterparts. The Ram Power Wagon, The Ford Super Duty Tremor, and the Nissan Titan XD Pro 4-X were the early shots into this endeavor and naturally GMC had to issue a rebuttal of their own with the Sierra HD AT4. But …

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Hummer Is Back And Greener Than Ever, Will Be Part Of GMC Lineup In 2022 [Video]

Following a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that suggested GM was bringing back the long dead Hummer name for new life as an EV offering, GM has officially confirmed that it is indeed a reality, and that the Hummer truck will be formally teased during the Super Bowl this weekend.   For those that are wondering, the Hummer nameplate is not returning as a standalone brand, which does shoot down sketchier accounts that suggested that would be the case. Instead, it appears that GM is positioning it as a sub-brand that would be housed within one of its …

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2021 GMC Yukon Ups The Refinement Scale, Brings New Technology To Buyers

When the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe were first unveiled back in December, we wondered how long it would be before its GMC twins the GMC Yukon and the Yukon XL would make their appearance. Following a wave of speculation as well as lingering sightings of testers all over Metro Detroit, GMC took the veil off the 2021 GMC Yukon which brings more refinement, technology, and flair to buyers. Unlike the Suburban and Tahoe which featured elements of the controversial design language seen in the Silverado, the Yukon’s Sierra based design allows it to borrow cues from that model, and …

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4 - 2019-GMC-Sierra-Denali-04

2019 GMC Sierra Denali – Road Test Review – By Zeid Nasser

GMC has taken its most popular pickup truck, the Sierra Denali, to the next level with a complete redesign for 2019. Distinguished by bold design innovative technologies, the 2019 Sierra Denali redefines the premium pickup, while advancing Denali’s legacy as the pinnacle of GMC design, capability and refinement. Powerful proportions and distinctive Denali design help define the Sierra’s unmistakable exterior, while the driver-focused cabin strengthens the brand’s reputation for refinement with premium materials, improved interior space and innovative storage solutions. DESIGN Sierra Denali debuts a new GMC design. A taller, more confident stance gives Sierra Denali powerful proportions complemented by …

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GMC Unveils 2019 Sierra, Features CarbonPro Bed and MultiPro Tailgate

Following the debut of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, General Motors has unveiled the second half of its pickup truck equation, the 2019 GMC Sierra which crams even more innovation and technology into its iconic lines for the new model year. Like the Silverado, the front fascia of the Sierra is mainly a love it or hate it affair, but GMC designers did make extra effort into making the truck more upscale than the decidedly more mainstream Silverado. This includes adding a reworked chrome front grille, revised front and rear bumpers, as well …

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2017 GMC Canyon Denali 4x4 SWB Crew 9

In Pictures: 2017 GMC Canyon Denali 4×4 SWB Crew

Hard to hide the disappointment we had with the 2017 Canyon Denali.  This was a delayed-release flagship for GMC’s midsize trucks.  Denali models usually have everything standard and are a big, big upgrade in luxury style and amenities. This Canyon Denali does have a huge standard equipment list and a new grille to its credit.  But overall, the amount of Denali badges is the biggest change you will notice. Underwhelming on the off-road course with these low, low running boards.  Not thrilled that the GMC Canyon’s LED light accents are not actually DRLs.  And bummed to find regular halogen reflectors …

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2017 GMC Acadia DENALI – Road Test Review – By Tim Esterdahl

  GMC angling to be a “premium brand” these days — a long way from their trucks’ deserved reputation as rebadged Chevrolets.  GMC has definitely changed, but not everything makes sense. The 2017 GMC Acadia Denali is a perfect example of this. It is essentially a rebadged Chevrolet Traverse with upgraded features and luxury. Do these luxury features push it to another level above the Traverse? Absolutely, yet they may do more harm than good. The 2017 GMC Acadia is one of several SUV models offered by GMC these days as the brand works to find complements to its better-selling Yukon Denali and Sierra …

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2017 GMC Acadia Exteior Photos 12

2017 GMC Acadia SLT-1 FWD – HD Road Test Review

You know the shorthand details on the all-new 2017 Acadia from GMC:  it is 700-pounds lighter and overall far more carlike than its predecessor. While still seating six or seven with its three-row seating. Another few changes slipped out of the big news, though: the Acadia is gorgeous now, and runs a gorgeous 26-mpg highway via its standard front-drive, four-cylinder power. This is pretty huge news versus the Acadia’s at the top of the range with their big V6 engine and ubiquiotus AWD and huge wheels.  A rarity in the car-reviews business, then. We have ourselves an entry-level model to …

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Drive Review – 2016 GMC CANYON DuraMax SLT 4WD – By Ben Lewis

    We recently tested the all-new 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. What does this have to do with the GMC Canyon Diesel? Nothing, except it does point to a trend. Fresh powertrain choices in well-established vehicles. In the case of the Canyon – ok, just this once – the 2016 GMC Canyon 4WD SLT Short Box with 2.8L DURAMAX turbo diesel 4-cylinder – it means that the mid-size pickup buyer now has the opportunity to  enjoy the diesel goodness they’ve long been denied. Diesel has always been the go-to for the big rigs, and for the heavy-duty, 250-series size pickups as …

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2016 GMC Terrain Denali Review  1

Road Test Review – 2016 GMC Terrain Denali AWD – By Tim Esterdahl

Review: 2016 GMC Terrain Denali AWD Falls Short In Key Areas While most people think of a “Denali” as a large, luxury SUV, the name really applies to a whole range of products GMC offers. One of these is the small Terrain SUV with ample cargo room and lots of features. However, if you are looking for the Yukon or Sierra Denali experience in this smaller package, it just falls short. Officially, GMC lists the Terrain as a mid-size crossover utility and it was launched in 2010 – replacing the Pontiac Torrent when the Pontiac brand ended. It shares the …

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HD Road Test Review – 2016 GMC Yukon DENALI 4WD

GMC unknowingly timed their full Yukon redesign perfectly:  as the new full-size trucks arrived in 2015, gas prices dropped to historic lows.  Rave reviews on the new trucks’ style, tech and performance propelled massive sales gains: nearly double the sales of the overall vehicle, and almost tripling the previous year’s Yukon XL sales. These are still down from their heady highs in the 70k-units-plus annual tallies that evaporated after 2008’s gas-price spike.   There is much more to the success of the Yukon Denali than external factors like gas prices., however.  This lux truck is a perfect sweet-spot between yummy …

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NY Debuts – 2017 GMC Terrain NIGHTFALL Edition

Black Pack is not really a popular term in the auto world.  But how many other ways are there to say it!?   Midnight, Black Badge, Black Out… not really ideal either Nightfall is the latest descriptor to be applied to this hot and very-stylish look — and comes to the GMC Terrain for 2017.  Just the SLT and SLE-2 models in the mid-range will feature this optional upgrade, which comes in four colors with a dechromed, dark charcoal grille, dark trim details and black-accented alloys.  It does wonders for the style of the giant-inside crossover! Just one image of …

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2016 GMC SIERRA All Terrain X – Black Ops Hero Doubles Down on LEDs +10HP Sport Exhaust

Dreams really can come true! Especially if they are blacked-out GMC pickups! =] Just a few weeks after we dechromed a Sierra HD All Terrain in photoshop, along comes this stunning new 2016 Sierra ATX. GMC Yukon Denali – VIP Rendering GMC Sierra HD – Black pack Renderings     The newest Sierra 1500 club-member is is concept-cool take on the outdoorsman pickup theme. This time, the truck is seriously specced up for black ops.  New 18-inch wheels, mud rubber, custom side steps, bed box with LED-ready setup for off-road spotlights and LED main headlights. These are above and beyond …

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2017 GMC ACADIA Shows Radical Redesign: 700Lb Weight Loss, New All Terrain Spec

My my, what have we here! A very sexy makeover for the well-liked GMC Acadia? This three-row crossover has been winning friends for years with its Yukon-like cabin room, but easier parking manners and comfier ride quality. The 2017 model builds on these strengths… but does it drop some capability along the way? Surely, something MUST have fallen by the wayside for the 2017 Acadia to be a massive 700 pounds lighter than the current model.  No swap to aluminum a la the Range Rover or new Q7.  High-strength steel can only do so much, right? It turns out what …

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HD Road Test Review – 2016 GMC Terrain DENALI AWD V6 – Swanky Refresh for Right-Sized SUV

GMC’s best-seller has been tearing up the sales rulebooks since its launch in 2009. We’ve admired its huge back seat and very affordable $24k base price from afar, but never from behind the wheel. The GMC Terrain welcomes a light refresh for 2016: new styling outside and new tech in the cabin helps the family favorite be even more competitive in the mid-size SUV class. And while the upgrades outside are fairly light for most trims, the new LED DRLs up front do wonders for the truck’s appeal on the road. The biggest news for the 2016 Terrain is the …

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2017 GMC Canyon DENALI Wears Butch New Grille, 20s and LEDs – 31MPG DuraMax Diesel Optional

Despite all the excitement around the new generation of mid-size pickup trucks, the huge praise heaped on the Chevy Colorado has not yet translated into huge full-year sales numbers.  At least, not by US pickup market standards — where the F-Series from Ford nears 800k units annually in a good year.  (Not this launch year, mind you, with lots of factory down-time in the aluminum transition. Since the launch of the GMC Canyon and its bro, the Chevy Colorado, the two have been burning up the sale growth charts. Despite initial impressions of the GMC as the better-looking of the …

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2016 GMC Sierra ELEVATION Edition Revealed Ahead of February Showroom Arrival

Holy cow! Is this the best-looking truck on the roads in 2016? Definitely in the top three — the Sierra Elevation Edition is back on the refreshed GMC half-ton truck books with dark and premium looks, top-shelf tech upgrades, and pricing that is far more do-able than the loaded Denali. We love the blacked-out styling tweaks, the new lighting front and rear, plus the HID bi-xenon projectors for the first time in a GMC pickup. New DRL designs in white LED appear on all 2016 Sierras, but few are going to turn heads as often as the Elevation edition. GMC …

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2015 GMC Yukon DENALI XL 40

HD Road Test Review – 2015 GMC Yukon Denali XL 4×4 with New 8-Speed Automatic

Denali lovers have never had it so good: this swanky trimline now extends beyond the Yukon and into the full range from GMC. But for many shoppers, the sweet spot of the General Motors truck range is the Denali XL. Nearly all the tech and luxury of the Escalade, with a less shouty overall presence on the roads. This paradox of the Denali being more humble, yet costing similar to the Caddy is plain for all to see. The idea is that everyone knows the Denali is Caddy-plush, and costs about as much, too. For a big swath of buyers, …

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2016 GMC Sierra 18

2016 GMC SIERRA Reveals Facelift + LED Lighting Upgrade in SLT, Denali and All Terrain Trims

Let this facelift be a great reward for all who wished the Silverado and Sierra had LEDs to match the new F-150! A full makeover for all three major trims changes the look of the nose pretty dramatically. These new-shape LEDs bring an updated group of grille and bumper designs, plus LED fogs to boot. Around back, LED C-shaped lamps share their cool look with the Yukon Denali. The Silverado is also fresh-faced for the 2016 model year, with just one preview rendering to go on so far.   2016 GMC SIERRA     2016 GMC Sierra Unveiled 2015-07-15 DETROIT …

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Update1 – 2016 GMC Terrain and Terrain Denali Refreshed With LEDs

  A midsize crossover so bland that we regularly forget it exists? Oh, that would be GMC’s second-best-seller: the Terrain. Paired with the Chevrolet Equinox, the new Terrain and Terrain Denali are right on the pulse of many buyers size, price and style needs even six years since their launch in 2009. The Terrain and Equinox have actually increased their sales performance fairly dramatically in recent years, which may explain why they are so updated so slightly for 2016. A new look for the nose comes from a fresh lower fascia design, revised grille detailing and a new hood shape …

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1946 GMC Pickup Truck 9

Mecom Florida 2015 Favorites – 1948 GMC Half-Ton Pickup Truck

You can tell how hard this 1948 GMC Pickup was ready to work in the profile shot. It is all nose. With an empty bed or now trailer, the truck looks like it might tip upward onto its nose. And that would be a shame. What a nose this was!  With a stamped steel shape so deep, modern industrial presses would be jealous! Melting down over the tall OHV and intake mechanicals, this amazing flow of metal is pure smooth bliss. It was also a functional feature: dropping each side of the hood let you have a much clearer view …

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Houston Auto Show - 2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition 1

Houston Auto Show – 2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition in 20 New Photos + Pricing From $35k

  Updated 1.23.15 With Pricing and 20 New Photos The Sierra Elevation Edition is one cool black 1500 on the Houston Auto Show floor! Just as we snapped these 35 new photos, GMC revealed the pricing of this new factory custom– with an enticing $34,865 base for the rear-drive V6. It is great to see the double-decker LED lights as standard on the Sierra Elevation, despite them not being lit in these photos. 2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition Pricing: 4.3L 2WD: $34,865 4.3L 4WD: $38,795 5.3L 2WD: $35,960 5.3L 4WD: $39,890   2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition     PREVIOUS …

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gmc denali xt gif

Concept Flashback – 2008 GMC Denali XT Is Hybrid V8 Chop-Top!

How many awesome ideas and cars hit the chopping block during the financial crisis? More than a dozen from each manufacturer, we would estimate. That goes for much of the new engine tech and almost all of the new segment-busting models like this Denali XT. As wide as a full-size truck, but two feet lower — the Denali XT is seriously sexy even as we enter 2015. The ideas shown on this truck are pretty evergreen, and might be up for a revival some day. The Hybrid engine tech shown is paired with a 4.9-liter, direct-injected V8 — the one …

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GMC Sierra elevation and carbon gif

2015 GMC Sierra ELEVATION and CARBON Editions Bring Top-Flight LEDs and Stylish Black Wheels

Two great options announced today from GMC for those without the $40,000-plus for the Denali: the 2015 Elevation Edition and 2015 Carbon 20 and Carbon 22 Editions. Available on the entry-level engine or the 5.3-liter V8, the Elevation Edition offers GMC Sierra shoppers much of the clean and contemporary style of the F-150 Lariat Sport. This means a largely chrome-free exterior, with body-color grilles, bumpers, mirrors, door handles and other detailing. Pricing for the Carbon 20 Edition starts from $34,000, while the Carbon 22 Edition starts closer to $40,000. Pricing for the Elevation Edition is not yet available, but is …

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Future SUV Rendering – 2016 GMC Denali VIP Concept – Black Trim, Wheels + Extra LED Lighting

If you read the glowing review of the 2015 GMC Yukon Denali this morning, you know we are big fans of this big truck. It is everything the Tahoe has, and almost everything the Escalade brings to the table — but with extra under-the-radar coolness as standard. The Escalade is a pop-culture phenom at this point – which is great news for resurgent Cadillac. But the Escalade being the ride of choice for young Hollywood does not universally enhance its appeal.What about those seeking ultimate style without the Cadillac badge? Is the Denali the price ceiling for GMC? Our hunch …

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Road Test Review – 2015 GMC Yukon Denali Is 6.2-Second, 6.2L V8 Dream SUV

The GMC Yukon Denali has been a pet project of mine since the trio of next-gen GM SUVs debuted in September of 2013. I went from auto writer to fan-boy: creating color turn-tables, pouring over the equipment lists, and generally fawning over the machine. Some seat time only confirmed my strong desire for the Denali as the sweet-spot of the Tahoe/Suburban/Escalade line-up. I deeply enjoyed the Denali’s plush leather and interior mood, while relishing the benefits both the Tahoe and Yukon bring to the table for 2015. Let’s dive in with the usual categories: Exterior, Interior, Driving Experience and Summary. …

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GMC RR Wraith rendering

Rendered Mashup – GMC Denali Plus Rolls-Royce Wraith

These are nothing more than simple entertainment – there is no link between GMC and Rolls-Royce today, and both brands would likely be horrified by the results shown here. But a cross-breed can be fun to explore visually: Simply because it is so outside the norm – so unlike anything you see on a daily basis. In that fun and silly and non-speculative note, here is a rough, rough mix of Rolls-Royce Wraith and GMC All Terrain and Denali styling — on one mutant vehicle. The more I look at these, the less I want to publish them…. But so …

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2015 GMC Sierra HD All Terrain Header GIF2

2015 GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD – Real-Life Launch Photos of the King-Kong 2015 HD Truck

GMC is on a roll right now – sales are way up, market share is up, and diesel engine adoption is above 70-percent among HD truck buyers. This is all great news for the company, and shows that buyers are stepping up to the HD trucks in record numbers. The trade-offs for doing so are less than ever before, and the payout is far more capability. To make the transition as smooth as possible from the loaded half-ton trucks to the 2500 and 3500 HD lines, the Denali trim comes along and now the All Terrain package (available of SLE …

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2015 GMC Canyon Header GIF1

Updated with Real-Life Photos! 302HP 2015 GMC Canyon Easily Best-Looking Mid-Size Pickup

2015 GMC Canyon All-Terrain – Article Updated 5.27.14 The Canyon All-Terrain took the stage last week with the GMC team at Road America for the Midwest Automotive Media Association’s Spring Rally – and it looks just as good in the flesh as it does in the previews!   The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are shaping up to be huge news in a stagnant segment: mid-size trucks. Compact trucks? Not a “thing” anymore. Everybody who is anybody is going mid-size. As the Toyota Tacoma grew in size markedly to match the (long-gone; not missed) Dodge Dakota in size, others …

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White Sierra Denali HEADER

To Denali or not to Denali? 2014 GMC Sierra Style and Equipment Comparison

  Q:)    Why go for the top-of-the-line Sierra Denali ? A:)    Allows optional 6.2-liter engine, style and cabin materials. The Denali is the only Sierra 1500 that is offered with the 6.2-liter V8 versus the top 5.3-liter engine in the standard trims. It is also equipped with perhaps 50 pieces of desirable equipment, including mechanical pieces like the external diff and transmission coolers, tougher undertrays, and a huge overhaul inside to bring this truck near-Escalade refinement levels. The road noise reduction and standard equipment inclusion is likely to biggest reason to go Denali over the $2,000-less SLE trim at the …

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Presto, Here-We-Go! Animated Evolution of GMC from 1902 Rapid Truck to 2015 Sierra Denali HD + Brand Origin Explained

GMC really has some deep truck roots! Even while Chevrolet hoovers up most of the sales volume these days — and has for many years — the GMC legacy actually predates Chevrolet. Something that has never changed in the 102 years of this evolution span is the need by Americans for heavy-lifting trucks. The GMC line added two-ton weights, panel cabs and chassis cabs in 1915, and has never looked back. But what did GMC really “stand” for when added to the General Motors portfolio as GMTC, selling Rapid and Reliance trucks from around 1909? Two clues are right there …

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GMC 2500HD and 3500HD Denali Sierra Animation header

Latest GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali and 3500HD Bring Class-Exclusive LEDs and Very Premium Designs

The 2015 GMC Sierra HD is quite an appealing machine. Its chunky fender arches and butch panels are at once both very stylish as well as very functional.   The LED addition in the headlamps of the Sierra HD are a treat, and a segment-exclusive item for the time being. They really help the Sierra line feel new and unique versus the latest Silverado line, which lack this element and can feel a bit stale visually by comparison. The Chevrolet HD trucks are more distinctive in being new versus the 1500, but all the Chevy trucks are less revamped than …

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2015 GMC Canyon LED lighting fader animation

302HP 2015 GMC Canyon COLORS Guide

The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are shaping up to be huge news in a stagnant segment: mid-size trucks. Compact trucks? Not a “thing” anymore. Everybody who is anybody is going mid-size. As the Toyota Tacoma grew in size markedly to match the (long-gone; not missed) Dodge Dakota in size, others are quickly following suit. The next Nissan Frontier is debating various diesel engine options for a big revision for the 2016 model year, and even Ford is internally debating reviving the Ranger model for US sales. But the real news in this segment? Buyers are terminally bored with …

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2015 GMC Yukon Denali COLORS – Every Shade in Animated Fly-Around Graphics

 2015 GMC Yukon Denali COLORS   This article will load slowly due to the sheer volume of artwork,  but included below are nine full spin-tables in all nine colors available. Each color spinner is labelled with the paint color as its file name. Enjoy! This one is Summit White, for example.   COLOR CHOICE ANIMATIONS   Animated History of the Chevrolet Suburban – right-click to download


2015 GMC Yukon XL – Super Bowl Shuffle via Animated Turntables – 9 Color Choices

The 2015 Yukon XL is arriving in the next few weeks at GMC dealers nationwide. Just in time for the Super Bowl! The Yukon’s extra four inches of front legroom will certainly be appreciated by NFL players — even more so because the old Yukon was already a tall-guy favorite. The Yukon XL is offered in nine colors from launch.   Detail Images Turntables (Denali Shown) Onyx Black Summit White Quicksilver Metallic Champagne Silver Metallic Iridium Metallic Crystal Red Tintcoat White Diamond Tricoat — Denali Only   Bronze Alloy Metallic Midnight Amethyst Metallic

Color Visualizer for the 2015 GMC Yukon Denali - Summit White 4

Color Visualizer for the 2015 GMC Yukon Denali – Summit White and Onyx Black

This really goes into the “be careful what you wish for” files. While preparing a roundup of the latest 2015 GMC Yukon photos, I discovered a wonderful visualizer at GMC.com. But one or two photos of the color choices is not my style.  And not GMC’s either! These need to be spread into multiple articles due to file size. Here’s the first, Summit White.  Looking very dapper.  

Ford Adds 60’s Inspired Heritage Editions To Bronco, Bronco Sport For 2023,

The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have proven to be a popular duet of SUVs for buyers. Both models have seen strong sales and while the bigger Bronco had a rough launch, the smaller Sport picked up the slack and helped lay out the foundation for success. With Bronco Day 2022 upon us, Ford chose to celebrate the occasion by unveiling special Heritage Edition versions of the Bronco and the Bronco Sport.   Bronco Heritage Editions Exude 1960s Spirit At first glance, the two SUVs might seem to be trying to reignite the retro fad that once burned brightly in …

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Titan XD Off-Pavement

2022 Nissan Titan XD Review: The In-Betweener

Modern Nissan vehicles are overcoming past issues. The updated Armada, new Frontier, and the Z are great examples of this push for change. At the beginning of this changes was the Titan XD. Two years ago it was updated with a more premium interior and some exterior design features. Since then not much has changed. It is still powered by the excellent 5.6-liter V8 with 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. That power runs through a well tuned 9-speed automatic. Where does the 2022 Titan XD fit into the truck market? How the XD is Different When compared to …

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Buick Wildcat EV Exudes Style, Previews Future Of Brand’s EV Efforts

The evolution of Buick has seen the brand go through many twists and turns over the past few decades. GM’s Ultium fueled revolution aims to guide Buick through its latest transformation into an all-electric brand for the future. Buick reps offered a glimpse into this new reality with the all-new Buick Wildcat EV Concept that not only looks sleek in its own right but also previews some new technologies too.   A Showstopper That’s Not Heading To Production The Wildcat concept first started out as a mere design sketch that happened to catch the attention of higher-ups within the company. …

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2022 Blazer Feature Image

2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS AWD Review: Rally Sport Goes Off-Pavement

2022 Chevy Blazer RS: When Rally Sport Makes a Difference The 2022 Blazer RS is the only RS trimmed crossover from Chevy that gets performance upgrades. In the case of the Blazer there is a dual clutch rear differential that can torque vector. Oddly enough this dual clutch feature can also essentially lock the rear axle shafts together for excellent off-pavement traction. 2022 Blazer RS Exterior For 2022 Chevy has added Nitro Yellow and Blue Glow to the color lineup of the Blazer. Our tester was adorned in the very bright Nitro Yellow. Many manufacturers are offering distinct new colors …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid FWD – Shifting The Green Balance In Mid-Size Pickups

Ford’s bold plan of being a pure SUV and pickup company (Mustang excluded, of course) generated its fair share of criticism and faced a test courtesy of surging gas prices. But despite all of this, Ford is still generating massive profits and is rocketing towards an all-electric future. The Ford F-150 and the Ranger pickups are two vital cogs in the company’s broader sales machine. However, the family still had room for a smaller offering, and Ford has delivered the goods with the all-new Ford Maverick. But can the Maverick be the urban-entric truck offering that will allow the company …

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Ram 1500 BEV Concept To Appear Later This Year, Promises To Shakeup Segment

The Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and the GMC Hummer EV have all made their way to the marketplace for consumers. However, a continuing absence has been the Ram BEV pickup. We have seen our fair share of teaser images and an elaborate EV day hosted by Stellantis revealed some preliminary details about the truck. However, we have not seen a physical representation of the model in the flesh as of yet, but that’s changing according to a new report.   Ram BEV To Make Concept Appearance Later This Year The report follows up on an interview that Automotive News …

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Bigger And Turbocharged, Jeep Unveils Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer L Models

When we had our chance to get behind the wheel of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, we immediately fell in love with the sheer amount of luxury and capability that this rolling penthouse brought to the table. However, fuel economy was a spectre that prominently hung over it. Jeep has not only addressed that gremlin but also added more space with the all-new Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer L models.   Stand Back; There’s A Hurricane Coming Through The 2023 Wagoneer family is bringing more to buyers, including a brand new engine. Dubbed the Hurricane, Jeep claims that the new turbocharged inline-six …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road – Light Updates Keep This Solider Ahead Of The Pack

The Toyota Tacoma has long been an enduring benchmark in the mid-size pickup ranks thanks to its value, capability, and quality. Its grip on the throne has been unchallenged. Still, these days even the king of mid-size pickups is facing dissent from a resurgent pool of entries like the radically updated Nissan Frontier, an expanding Ford Ranger family, and the updated Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Can the Toyota Tacoma maintain its hold on the throne?   Lightly Updated Styling Retains Core Tacoma DNA The Tacoma’s exterior styling was updated back in 2020. As a result, the changes in this …

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Cadillac Lyriq Orders Begin May 19th, Celstiq To Arrive Next Year

The Cadillac Lyriq and the Celstiq will be the first two EV models in Cadillac’s EV revolution, but while we have seen our fair share of Lyriqs cruise around Metro Detroit (as well as a recent report that attempted to put a date on the start of production) the Celstiq has remained an elusive ghost and Cadillac didn’t reveal the exact start date of production for the Lyriq. The luxury brand changed that narrative slightly today confirming that not only will the Lyriq start production next week, but that the Celestiq ultra-luxury flagship is on track for its launch next …

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Special Vehicle Engineering Unveils 2022 Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Off-Road, Will Only Build 50

The current generation Colorado mid-size pickup has been a sales success for Chevrolet and it certainly makes a good first impression when equipped in ZR2 guise. However, the current generation is on its way out, with the brand revealing that a next-generation model is waiting in the wings. Aftermarket tuner Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) is preparing a potent send-off with the all-new 2022 Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Off-Road.   Bold Graphics Eliminate Any Sleeper Notions The Xtreme Off-Road starts life as a short box equipped Colorado ZR2 but this is far from a sleeper truck, with SVE making several additions that …

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Buick Teases EV Crossover, Finally Joins Ultium Parade

GM’s revolutionary Ultium EV technology is shaping up to be a potent green-inspired powerhouse for the brand’s sales. However, while GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and even the revived Hummer sub-brand have all gotten in on the act, a notable absence has been GM’s entry-level luxury brand Buick with the tri-shield brigade not mentioning anything about their EV offerings. Buick is changing that narrative though and released a teaser to help celebrate GM’s recent pair of Super Bowl ads while also potentially reviving the Electra nameplate.   Buick Promising Design Focused Offering With Electra We’re fans of all @GM EVs, but this …

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2023 Toyota Sequoia Rebuilt From The Ground Up, Hybrid Engine And New Technology Sharpen Its Focus

When Toyota axed the Land Cruiser from the U.S. market, we had questions about how the company was going to keep some of those fans loyal to the brand while also giving the ancient Sequoia full-size SUV some much-needed updates to help it stay in the fight against full-size SUV benchmarks. It appears that the company is attacking the situation from both angles with the introduction of the all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia.   Bigger, Badder, More Civilized Sequoia The Toyota Sequoia was in a very dire situation when Toyota chose to revamp it with the outgoing model being in production …

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Chevrolet Unveils Electrified Silverado EV Pickup, Act Two Brings Ultium To Bow Tie Brigade

The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV has finally arrived with General Motors unveiling the truck at a satellite event at the Fox Theater in Detroit. The Silverado is the proverbial Act Two of GM’s EV crusade and will join other Ultium powered models like the Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq, and the GMC Sierra Denali EV pickup.   Silverado EV A Ghost By Another Name When GM rolled the Silverado EV on stage, we were convinced that we were seeing a ghost from our past with the exterior styling looking like a rebooted Chevrolet Avalanche. Part of this resemblance is due to …

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2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x Review + Off-Road Videos

Finally updated! Nissan has updated the Frontier Pro-4x significantly for the 2022 model year. Getting the most they could out of their tooling, Nissan kept the Frontier running for 17 years in one single generation. At last we have received a new generation Frontier for 2022, albeit with an old frame. Be sure to check out the video reviews at the end! Outside Everything is different on the exterior of the truck from the previous generation. Up front the grill is bigger and bolder than ever before. Of course the Pro-4x has red accents in the badges and tow hooks …

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GM Set To Expand Product Portfolio With More EVs, Declines Comment On Deep Sea Nodule Mining

General Motors is preparing to make waves in the industry when it comes to EV vehicles and some of the finer things that go into them. GM CEO Mary Barra recently took part in an Automotive Press Association event in Detroit where she not only provided a deep dive into some of the company’s long-term plans for the EV segment but also new initiatives that aim to help it become a key player in the segment.   Barra Declines Comment On Whether Company Is Considering Deep Sea Mining A conversation that’s been gaining steam in recent years is the act …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Nissan Titan PRO-4X – A Legit Alternative To Established Truck Brands?

The 2021 Nissan Titan has emerged as a very interesting alternative to rivals like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and the Ram 1500. However, you might not have the opportunity to realize that at first glance, which is thanks in part to the Titan consistently being on the short end of the advertising stick and being behind the domestic big three in a few categories. But that’s not stopping Nissan, with the Japanese auto giant making minor tweaks to the Titan for the new model year. But are they enough to help finally launch the Titan into the limelight?   …

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2022 Cadillac Lyriq Is Moving Ahead Of Schedule, Brand Releases New Test Video

The Cadillac Lyriq may not get quite as much of the EV spotlight as the GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV lineup, but the electrified Cadillac will still play a prominent role in the brand’s plans to bring the fight to a growing pool of luxury EV rivals. Cadillac recently gave us the opportunity to have some brief seat time in a late-stage Lyriq prototype last summer, and we came away impressed with some of its interior features and the Ultium battery technology. It has been a while since we have heard any new Lyriq news, but the brand has …

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Chevrolet Teases Upcoming Silverado EV, Will Make Its Global Debut At CES 2022

The EV pickup wars are rapidly heating up, with the Ford F-150 Lightning currently having a sizable head-start over rivals GM and Ram. Chevrolet has undoubtedly taken notice of the Lightning’s challenge and has revealed that it will be formally unveiling the Silverado EV at the 2022 CES event in a clear message that’s squarely aimed at Ford.    Silverado EV Delivers The Goods In Attempt To Outshine Lighting The last time we saw the Silverado EV, it was in a brief computer-generated teaser video that confirmed the Hummer EV’s four-wheel-drive system would be carried over to the Silverado EV. …

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Chevrolet Unveils Refreshed 2022 Silverado, Super Cruise And ZR2 Model Highlight Updates

Evolution, it seems, will be a very prevalent theme for the full-size pickup segment. The 2021/2022 Ford F-150 is reaping the benefits from its suite of updates, and it appears that Chevrolet is eager to throw its hat in the ring, too, with the bow-tie brigade unveiling the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado. Here are 3 things that you should know about this sleeker Silverado.   Reworked Silverado Front Fascia And Interior Aim To Address Weak Points When the outgoing Chevrolet Silverado appeared a few years ago, it was obvious that the truck had some notable weaknesses, with the front fascia and …

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Cadillac Adds Light Changes To All Of Its Models For 2022, Smart System Comes To All Models

While Cadillac is focused on preparing for the future with all-electric models like the Lyriq EV (which we had the chance to see up close recently) the luxury brand hasn’t forgotten about its ICE powered production vehicle lineup and has revealed a lighting dusting of changes that will hit all of their models for the 2022 model year.   Entire Cadillac Lineup Gets More Safety Gear With New Smart System Before we dive deep into some of the individual changes for each model, we might as well focus on the one addition that unifies them together the addition of the …

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Chevrolet Teases Silverado EV, Confirms Four Wheel Steering And More

It has been a while since we heard any new information surrounding the Chevrolet Silverado EV. With the Hummer SUT hogging all the spotlight for the moment, the Silverado’s stealthier approach to its debut is understandable. That said, the bow-tie brand doesn’t want it to vanish off the minds of potential buyers completely and has revealed that the new model will come with four-wheel steering.   Shrinking The Turn Radius And Perhaps A Second Chance At Redemption While today’s announcement is a nice sign of technological progress, it’s not the first four-wheel steering system that Chevrolet and GM as a …

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Chevrolet Brings All New Trail Boss Package To 2022 Colorado Pickup, Adds Goodies From ZR2

The Chevrolet Colorado has proven to be a very successful model for the bowtie brand with the fore-mentioned Colorado and its GMC-badged sibling the Canyon often being credited with reviving the mid-size pickup segment by picking a fight with segment benchmark the Toyota Tacoma. But even the most potent of underdogs need an update once in a while, and Chevrolet has delivered the goods with the all-new Trail Boss Package for the 2022 model year.   Trail Boss Fun In A Smaller Size While the Silverado version is a fun off-road-focused package for full-size truck buyers, there is a small …

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2021 Buick Envision Review

2021 Buick Envision The 2021 Buick Envision was redesigned for 2021, and with Buick’s attempts to appeal to younger buyers, the Envision has a much more captivating design than the outgoing model. Exterior The Envision is the best-looking GM vehicle in this class. As far as exterior design goes Chevy’s Equinox utilitarian, GMC’s Terrain is boxy, and Cadillac’s XT4 is conservative. This leaves the sporty spot for the Envision. The nose is long and low with multiple creases in the hood creating a sporty and powerful look. The grill is large, but not overly so, with plenty of cooling for …

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Towing with the 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum – Review

Cadillac Escalade Platinum GM has updated their large SUV platforms which include the Tahoe/Suburban, Yukon/XL, and Escalade/ESV. We had a chance to tow two different travel trailers a total of 500 miles with the Escalade Premium. This was done on a road trip to Capitol Reef National Park in Central Utah. The Escalade Platinum model we tested was equipped with the 6.2-liter V8. Specs On GM pickup trucks and large SUVs, they provide a sticker, usually on the B pillar behind the driver’s door, with towing information. All manufacturers should take note, as this is much better information than can …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum – The Perfect Escalade?

Progress can be a potent symbol of just how far one has come in one development. A case in point is the 2021 Cadillac Escalade which is the most promising version of Cadillac‘s full-size luxury SUV. But it wasn’t too long ago that the model started as nothing more than a lightly dressed-up GMC Yukon with a Cadillac badge. The Escalade rapidly cleaned up its act and is now a segment benchmark. But the rest of the competition is evolving too, and we wanted to know. Can the 2021 Escalade evolve enough to not only retain its status in the …

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Truck Claws Review and Giveaway

What are Truck Claws? Truck claws are a traction device that is strapped onto the tires of a vehicle that is stuck in sand, snow, or mud to help free it. How do they work? Truck Claws use a heavy-duty ratchet strap to attach a carefully designed extruded aluminum block to the tire. This system frees stuck vehicles by both lifting the vehicle and biting into the terrain. The lifting action frees the tire from the suction of mud while the biting edge of the block grips ice and the large flat face provides for traction against snow, sand, and …

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2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 Review by Matt Barnes

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 Chevy’s experience with full size SUVs runs deep. In fact, the oldest nameplate in automotive history is the Suburban. That said, the Tahoe Z71, being the Suburban’s slightly shorter sibling, has more pedigree behind it than nearly any other vehicle on the market. How does the latest model stack up to this incredible heritage? Exterior Despite being from the same GM trio, the Tahoe looks significantly different from its Yukon and Escalade siblings. The front end of the Z71 is clearly designed to be more rugged and off-road ready than other Tahoes. Starting from the bottom, …

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Jeep Unveils 2022 Grand Wagoneer & Wagoneer Models, Luxury Meshes With Proven Performance

It has been a long time coming, but Jeep has finally taken the veil off of the 2022 Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer models. The duo signifies that the SUV brand is taking a serious approach to the full-size SUV market and is a grand departure from the failed Commander of the early 2000s. But buyers will be interested to know what the revived off-road icon is packing under the hood and some of the exotic luxury features that can be found inside the Grand Wagoneer? We have the answers, and here are some key things to know about Jeep’s rebooted …

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Latest Jeep Grand Wagoneer Teaser Reveals Chrome Trim, Acres of Leather Appointments

It has been a long and fascinating journey for Jeep and its flagship Grand Wagoneer SUV. We thought we had a chance to see it in 2020, but it turned out the company only unveiled a near-production concept (our bubble of expectation was popped dramatically.) But at long last, the final production version of the Grand Wagoneer is coming, and Jeep will be live streaming it on March 11th. Jeep wants you to mark your calendar and has released a new teaser to satiate your appetite for more info about Jeep’s biggest unveiling yet.   A Very Sharply Dressed SUV This …

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2022 Frontier Buries The Past, Helps Nissan Race To The Future With New Technology

The current generation Nissan Frontier is a textbook case of how to stay stagnant in a rapidly developing world. First making its appearance back when George W. Bush was president, the rugged Frontier was supposed to be a value-focused mid-size pickup offering that could bring buyers capability and utility. That formula worked for a time, until the competition caught up, and then subsequently lapped it over the years. Nissan has had enough of being the butt of jokes in the mid-size pickup segment and has unveiled its long-awaited (and quite frankly overdue) replacement, the 2022 Nissan Frontier, after a brief …

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Buick Officially Launches 2021 Buick Envision, Will Launch Ad Campaign This Spring

The 2021 Buick Envision first made its appearance back in 2020 and while the brand was willing to share some information about the model, we were still left in the dark on some of the more detailed aspects that made this iteration of Envision stand out from its predecessors. Buick has ended this drought of information and has officially launched the 2021 Envision with the model trickling its way into dealer showrooms now. Revamped Styling Pumps Vigor Into Envision When the Buick Envision first appeared it was often described as a model that looked handsome but lacked the visual spark …

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Road Test Review – 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch – Is It Still King Of The Pickups?

When it comes to reigning supreme over the heavy duty pickup segment, few can match the track record wielded by Ford’s Super Duty lineup. The Super Duty has been a sales force for Ford, and it has consistently been a thorn in the side of its chief HD rivals the Chevrolet Silverado (and it’s GMC badged clone the Sierra) as well as the Ram heavy duty lineup of trucks. But this work focused segment is evolving at a rapid pace and Ram in particular is turning up the heat in the heavy duty pickup wars. Does Ford still have what …

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