GMC Releases Early Design Sketch Of Hummer SUT, Showcases Edgier Design For Pickup

The General Motors Design Instagram page has recently become a welcoming fountain of information. This arm of GM’s broader social media empire has occasionally teased us with many very interesting sketches, typically of vehicles that are still in the distant future or relics from the past. However, GM Design decided to focus on the present and released an early design sketch of the Hummer EV pickup that never made it off the drawing board.


Edgier Design Could’ve Added More Tesla DNA To Design

The sketch in question limits our view to the rear of the Hummer, but while some of the core DNA is shared with the Hummer that we know, this one takes things in a few different directions. The tailgate is more wedge-shaped here (dare we say almost like a Tesla Cybertruck?), while the rear bumper is smaller and moves the tow hooks higher and makes them more centrally mounted too.

The biggest difference, though, is found in the rear fender design. The production version of the Hummer has big chunky fenders, but they also seem to be a bit of an afterthought when it comes to the broader design. The sketched version makes these pieces a crucial link to the entire flow of the exterior and even sharpens the color contrast between them and the grey bodywork.

Thankfully, the taillights we’re changed because, lets face it, having two rows of tiny looking square-shaped taillights light up the night is not quite the same as the LED units on the production model, which do a good job of establishing Hummer’s brand identity and make the truck stand out from other electrified pickups.


When Will We See The 2022 Hummer EV Pickup?

As for the Hummer that’s currently undergoing testing, look for the first production units to go on sale this fall, starting with the $112,595 EV Edition 1. These range-topping trucks will sport an identical build sheet (minus optional extras) and come equipped with a host of standard goodies, including Crab Mode, adaptive dampers, Infinity Roof Panels, and the Extreme Off-Road Package. The latest edition of Super Cruise will also be on board (you can check out our initial thoughts on it here), with the new software introducing automatic lane changing and towing capability to the truck.