GMC Expands Hummer Family With All New 3X Model, Adds 22-Inch Wheel Option For More Choice

GMC has unveiled the next member of the Hummer electric vehicle lineup with the debut of the all-new 3X trim which will be available for both the 2023 Hummer EV pickup and 2024 Hummer SUV models. The 3X is the next phase of GM’s plans to flesh out the Hummer lineup with all the models produced prior to this being range-topping Edition 1 models that went to reservation holders and had limited availability.


3X Brings Hummer To More People, Debuts On-Road Package

The 3X model shares much of its core styling elements with the existing Hummer lineup but unlike the Edition 1, the 3X is not a one size fits all offering with this trim allowing buyers to have a greater choice of colors, interior features and more. The 3X and the next batch of Edition 1 models will debut a new “on-road” configuration that features smaller 22-inch alloy wheels with 35-inch all-terrain tires. GMC claims that these tires were designed to provide better on-road dynamics and that drivers will be rewarded with better handling and better on-road performance along with enhanced range. Both versions will also retain their removable roof panels for those that want an open-air driving experience.

The interior gets a 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster while sustainably sourced materials are used throughout the cabin. Unlike Edition 1 models, 3X models will have more interior hues to choose from. Buyers looking to retain the Hummer’s impressive off-road abilities will be able to equip their rig with the 3X Extreme Off-Road package which adds additional skidplates, underbody cameras, and rock rails with built-in assist steps. The package also comes with 18-inch wheels and the tires are swapped out for 35-inch mud terrain tires which we experienced before in the Edition 1.  

Performance Is Mirror Image Of What We’ve Seen

Performance for the 3X versions of the Hummer pickup and SUV are shared with Edition 1 models which means that buyers will get three electric motors with one being mounted in the front and the other two residing in the rear. All three motors work together to produce a combined system output of 1,000-horsepower in the pickup while the SUV dials that down slightly to 830-hp due to the unique needs of its platform and its shorter wheelbase. This mirror like experience is partly on purpose with GMC claiming in the past the 3X was supposed to bring alot of the Edition 1’s charm into a slightly (and we use the term lightly) less expensive package. That also means goodies like Watts To Freedom and Crabwalk are also included too.  

The on-road and off-road packages mentioned earlier will also play a role in how much range you get, with GMC claiming that Hummer pickups equipped with the smaller 22-inch wheels will get 355 miles of range while the SUV gets a lower (but still improved) 314 miles between charges. The off-road package causes equipped 3X models to match their respective Edition 1 counterparts in range with the SUV getting 298 miles of range and the pickup getting 329 miles.

When Will We See The Hummer 3X In Dealerships?

GMC didn’t release pricing information for the Hummer 3X trim and the brand also revealed that reservations for the Hummer lineup are currently full. However, look for things to become clearer towards the end of the year which might allow GMC to open up additional order slots for customers while also releasing more information about availability and how customers can get their hands on one quicker.

It’s also no secret that GMC is still working to catch up on orders and it’s Factory Zero Plant is still working to make up lost ground. Hopefully we will hear more about the 3X soon especially as GM prepares to bring the lower rungs of the Hummer trim ladder to full scale production with the 2X being the next major launch planned for the Hummer family.