GMC Teases Sierra EV Pickup, Will Debut In Denali Trim Only

Sequels can be a tricky thing to get right. The sequel is tasked with following on the heels of a famous movie or book, and most of the time, it often falls short of expectations. GMC is hoping that the proverbial sequel to the Hummer EV doesn’t miss the mark and has officially teased the upcoming Sierra EV pickup ahead of its official debut.


Sierra EV Woos The Masses With Technology

GMC didn’t reveal too much information in its brief teaser video, but it preferred to let images speak louder than words with a first look at the truck’s new front fascia. The look here is a radical departure from ICE-powered Sierras, with the grille less front fascia being flanked by all-new headlights and a novel wraparound light treatment that snakes its way around the perimeter of the panel. The GMC logo also features lighted white LED lighting that helps make the inner red elements pop out to the viewer. 


GMC claims that it’s using “shock and awe” to promote it, and it’s perhaps fitting that the EV will only be available in the range-topping Denali trim. While this means that the truck will not be available in more work-focused versions (for now), the move does make sense from a sales standpoint. The Denali trim is trendy among buyers. The moniker’s infusion of technology and luxury has allowed the Denali family to command a very impressive slice of the market on multiple models. 


Will Be Making Debut Next Year

GMC reps claim that the Sierra EV will be making its official debut next year though they stopped short of confirming an exact time frame. Hopefully, we’ll have more information in the future, especially with the Silverado EV making its debut at CES in January. Look for the Silverado to perhaps follow the Sierra EV’s lead initially, with the first models being available in High Country trim only before other versions begin trickling out. 

The one item set in stone is production, with GM revealing that both truck models will be produced inside its state-of-the-art Factory Zero plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.