Crab Mode in action, new GMC teaser shows innovative driving mode in action [Video]

When GMC first introduced the world to “Crab Mode” via the mascot that will be used to highlight when the mode is engaged. It certainly looked cool, but it also left us asking alot of questions. We assumed that GMC engineers somehow managed to replicate the tank turn feature that’s become a signature party trick for the Rivian R1T. But a new video teaser reveals not only how wrong we were, but also what could be a surprise innovation in the pickup segment as a whole.

The half-minute clip GMC released looks like it was shot on a beach, with the truck being joined by a real life crab. But halfway in, things get very interesting when the truck actually goes sideways up the beach after Crab Mode is engaged. We suspect that an extremely advanced version of four wheel steering plays a key role in helping the Hummer EV truck perform its logic defying feat of sideways driving. Four wheel steering systems as w whole have been around for several decades, with the technology first making a name for itself on a number of Japanese performance cars in the 1990s. GM even got into the game itself, and launched a feature called Quadrasteer. Unfortunately, the technology had a very high price tag for the time, and poor marketing by the company caused it to be a very low seller before it was swiftly axed.

However, this is the first time that we have seen a technology that allows for true diagonal movement and it would be interesting to see what real world situations would benefit from a system like Crab Mode. Perhaps it could help the truck with parallel parking, have an extra degree of maneuverability in certain low speed driving situations, or perhaps just be a neat party trick to show your friends. The video also indicates that Crab Mode will be an optional piece of equipment, and that only certain Hummer trims will have access to it.


Like everything else surrounding the mysterious Hummer EV, we will have to wait until it’s formally unveiled to get the answers to all of our pressing questions. Thankfully, GMC slipped in one final surprise, and revealed that the truck will be formally unveiled on October 20th. So mark your calendars and prepare to experience some fun sideways driving action when it eventually makes its way to GMC showrooms.