Mecom Florida 2015 Favorites – 1948 GMC Half-Ton Pickup Truck

1946 GMC Pickup TruckYou can tell how hard this 1948 GMC Pickup was ready to work in the profile shot. It is all nose. With an empty bed or now trailer, the truck looks like it might tip upward onto its nose.

And that would be a shame. What a nose this was!  With a stamped steel shape so deep, modern industrial presses would be jealous! Melting down over the tall OHV and intake mechanicals, this amazing flow of metal is pure smooth bliss.

It was also a functional feature: dropping each side of the hood let you have a much clearer view of the immediate road ahead.

Final delights? The chrome radiator-like look of the grille up front and below that hood, the GMC badge with a cool stylized flair, and the wood-lined pickup truck bed.

1948 GMC Pickup Truck

1946 GMC Pickup Truck