GMC Reaches Hummer EV Milestone, Announces First Deliveries Of Edition 1 Hummer

GMC promised to make a big splash for the Hummer EV pickup. But while we get to wait a while to see the upcoming Sierra EV pickup, GM’s truck division revealed that it has formally completed the first few production Hummer EVs, which beat the Ford F-150 Lightning for second place and has the Rivian R1T firmly in its sights.


A Well-Heeled Rig For Early Adopters

The first few Hummer pickups rolling off the assembly line are the limited production Edition 1 models. These rigs will temporarily serve as the range-topping model in the Hummer family and start at over $100,000. However, the high price tag is masking the sheer amount of power that this flavor of Hummer will produce, with GMC claiming that the trio of electric motors helps the rig make over 1,000 hp.

That’s more than some supercars, and Watts To Freedom promises wicked amounts of acceleration, which is impressive for a 9,000 lb EV. However, the truck is at its core an off-roader, and it comes with some nifty features designed to help improve its prowess out on the trail. They include an air suspension, a crab walk mode that allows the truck to clear tight obstacles and the latest in state-of-the-art off-road gear. Thankfully the Hummer has not forgotten about its quest for range, with the truck capable of going 329 miles between charges.

  “We brought this truck to market with speed and agility and brought GM another step closer to an all-electric future,” said GM President Mark Reuss. “With our Ultium Platform as the foundation for a broad range of applications, the GMC HUMMER EV offers our customers the ultimate in capability and performance.”

Hummer Reservations Still Open For Rest Of Trim Ladder

While reservations for the Edition 1 Hummer filled up some time ago, GMC revealed that there are still openings for the lower trim levels (we assume that this also includes the SUV version.) The prominent catch is that they will appear in 2023 and 2024, respectively, with Edition 1 models making up all the trucks that will be trickling into dealerships for 2022.

However, when the remaining Hummer models eventually arrive, they will help transform the Hummer into a versatile family of EV vehicles that will help the model reach the maximum amount of customers possible. In the meantime, GMC is also preparing the Hummer’s sequel, with the brand recently releasing the first teaser image and video of the GMC Sierra Denali EV. Like the Hummer, the Sierra EV will initially launch in a high-end luxury trim, with the model being sold exclusively as a Denali. GMC is hoping to capitalize on the Denali’s impressive sales figures, especially if some of them transition to the EV.