2024 GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV Plugs In For More Capability And Performance, Other Trims To Follow

The GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado have always followed a pendulum-like motion regarding major updates or new models. What one gets is ultimately shared with the other, and that includes the electrification side of the coin. With the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV serving as the opening salvo, GM has unveiled the other piece of the puzzle, the 2024 GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV, which mixes similar traits with a distinctly different approach to electrification to bring the fight to Ford and other rivals.


Sierra EV And Silverado Similarities Are Only Skin Deep

At first glance, the Sierra and Silverado share many core traits with each other. Both trucks are on the same Ultium platform, and as a result, they share largely the same profile. But whereas the Silverado’s front end looks like GMC designers grafted a flying saucer to it, the Sierra’s face takes more inspiration from the ICE model, with the headlights and the basic shape of the front end sharing the same core theme. 

Amid this strong sense of familiarity, there are also plenty of differences that separate both worlds. The EV features a three-bar charging status indicator, and all Denali Edition 1 models (AT4 and Elevation will come later) feature glossy black trim. GMC designers also tried to enhance the truck’s aerodynamics with a few exclusive touches, including headlights that are intentionally mounted lower than usual to promote better airflow. The Sierra also comes with GM’s MultiPro tailgate and associated “MulitPro Mid Gate” system, with the latter being similar to what we saw both on the Silverado and the axed Chevrolet Avalanche. Fold it down, and it helps expand storage space with a max of nine feet. That can be expanded further by two more feet to 11 feet when the bed extender is added. 

The interior of the Sierra also shares some similarities with the Silverado but also goes off in its own direction. A prominent difference is in the infotainment department, with the Sierra using a large 16.8-inch portrait-style screen instead of the Silverado’s horizontal screen. The prominent control knob is a subtle nod to what we have seen in recent Ford EV models, but while the screen’s massive size means that most of the controls are integrated into it, GMC did retain a small bank of switches on the bottom to help facilitate core functions. An 11-inch digital instrument cluster delivers crisp information to the driver, and the steering wheel is lifted from the ICE model.

The rest of the design follows typical Denali cues with open-pore wood meshing and a high-quality interior design that looks elegant and classy but without going too over the top to gain attention. The speaker grilles are real stainless steel pieces, and GMC claims that some of the stitching on the seats is supposed to remind occupants of the front end. AT4 and ELevation models are less flashy, but they also do a better job of promoting differentiation within the broader lineup. 


Sierra Denali EV Packs Potent Performance And A Few Tricks From Hummer

Performance hardware for the Sierra EV is carried over from its Chevrolet counterpart, with the truck getting a dual-motor setup that produces 754 hp and 785 lb-ft of torque. GMC is not ready to talk about the battery’s capacities yet but did confirm that the truck will be the third EV in its lineup to have the Hummer’s CrabWalk mode for certain off-roading situations. Put the Sierra EV in “Max Power Mode,” and it’s capable of ripping its way to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. When you’re not blasting your way through stoplights, the Sierra is also capable of achieving 400 miles of range in between charges.

GMC claims that the truck can charge at 350 kW when it is plugged into a properly equipped DC fast charger. This insane amount of charge plays a big role in charging speed, with the truck gaining 100 miles back in roughly 10 minutes. A 19.2 kW onboard charging module is on hand for AC charging, and GMC even revealed that the truck can be used as an external power source for a wide range of lifestyle accessories and other gadgets, albeit for a certain amount of time. 

While this makes the Sierra EV the ultimate lifestyle accessory, it might also make you wonder how the Sierra can still get down to the nitty gritty and do truck stuff. Thankfully, the EV maintains this rigid expectation with a 9,500 towing capacity as well as the ability to haul 1,300 lbs of stuff (a virtual mirror image of the Chevy.) 


When Can I Buy One?

For now, the only model available will be the Denali Edition 1, which will serve as the spearhead model for the lineup. Pricing for the truck will reflect its high level of luxury, with a base model starting at $108,695 with destination included. The truck will arrive as a fully loaded model with virtually no optional extras, with separate accessory packages being the lone exception to the rule. 

After the Denali model has a chance to get formally established in the marketplace, the AT4 and Elevation models will appear in 2025 with a base Elevation starting at $50,000. These models will target mainstream buyers and will significantly expand the truck’s customer reach. Production will initially occur at GM’s Factory Zero facility in Hamtramck, Michigan before it eventually transitions to the Lake Orion assembly plant. GM has discussed repurposing the plant away from current Bolt production in the past, and this announcement confirms that these plans are indeed taking place.  Ordering for the truck is now open at GMC’s website but act fast, GM has seen the order books for other Ultium-infused models rapidly fill up in the past, and we suspect that this will continue here for the Sierra.