In Pictures: 2017 GMC Canyon Denali 4×4 SWB Crew

Hard to hide the disappointment we had with the 2017 Canyon Denali.  This was a delayed-release flagship for GMC’s midsize trucks.  Denali models usually have everything standard and are a big, big upgrade in luxury style and amenities.

This Canyon Denali does have a huge standard equipment list and a new grille to its credit.  But overall, the amount of Denali badges is the biggest change you will notice.

Underwhelming on the off-road course with these low, low running boards.  Not thrilled that the GMC Canyon’s LED light accents are not actually DRLs.  And bummed to find regular halogen reflectors for all the lighting.  No moonroof and somehow the cabin feels crummier than Tacoma Limited these days, even if Canyon’s drive position and seats beat the Toyota.    Pricing at $45k demands better.

Denali in name only, this one.  

2017 GMC Canyon Denali 4×4 SWB Crew