2023 Toyota Supra Gets Manual Transmission, Will Be A 3.0 Liter Exclusive

It wasn’t too long ago that Toyota revealed that the 2023 Supra would finally receive the option for a manual transmission even in the face of a rapid decline in demand for a shift it yourself option as a whole. However, the company didn’t release too many details beyond the initial confirmation, but that changed earlier today when the company pulled back the curtain on what buyers can expect.


Manual Limited To 3.0 Liter Model Only

A prominent caveat here is that while the manual is indeed coming to the Supra, it will be limited to models equipped with the 3.0-liter inline-six so buyers looking to combine it with the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder will be out of luck here. The manual is reportedly modified from an existing manual already in Toyota’s equipment roster and was designed to be a lighter application for Supra duty. The manual will have six speeds, but Toyota is still not quite ready yet to talk about the specific rations though reps did confirm that it will come with a tweaked rear differential.

Visually, the Supra will not change much on the outside with Toyota limiting things to certain aesthetic changes with virtually all of them being found on the one-year-only A91 MT special edition. This model will be a manual exclusive offering and feature two colors to choose from (Matte White or CU Later Grey) while splashes of red accents adorn the brake calipers, badging, and the red strut braces. Forged alloy wheels will also be standard to help give it enhanced levels of curb appeal. 

The interior is still largely copied and pasted from the BMW Z4 but these models will have a Cognac-hued interior (no red this time around) and will come equipped with Alcantara trim for the shift knob and a premium 12-speaker audio system. 


Other Changes Enhance Rest Of The Lineup

While the bulk of the spotlight is shining on the manual transmission, all six-cylinder models will also benefit from their own share of upgrades. Toyota engineers reworked the steering and the suspension in an attempt to make the car more comfortable. The traction and stability systems were also covered in the updates and even include a Hairpin+ mode to sharpen up cornering behavior in tight turns.

As for the four-cylinder Supra, it carries over largely unchanged with the lone exception of an all-new Stratosphere Blue hue which was already available on the six-cylinder models. Look for this color to help bring more attention to the base car and also be a good compliment to the existing yellow paint that’s already in the lineup. 


When Can I Buy One?

Toyota didn’t release pricing for the manual Supra as of this writing but did confirm that the first units would appear sometime in the summer. This timetable would be a key thing to monitor especially if Toyota manages to release the model early enough to get a head start on the Nissan Z which had its timetable shifted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying parts shortages.