GMC Canyon AT4X Spawning AEV Edition? New Round Of Rumors Suggests It’s Possible

GMC promised big things when they debuted the 2023 GMC Canyon family. Boasting in-your-face styling and renewed vigor, the Canyon is shaping up to be a proverbial gut punch in the segment, especially when paired with the equally revamped Chevrolet Colorado. The AT4X is the range-topping off-road model in the lineup, but a new batch of rumors suggests that its place on top of the totem pole is temporary and that a new AEV edition is waiting in the wings.


A Smaller More Accessible Bison

The report comes from the folks at Muscle Cars & Trucks, who claim that they spoke with someone involved in the program. For its part, GMC has not issued a statement on the rumors, but M&T suggests that AEV has some wild plans in store for the Canyon (and Colorado, by extension.) The reported model is rumored to receive a massive set of 35-inch tires as well as a standard front-mounted snorkel. The latter item would move from a pure aftermarket piece to a standard slice of AEV kit. 

The massive tires would make the truck stand out and allow the Canyon to have the same footprint as a similarly equipped Jeep Wrangler and a Ford Bronco when equipped with their uplevel tire packages. The appearance of a Canyon AEV model would also allow GMC to offer an off-roader for buyers that want maximum trail-ready performance but don’t have the wallet for a bigger AEV-infused offering. M&T also claims that the model would retain the same front bumper layout that we have already seen in the Edition 1 AT4X, with an integrated winch making up for the slight reduction in ground clearance.


When Will We See The AEV Model?

As mentioned, GMC is not ready to talk about this latest batch of rumors just yet, but the truck brand is instead focusing on preparing the mainstream Canyon lineup for the trip to dealer lots. After these models (the limited edition Edition 1 included) make their way to showrooms, we could perhaps see the AEV version in the near future, possibly in the next two to three years.

Look for pricing to also reflect some of the hardcore upgrades that such a model would get, and it will not be too surprising if the figure is noticeably higher than a standard AT4X. However, the model will have to be produced first, but if you look at the last generation Colorado AEV and how well it did in sales, chances are good that GMC wants to get in on some of the sales action too.