GMC teases “Crab Mode,” debuts playful mascot to celebrate

Ever since GMC revealed that the axed Hummer brand would get a green focused reboot, the truck focused brand has released about the upcoming truck that have certainly made us excited for its debut. This time around, GMC chose to have a bit of fun, and confirmed that the Hummer pickup will indeed come equipped with a built in Crab Mode.

The brand chose to do this by unveiling the badge for the new driving mode which features a spiffy looking crab mascot. Other than the slick looking crustacean, the teaser does not reveal anything else about the pickup which is fine with us, since other teasers have already revealed juicy morsels about the truck. It’s also known that GMC will offer the Hummer in several trim levels that will offer varying degrees of performance, range, and options to cater to technology focused buyers.

GMC even included a sneaky tweet to accompany the image claiming “Real revolutionaries forge their own direction.” We’re not sure what the brand is referencing here, but we suspect that it could perhaps be a veiled hint that Crab mode could perhaps bring some exotic technology to the field. Rivian recently unveiled the tank turn feature on their truck, which uses all four of the quad motors to execute a full rotation in the opposite direction. Perhaps GMC has figured out a way to replicate that feat on their truck, especially if it can indeed perform a true zero radius turn.


As is the case with everything else surrounding the upcoming Hummer EV, we have to wait until the truck is formally unveiled this fall to learn all the secrets that are lurking beneath the truck’s sheet metal. The Hummer is already rapidly becoming a key unveiling for 2020, and we look forward to seeing what other teasers are in store in the months and weeks leading up to the Hummer’s big day in the spotlight.