MV Agusta’s Upcoming Adventure Bike Could Be Named Elephant

MV Augusta is entering 2020 with plans for expansion and a massive chip on its shoulder. The Italian motorcycle firm not only wants to expand its long term production figures, but also has plans to introduce an all new 950cc engine and formally enter the adventure bike segment. While information about the new Adventure bike has been scarce so far, a new trademark filing by MV Augusta appears to suggest that the company is looking to a formidable force in the animal kingdom as a possible moniker.


In this instance, the firm recently trademarked the “Elephant” nameplate which is not only based on one of the largest land animals on earth, but also has a backstory that is compelling to say the least. Finding out just how compelling it is requires you to set your time machine to 30 years ago when rival firm Cagiva was a juggernaut in the motorcycle segment. Cagiva could truly do no wrong back then, with the company wrapping its tentacles around Ducati in 1983. The company would later go on a buying spree for the remainder of the 80s, before it went through a turbulent period in the 90s. However, it’s the acquisition of Ducati that sheds a spotlight here, with Cagiva using its magic to make the Elefant and the Alazzura. Both of these models used Ducati powerplants, but unlike Ducati which changed hands several times following Cagiva’s purchase, Cagivia began a gradual slide into oblivion, with the brand currently being dormant.

Back in the present, it would appear that the moniker is poised to make a comeback, but without the Cagiva badge. But while this recent filing appears to cement this plan, it is not the first time that the company has filed applications for the name, with MV Agusta first registering the Elefant name back in 2007 before following up with the Elephant trademark in 2009 and the renewal of the latter this year. This move is interesting considering that MV Augusta is actively working on an adventure bike with CEO Timur Sardarov confirming that news back in January.


The Elefant moniker certainly has the credentials to back up its name, with the Cagiva Elefant winning the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1990 and 1994 so taking inspiration from this proven reputation is certainly a good idea in the long haul. As for the Cagiva name, it is still in limbo, but Saradov confirmed that the name is coming back, but with a focus on the growing electric motorcycle market.