2023 GMC Sierra Prices Inch Upward, Will Start At $38,995 And See Incremental Increases Across Entire Lineup

The 2023 GMC Sierra is shaping up to be a pivotal model for the iconic moniker. The AT4X and its beefier AEV cousin are designed to be trail warriors, and the rest of the lineup benefits from new equipment and a modest workover. However, prices will be going up accordingly for the new model year, with GM revealing that prices across the board will be going up for the 2023 model year, with the entry-level price going up to $38,995.


Increased Pricing Reflects Strong Popularity For Pickups

The increased pricing comes as the pickup segment as a whole is still seeing strong demand from buyers despite inflationary pressures. The GMC Sierra’s new pricing is on par with rivals, and the destination charge has risen to $1,895, a bump from the 2022 model’s $1,795 destination fee. We have included the full pricing breakdown below:

  • Sierra Pro Regular Cab Standard Box 2WD Turbo 2.7L I4 L3B $38,995
  • SLE Double Cab Std Box 2WD Turbo 2.7L I4 L3B $52,095 
  • Elevation Double Cab 2WD Turbo 2.7L I4 L3B $53,795
  • SLT Crew Cab Short Box 2WD 5.3L V8 L84 $57,795 
  • AT4 Crew Cab Short Box 4WD Turbo-diesel 3.0L I6 LZ0 $68,595
  • AT4X Crew Cab Short Box 4WD 6.2L V8 L87 $83,595 
  • Denali Crew Cab Short Box 2WD 5.3L V8 L84 $67,595 
  • Denali Ultimate Crew Cab Short Box 4WD Turbo-diesel 3.0L I6 LZ0 $82,940

The pricing ladder reflects the $745 – $3,395 price increase that each trim of Sierra has received, with the $3,395 boost on the AT4X coming as a result of some extra equipment that the AT4X has received when compared to the outgoing 2022 model. Some of this equipment is on the AEV edition but GMC hasn’t released official pricing on that model just yet, so we get to wait a while to see the final price tag for that model.

In the meantime, we look forward to having a chance to see how the AT4X AEV edition performs in a future review especially when it comes to some of its new off-road-focused upgrades.