Celestiq Teasers Enhance Art Theme, Cadillac Confirms July Debut

The Cadillac Celestiq is rapidly shaping up to be an iconic model for the brand and could perhaps be the most significant Cadillac in recent memory. But while we have seen prior glimpses of the model (as well as spent time behind the wheel of its EV partner in crime, the 2023 Lyriq,) this latest round of teasers gives us our best view yet of the interior while also confirming that the model will make its global debut on July 22nd.


Prominent Colors Highlight Timeless Celestiq Luxury

Colors and lighting will be very prominent in the EV lineup moving forward, and several of the images Cadillac released today reinforce this mindset. A view from the cargo area appears to confirm that the leather seats will have solid wood backrests as well as a small centrally mounted screen that will allow occupants to control their seating experience. It will be interesting to see if this small screen will be a removable piece like the TSR screen seen in current Bentley products, but only time will tell on that front.

The rear passengers will also have several larger screens on the front backrests, with these larger units covering the infotainment and mobile capability that they will expect when they slip inside this elegant cruiser. A fully digital instrument cluster is also visible, and it appears that some of the Lyriq’s core lighting tricks will be grafted into the Celestiq but look for them to be amped up significantly, especially when you consider the opulent $300,000 plus price tag that’s rumored to be the asking price for a Celestiq. Look for the slick sedan to also come loaded with other elegant details, especially those that are still lurking in the shadows.


Aerodynamics To Play Prominent Role

The last few images also give us a few glimpses of the exterior. The shot of the front rim is one that we have seen before, but this time, Cadillac chose to use a grey model and allowed us to have a broader glimpse of the front fascia. The grille panel and the lights do have Lyriq-inspired touches but look for the Celestiq’s face to still have a unique identity, especially when compared to some of the high-priced rivals that will inevitably be in its crosshairs.

The rear fascia is where things diverge a bit, with the Caddy adopting more of a liftback shape versus the traditional blocky sedan traits that we have seen from Bentley and Rolls Royce. The liftback design has been gaining traction as a recent styling trend in Europe and it appears that Cadillac doesn’t want to miss out on taking advantage of this here. The taillights are integrated into the sheetmetal and the glowing Cadillac emblem at the rear should make the sedan a sight to see in nighttime driving.


When Will We See The Celestiq?

In addition to the Celestiq doing a good job of hiding from prying eyes and cameras, Cadilac has also kept details surrounding the formal reveal date a secret for the past few years now. That’s changing, however, with the brand confirming that the Celestiq will make its global debut on July 22nd. For the moment, it appears that the Celestiq we will see will be a near-production concept, as revealed by large prominent text confirming that the model featured is a pure show car.

Despite that, look for the production version to transition into the real world largely intact with only minor changes being made to help comply with safety regulations as well as achieve full production efficiency. When the Celestiq eventually enters production, GM will take a page out of the long axed Buick Reatta’s playbook and will hand build the car. However, unlike the droptop Buick, GM will not be building a separate facility to produce the Celestiq, and will instead hand build the ultra-luxury car at the GM Tech Center. Stay tuned for more on the Celestiq soon and we hope to have the opportunity to see and learn more about it in the near future.