France To Require All Car Ads To Mention Bicycling, And Walking, Comes Amid Green Vehicle Mandate Push

One of the perks of being a professional boxing fan when I’m not writing here is sometimes seeing advertisements from other markets during the commercial segments. If you’re a resident of France, a new but very interesting rule will take effect soon that will change the way that automakers in France will be able to advertise their products according to a report by France24.


Walking And Biking To Have Prominent Mentions In French Media

The rule in question will take effect on March 1st and will force all automakers to mention both biking and walking when promoting a vehicle. While this may sound like a poorly written comedy routine, France is embarking on a very serious fight to reduce carbon emissions and has recently passed new measures aimed at enhancing alternative transportation options for residents in recent years.

Not sure what to put in your ad? No worries, the French government has that covered with the choice of one of three mandatory advertising messages that have the same ring as one of Kim Jong Un’s approved hairstyles “Consider Carpooling” “For short trips, opt for walking or cycling, and lastly, “For day-to-day use take public transportation.” The sweeping law covers all internet, television, radio, and print ads with the French authorities even creating its own Twitter hashtag (#SeDeplacerMoinsPolluer) which roughly translates to “Move and Pollute Less.” It will be interesting to see if other countries follow France’s lead especially when you look at how effective media has become at delivering information to consumers in recent years.


Automakers In France Already Prepared For New Law


As expected, this new policy is forcing automakers to alter their marketing in the country to comply with the new law, but Hyundai and Volkswagen both revealed that they are already prepared to adapt. Those looking to buck the system and not include the messages be warned, the French government is one step ahead of you, and will promptly fine offenders up to €50,000 ($56,444) for any violations.

This slice of legislation is the latest in a sweeping set of policies France has passed when it comes to automobiles and follows up on a separate bill that bans certain vehicles from city centers while a third law aims to remove cars from the country outright by 2028 that emit a certain amount of C02 emissions. Of course, the most aggressive vehicle laws currently on the books are found across the English Channel in the UK with the government there passing legislation that will ultimately see gasoline, diesel, and even hybrid vehicles no longer offered for sale by 2030 and 2035 respectively.