2023 GMC Canyon Teased Again, Burly AT4X Trim Showcases Trail Styling, Confirms August 11th Debut

The dust is still settling from the debut of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado, but it can be easy to forget that GMC is also preparing to debut the 2023 GMC Canyon. The Canyon is often considered to be the more upscale version of its Chevrolet sibling, but a new teaser the brand released appears to show that the trail ready AT4X model will also be ramping up its efforts to differentiate itself from the ZR2 out on the trail.


Canyon Exterior Styling Looks The Part

The two teaser images GMC released show the front fo the truck with the first one focusing on the headlights that the Canyon will have. While it’s easy to write it off as a lightly dressed up Colorado, there’s far more going on here when you look at the finer details. Unlike the Chevy, the Canyon’s headlights are split units with running lights that snake their way into the front grille while the bulk of the illumination duties are handled by the lower units. The model here is the AT4X model and in addition to the blacked out grille, there’s also a large brush bar that juts out and it even comes with an LED lightbar too.

The second image shows the truck tackling a difficult section of rocky terrain. While extensive camouflage foils our efforts at getting a good view of the front fascia, it’s obvious that chunky lines and brawniness will be key pillars in the Canyon’s design motif. We suspect that while the Canyon’s suit of clothes will be different, the core underpinnings will be shared with the Colorado. That includes the frame, suspension and other mechanical bits. GMC claims that the AT4X will be the most off-road ready Canyon ever created and it will be interesting to see what GMC engineers threw at it to make it meet this bold claim.


Edition 1 Is Coming Too

In addition to providing the extra eye candy, GMC also confirmed that the AT4X will be coming with a special Edition 1 model. This would be the second Edition 1 model produced by the brand, and follows on the Hummer EV pickup and SUV. Like those two, look for the Edition 1 to be a launch year only special with limited production numbers and a high price tag to match. These models will also be available for pre-order after the truck is formally revealed.

In addition, this could also point to a change in GMC strategy when it comes to releasing products with other models (Sierra, Acadia, and Terrain) also potentially receiving an Edition 1 package when it comes time to fully revamp those three. The moniker has already proven to be a very potent way to generate sales and hype, so it would seem that GMC is hoping that it can catch lightning in a bottle twice by expanding the Edition 1 portfolio of vehicles over the next few years.

Look for performance hardware to be carried over from the Colorado with a family of 2.7 liter turbocharged V6s providing varying amounts of performance depending on trim. A prominent question that we hope GMC will answer is whether the AT4X model will utilize the ZR2’s Multimatic DSSV suspension system for its trail busting duties, or if GMC engineers will go a different route in their attempts to differentiate it from its Chevy twin.


As mentioned, the 2023 GMC Canyon will make its debut on August 11th and we look forward to seeing what other surprises GMC has in store for the 2023 Canyon when it begins rolling out to dealerships nationwide.