GMC Goes Full Circle With Hummer EV SUV, Brings Zero Emissions To Family SUV

When GMC first unveiled the Hummer EV pickup, the brand neither confirmed nor denied plans were in the works for an SUV version. Fast forward to the 2021 March Madness tournament, and GMC officially confirmed that the Hummer SUV is for real and that it will be officially bringing the revived moniker full-circle in its quest to achieve true redemption in the eyes of a fuel-conscious world.


The Ultimate Zero Emissions Family Vehicle

As the name and basic look imply, the 2024 Hummer EV SUV is the marriage of the truck’s EV technology with an SUV body. The exterior styling reflects this, with the front fascia sharing its roots with the truck. But move towards the rear, and that’s where the similarities end, with the bed area being replaced with an all-new enclosed rear end. The look is slightly reminiscent of the Hummer H2, and this new SUV even has the same chunky wheel flares that are an H2 trademark.

The SUV also shares the same seven-seat layout and even retains much of the basic set of features that made the truck stand out during its debut. That includes a healthy dose of screens, with the infotainment screen, in particular, being one of the biggest we have ever seen in an SUV. The rest of the interior has a chunky design theme, which translates into the meaty shifter handle and the steering wheel, which includes the necessary hardware needed for GM’s Super Cruise technology. The luxury appointments on hand will also allow the Hummer SUV to be on par with many of its ultra-luxury rivals. That should please early adopters looking to have the latest technology in their purchase.


Tri-Motor Performance Brings Fun To Family Hauling

With the strong similarities that already exist between the Hummer EV SUV and its truck counterpart, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that the SUV shares the same three electric motor layout as the truck. While GMC will eventually offer a lower-priced two-motor model, the brand chose to spotlight the fore-mentioned layout. The lone catch here is that while the truck makes 1,000 horsepower, the SUV gets dialed down a bit to a still potent 830 horsepower. We suspect that this is partially due to the SUVs’ higher curb weight, which puts more strain on the electrified components. Thankfully, the projected 11,500 lb-ft of torque rating is still intact, which should allow the SUV to be a worthy steed for trailers and boats.

But while these figures alone help the SUV be a very potent force out on paved roads, GMC is banking on the SUV’s off-road capabilities with the rig retaining goodies such as the novel Crab Walk mode, Extract Mode, as well as a front eLocker which is paired with virtual rear lockers. Buyers that choose to equip the Extreme Off-road package to it get 35-inch off-road tires, extensive protection of the vulnerable areas of the SUV, and even a four-camera system that gives the driver a nearly 360-degree view of what the Hummer SUV is traversing, which is valuable when going over boulder-filled trails. GMC claims that the SUV (like its truck sibling) will have the best approach and departure angles in its class, but we will reserve judgment until we have the chance to try it out for ourselves in the real world.


When Can I Buy A 2024 Hummer SUV?

Like the Hummer EV pickup, buyers looking to add a Hummer SUV to their fleet will have to wait a while before they have the chance to drive one, with the first units not being expected to arrive in dealer lots until early 2023. Those early models will be the range-topping Edition 1 models, which have a base price of $105,595 before various fees and packages are added. The next models in the launch cycle will be the Hummer 3X and 2X, which will also offer pricing below the three-figure mark. Base 3X models start at $99,995, while the 2X goes lower and will wield a sticker of $89,995.

Last but not least is the $79,995 dual-motor EV2 variant. Having the longest wait period of them all, the EV2 will not arrive until early 2024, which does put it at an initial disadvantage since some of its rivals, from Rivian, Ford, and Tesla, will have a bit of a headstart on it. However, look for this model and the all-wheel-drive X range to perhaps be the volume sellers in the Hummer lineup once it has a chance to plant its roots in GMC showrooms.