Lazareth LM410 Is Four Wheeled Insanity But In A Lighter Package

When the world first laid eyes on the Lazareth LM 847 several years ago, the sheer insanity of a V8 powered four wheeled motorcycle with tilting suspension certainly boggled the minds of many. But while the 847 proved that Lazareth could indeed make an extremely powerful hyperbike, there were a select few that wanted something less extreme. No worries, Ludovic Lazareth (the founder of Lazareth) has heard these concerns, and has constructed something that takes lessons from the 847 and puts them all in a much more reasonable package.

Dubbed the LM410, observers will have to squint very hard to see just how “reasonable” it is with the exterior sharing a lot of the 847’s DNA. this includes the four wheeled layout as well as the tilting suspension. However, the Maserati sourced V8 has been swapped out for a smaller 998cc Yamaha sourced engine which makes 197 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque. We suspect that the bike is also lighter than the 847 which tipped the scales at a porky 990 lbs. The styling is largely unmatched by many conventional bikes, but it does remind us of the Dodge Tomahawk concept bike. Built as a bold engineering exercise by Dodge during the early 2000s, the Tomahawk featured a four wheel layout, but crammed a Viper sourced V10 engine into its compact bodywork. The rest of the Lazareth is tuned towards style with a bold center mounted headlight being accented by side mounted LED lighting elements, and copious amounts of red gold and black accents being scattered through out the bike.

As mentioned, the LM 410 features a novel suspension that actually allows the bike to lean into turns with specially constructed hinged axles controlling the bike’s sideways motion in corners, but keeping things upright when the Lazareth is parked. As a bonus, the LM 410 is also fully street legal, but for the moment it appears that the LM 410 will only be avalible in Europe with no U.S. sales plans for the immediate future.


In addition to being a forbidden fruit, the Lazareth is also highly exclusive, with the French company only planning to produce 10 examples of the LM 410 with each one having a base price of €100,000 which converts to about $107,000. That’s quite alot for a motorcycle, but considering what you get for the dollar, we are confident that Lazareth will find the right buyers for this special bike. On that front, we have reached out to Lazareth to see if the firm has the U.S. in its sights, and will update here if we hear back from them.