Latest GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali and 3500HD Bring Class-Exclusive LEDs and Very Premium Designs

The 2015 GMC Sierra HD is quite an appealing machine. Its chunky fender arches and butch panels are at once both very stylish as well as very functional.

 Blue 2500HD 2014-----04-04_203619-tile3500HD Denali Sierra Animation

The LED addition in the headlamps of the Sierra HD are a treat, and a segment-exclusive item for the time being. They really help the Sierra line feel new and unique versus the latest Silverado line, which lack this element and can feel a bit stale visually by comparison. The Chevrolet HD trucks are more distinctive in being new versus the 1500, but all the Chevy trucks are less revamped than the GMC Sierras.

2500HD Sierra Animation


The real reason for choosing the GMC over the similar Chevy trucks stems from this enhanced aesthetic appeal as well as a few notches better interior refinement. Both are hugely capable by nearly every measure, with some of the most trusted and best-loved diesel engines ever installed in any pickup.

The Duramax diesels also feature an exhaust system large enough to scare off any pretenders.




Overall, massive trucks that are even more massively capable for the 2015 model year. The new 2500HD is arriving in dealers this month as a 2015 model, with the new 3500HD trucks not far behind.

Definitely a top contender for GMC, especially thanks to these engineering achievement commercials as well! They hit the spot in reinforcing the power and reliable strength of the latest GMC trucks — which carry themselves on the road with great confidence and far better platform rigidity than ever before.



Blue 2500HD

Red 2500HD

INTERIOR — Sierra 2500HD SLT Shown




My one question? Where is the backlit GMC logo in the grille? How great would these red block letters look if they had an internal red glow at night?


GMC 2500HD and 3500HD Denali Sierra Animation header

Pricing for the 2500HD starts from $32,000, while the Crew Cab, Long Box setup of the 2500HD Sierra is priced from $35,640 (before options and promotional offers, of course…)

Select Bodystyle

Regular Cab, Long Box
MSRP Starting at $32,660
Double Cab, Standard Box
MSRP Starting at $34,840
Double Cab, Long Box
MSRP Starting at $35,035
Crew Cab, Standard Box
MSRP Starting at $36,445
Crew Cab, Long Box
MSRP Starting at $36,640


Cruise over to to configure and price your own out with the options you need.

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