Cadillac Announces Escalade IQ, Will Help Launch IQ Sub-Brand & Broaden Cadillac’s EV Reach

Cadillac has made it known that it sees the electric vehicle market as the next frontier for its sales targets and the future of the brand itself. While the Celestiq and Lyriq are rolling showcases that display what the brand’s technology is capable of, they lack the familiarity that many Cadillac buyers want. Cadillac is out to show that it also has these customers in mind and confirmed that the next model to receive electrification would be the Cadillac Escalade, which will also be the first offered under the IQ sub-brand and be called the Escalade IQ.


Escalade IQ Will Be Third Piece In EV Puzzle

The Cadillac Escalade IQ will be the third EV model for Cadillac, with the model joining the Celestiq and the Lyriq. Unlike those two models, though, the Escalade IQ hopes to leverage some of the strong customer familiarity and sales performance that have long defined its ICE-powered cousin, especially among family luxury buyers. Cadillac didn’t reveal too much about the model other than showing a teaser image of the badge, but based on what we have seen in other Ultium-powered models, the IQ could adopt these three core elements.

  1. The Ultium Platform: Ultium is GM’s platform for all of its current EV models (the recently axed Bolt excluded), and it will not be surprising to see the Escalade adopt a version of this flexible EV platform. Our main question centers around how the platform can handle a potential ESV model, which would require engineers to stretch the wheelbase and tweak the underpinnings to take the extra row of seats and the additional length needed.
  2. Smoother Styling: The ICE-powered Escalade has a design language that flaunts its chiseled lines and maximizes the brutishness lurking deep within the design. While the IQ version will most likely maintain the core design theme, look for the front end to be smoother and more aerodynamically structured than its gasoline-fed counterpart while also adopting lighter weight components to try and balance out the weight added by the battery pack. Speaking of the battery pack, look for the Escalde IQ to have perhaps the same 200 kWh battery pack that’s also used in the GMC Hummer SUV and pickup models
  3.  Technology To Spearhead IQ Brand: The current generation Escalade already has an impressive array of standard technology and driver assistance features, but look for the IQ to ratchet things up a notch. While it remains to be seen just how far the IQ version will go, we could see Cadillac engineers learn from the Rivian R1S and Mercedes EQ lineup by incorporating more features that are tailored towards lifestyle buyers, including enhanced streaming services, slicker infotainment software and perhaps exclusive modes and other features that are meant to target younger buyers.


    When Will We See It?

Look for the Cadillac Escalade IQ to be formally unveiled later this year, with Cadillac gradually letting more details out over the next few months. The model’s presence will be welcome news for Cadillac dealers that have fully committed to Cadillac’s EV plans since it will help give the brand a contender against rivals like the Rivian R1S and other entries in a sub-segment that promises to grow as more models arrive to flesh things out. The IQ series will also be used on other SUV entries and will allow Cadillac to have a family of IQ models on hand that can appeal to the needs of a wide range of customers.