Hummer Is Back And Greener Than Ever, Will Be Part Of GMC Lineup In 2022 [Video]

Following a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that suggested GM was bringing back the long dead Hummer name for new life as an EV offering, GM has officially confirmed that it is indeed a reality, and that the Hummer truck will be formally teased during the Super Bowl this weekend.


For those that are wondering, the Hummer nameplate is not returning as a standalone brand, which does shoot down sketchier accounts that suggested that would be the case. Instead, it appears that GM is positioning it as a sub-brand that would be housed within one of its core brands (GMC in this case.) This is a smart move since it will not only give Hummer the chance to build a uniquely new identity that not only deviates from Hummers of old that were known for defiantly standing up to early pushes towards greener motoring, but also allows for an interesting reinvention that is typically reserved for those in the music industry.

But all of this preparation would be for nothing if the upcoming Hummer pickup didn’t have solid ground to stand on. While GMC chose to keep the bulk of the Hummer pickup’s styling under a cloak of darkness for now, brief video teasers released by the company showcase the front end which has all the right Hummer design cues albeit honed and refined for a new era. We particularly dig the headlights and the lighted front grille, but with the rest of the truck shrouded in darkness, we will have to wait until it makes its formal debut on May 20th to get our full taste of the Hummer.

But GMC instead chose to release information for what matters the most, specifically the performance figures for the Hummer pickup and yes they are mighty indeed. The performance hardware in the upcoming pickup is good for 1,000 horsepower, and a planet pulling 11,500 lb-ft of torque (this is not a drill people.) These potent numbers allow the truck to make its way to 60 mph in 3 seconds. While the 0 to 60 time may sour the moods of some traditional truck buyers that don’t often care about such things, it is clearly targeted at luring away buyers from Tesla and its controversial CyberTruck which also likes to zip to 60 mph in equally absurd amounts of time. We are still waiting to hear information about other items though with battery capacity, driving range, and other SAE related stats not being released. Look for these questions to perhaps be answered closer to its official debut.


In the event that your a customer that does not want to wait that long, GMC will be releasing a new super bowl ad called “Quiet Revolution” that will highlight a few of the Hummer’s finer attributes during Super Bowl Sunday. GMC chose to split the ad itself into little teasers that can be found on their YouTube page, and we have put one of these videos here below. With the drawing power that the Super Bowl has, look for this ad to help give the Hummer pickup a good start in terms of maintaining attention.